Wandering the World
February 27, 2007

Year of a Million Dreams!

We were about to enter the Conservation Station (Animal Kingdom) and were asked by a cast member to please wait until they opened the automatic doors. I hadn't been to this part of the park before but the other doors seemed perfectly useable to me so I figured there were a lot of people getting through the lobby area. Then the doors opened and 2 members of the Dream Team were there with a big duffle and told the group of us that we were at the right place at the right time and we would all be receiving Dream Ears! It was pretty cool to get a little extra something. We all put them on, even my husband and I left them on.

Here is a picture of our Shelby (6yrs) & Jared (4 yrs) with their Dream Ears seconds after receiving them. Vanessa Suarez

The second day of our trip staying at Ft. Wilderness, we decided to finally rent a golf cart. Just as the cast member seemed to be finishing the paperwork, he asked if this was our first time renting a golf cart. When my husband told him it was, he stepped away for a moment then came back and apologised, saying he needed to fill out another form. When the golf cart was brought out for us a minute later, it was a "Hummer" type cart! Another cast member took our photo and gave us a certificate saying that this moment was certifibly magical. The next day when we returned it we found out it was the only "Hummer" in their fleet of over 300 carts!

We went to Epcot and were waiting in line to park when the attendant indicated for us to move over to the next lane. A little surprised and somewhat concerned, we moved over. The CM greeting us informed us we had been chosen as a Family of the Day and were being allowed to park (I think) in Row 30. This meant we exited the car, walked the length of three parking spaces to the end of the row, and were at the entrance of Epcot! What a wonderful surprise and a true blessing since my husband's parents were with us and were beginning the feel the effects of four days in the parks. Dwayne and Debbie Holland

We celebrated both our wedding anniversary and our daughter's birthday. Needless to say our 5 year old son, Thomas, was feeling a little left out until he was chosen to be the cruise director for It's A Small World. Thomas got to help send the Small World boats off on their happiest voyage on earth by waving good-bye as they set sail. My husband and daughter we taken to the side where they could take photos and Thomas and I had plenty of time to help Magic Kingdom visitors set sail. Thomas received a magical certificate to commemorate the moment as well. It was a magical moment for all of us! jmcnewell

My husband and I just got back and had a very magical moment at the very beginning of
our trip. We are from Alaska and had endured a 9 hour trip overnight to Orlando. It was very early in the morning as we checked in for the Magical Express trip to our hotel. The cast member we checked in with walked us out the the bus area, which I thought was odd but rolled with it. She turned around and asked another cast member which bus was
going to Pop Century. The other cast member told us that there was not a bus going to Pop Century at the moment. At first thought, I was a little irritated since we had scheduled this so far in advance, but then they turned to the other side and asked (pointing to a stretch limo) if it would be alright if we took this instead. I was so confused at first, but then they presented us with a certificate to
remember our magical moment. It truly was a MAGICAL way to start our vacation!

Cindy Pavlas

Our family was approached after we entered the front gate at the Magic Kingdom and asked if we were going to meet Cinderella today. We said that we hoped to. The cast member asked if we would like to have 5 minutes alone with her. We were so excited. We were given a time to return to City Hall. We were escorted back into a room where Cinderella was waiting for us. It was truly a Magical Moment for our girls. We have been to Disney three times but this was our first to meet Cinderella and what a way to meet her.
The Torbett Family