Wandering the World


Our group of 4 were chosen to be Grand Marshals of the Magic Kingdom's Share A Dream Come True parade! We are LONG time DVC members and veterans of many Disney trips, and this was the first time we've had an honor of this caliber bestowed upon us. Our 17 year old daughter and her 18 year old friend were thrilled to have been chosen, and it was certainly the highlight of our trip, and a MOST magical moment! Cindy W

My family went to the Ft. Wilderness Campfire
Sing-Along and we quickly found a bench and went to purchase our s'mores kit. A Cast Member came up and asked if we'd heard about the Year of a Million Dreams promotion. He explained that at the Sing-Along, they choose a family each night to be the "Family of the Night", and he asked if we'd like to be that family. Of course we said yes.

At the appropriate time, we went behind the bleachers -- the special moment arrived as the cast member led Chip and Dale to us. We got some alone time with the two for pictures and interaction. When my daughter called Dale by the wrong name, he pretended like he was really upset. The cast member took a picture of us--including Dale pulling my daughter's hat down as the picture was snapped. We received an autographed picture of Chip and Dale and a Magical Moment certificate. Then the singer on stage announced Chip and Dale who led us to our seats as we were announced as the Family of the Night. It was a great end to a magical day at WDW. Brian Canton

While ordering a frozen lemonade in Epcot, the attending cast member got a phone call. He said, "hold on, I'll ask her name." Needless to say we were a little confused. Mom gave her name, and the cast member repeated it into the phone, then hung up. He turned to her and said, "Sorry about that, that was the big boss, Mickey Mouse. As part of our Year of a Million Dreams he asked me to give this lemonade to you." Although we didn't win anything huge, it was something, and it made our day! Britt Irish

We got to Typhoon Lagoon about 8:30 am. At the entrance and were talking to a Cast Member who was just asking everyday questions. About fifteen minutes before the park opened, a lifeguard came up and asked us to step to the side so she could talk to us. I looked at my husband a little puzzled and confused.

She then said she heard it was our first time to Typhoon Lagoon and that the "Big Kahuna" called out because he was surfing and they needed someone to open the park and would my kids be willing to help. They immediately got extremely excited! They gave my two daughters medals to wear that they got to keep saying they were the Big Kahunas of the day and my son got to use the walkie talkie to let "base" know Big Kahuna was in the park. One of my daughters got to push a button to start the waves in the wave pool for the day, we got three of the big refillable mugs with free refills all day, free towels, free locker for the day, free doughnuts all day and a special VIP seating right in front of the wave pool that had the only table on the "beach"! We got to go on the water slides before anyone else entered the park and the life guards all made an arch for us to go under and all day long my kids were called "big kahunas". We enjoyed the day greatly and my kids have talked nonstop about being the big kahunas! Ann Palmer

We were in MGM, curbside for the Stars Motorcade parade when a Cast Member came up and asked my 3 boys if they wanted to walk behind Mickey and close out the parade! They had VIP seats and watched the parade (Darth Vader and Power Rangers came up and acknowledged them, which was huge!). Then they carried a rope waving at the crowd like they were the big cheese himself! It was the highlight of our trip! Kelly Eaise
My parents and I had been at Disney World for a week and had not witnessed anyone receiving a “Magical Moment.” After hearing from a friend about the magical moments he and his family experienced only weeks earlier, my mom was disappointed not even to see the Dream Squad. On our last day in the World, we were in the Studios waiting to board the tram at The Great Movie Ride and a Dream Squad member entered and stated everyone on our tram would be receiving Dream Ears. The entire tram started cheering. Later in the day as we were watching the Motor Cars parade, all the characters were commenting on our Ears. Snow White even said we resembled some of her woodland friends. It was certainly a day to remember. Virginia Pierce

Our daughter, Julia, received her Magical Moment at the Magic Kingdom on her 5th birthday! We were shopping in the Emporium on Main Street, when one of the cast members asked if Julia would like to get “Cinderella” ready for the ball. (Cinderella is the kid-sized mannequin at the entrance to the shop.) Of course, she said, “Yes!” Julia was able to pick out Cinderella’s tiara, shoes, and wand, and put on her cape. Then she and the cast member said, “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!” and threw magical confetti on Cinderella so that she was finally ready for the ball. Julia was given a Magical Moment certificate that deemed her “Fairy Godmother-in-Training” plus a princess pen. It really helped make an already special day even more magical! Lynne & Tony Feiz