Wandering the World

More AllEars.Net Readers share their Year of a Million Dreams Magical Moments!

We had boarded the boat that takes you across the Epcot lagoon. The captain approached my youngest son and asked him to follow him to the front of the boat. He was given the captain's hat and helped drive the boat across the lagoon. He was given an official boat license after the trip.

Wes in Ottawa shares: At Disney-MGM Studios, Charlotte was picked to be the princess in the live Beauty and the Beast show. Our family was given front row seats for the performance and at the finale, a cast member brought Charlotte up to the stage where the Prince gave here a kiss and a magic rose! My daughter was over the moon for the rest of our stay. She never let go of the rose until we got home.

On 11/9, my husband's birthday, we were in the process of getting Fastpasses for Test Track when a cast member asked my husband if he was "ready to ride"! Of course, he said yes & they took us all in an elevator & took us up to the General Motors VIP room. What a thrill! After my husband signed the guest book we were offered drinks & a rest before we walked down the hall to see the most awesome view of Future World. When we were done taking photos, etc., we were escorted down the elevator to get in the front of the Fastpass line!

We were in line for Primeval Whirl with my sister and nephew while my friend waited for us. 2 Dream Squad members were hanging out. They take down the rope and walk around the corner to the right where we can't see them. As we round the corner, we're presented with Dream Fastpasses for all FP rides in AK that day! Excitement and "oh no" hit me all at once. We left Keith off the ride, so he won't get a Dream Fastpass. When we exited, there was a Dream Squad member that also presented Keith with a Dream Fastpass, so our entire traveling party had one. Perfect!

Jenn, Briar and Hanna Morgan write: On our last full day in the parks we decided to hit all our favorite rides at each park. We started at MGM and were talking to this great CM, Tim. He was impressed that we would attempt to do all four parks. He walked away and then later came back. He leaned over and asked if we would like to be the "Family of the Day." Needless to say I accepted. We came through the rope and next thing we know Mickey's car from the "Stars and Motor Cars" Parade is coming around the corner with a CM named "Leroy Small" in it. He was the "talent agent."We got to sit in Mickey's car and yell "Hollywood Here we come!" to open the park. They drove us down Sunset Blvd. and all the various CM's were on the sidewalk waving to us. They took us right to the entrance to Rock 'N Roller Coaster and my oldest daughter and I were the only two people on the ride. Tim was nice enough to stand with my 6 year-old at the exit. We also received FastPasses for any other ride at MGM, a complimentary copy of our ride photo from RNR and my youngest daughter was given a "Sally" pin for her lanyard. Tim wrote us a nice letter and gave us a Magical Moment certificate as well. Tim was amazing to pick us for this honor. It truly was Magical.

Ed and Dottie Taylor: My wife and I arrived at Animal Kingdom just in time for lunch. I got in line for some yummy food at the Flame Tree Barbeque and was surprised by the cast member at the service counter who asked my name and announced to the folks in line that I was the Million Dreams winner of the hour. My heart skipped a beat as the crowd clapped for me! The cast member told me she was going to get my prize. Had I actually won a night in the Castle? Well, perhaps nothing that grand. When she returned with a cupcake, my leaping heart sank. I smiled and said thank you and met my wife at the table with our awesome barbeque and one large blue frosted cupcake that I proudly announced to her we had won! She too thought it was a meager prize; that is until we ate the cupcake. It was soooooo good. The icing was sweet and buttery and the cake was a rich pound cake. We are so excited about the Year of a Million Dreams that started with a delightful cupcake, that we are going back this weekend. OK, so we go most weekends but still, we are looking forward to another dream come true.

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and decided to spend the day at the French Quarter Pool. The lifeguards officially open the pool at 10 a.m. and my 3-year-old daughter was chosen as the "Jester of the Day." She was given a Mardi Gras clacker and brought to the area under the clam shell. She had to make a lot of noise with her clacker and everyone was asked to say "Wake up Scales" with her (Scales is the name of the sea serpent slide). When Isabella woke up Scales, the water started streaming out of the clamshell and the water slide started for the day! That was about a week ago and she still says it was one of her favorite things that happened during our vacation.