Wandering the World
May 29, 2007

Our family went to Disneyland for Spring Break. Although we've been to Walt Disney World a couple of times together, this was our first time to Disneyland as a family. We walked into the Animation Studio in the afternoon, and were greeted by Dream Squad members giving away the special "Year of a Million Dreams" mouse ears. The picture is of the six of us decked out with our first set of Mouse Ears. What a fun surprise that was!

Ken and Barbara Hehl

My daughter and I were unsure
about riding Expedition Everest first, so our plan was for my husband and son to go to Everest and my daughter and I to go to Kilimanjaro Safaris.

I was talking to a cast member, Joseph, on our way in. He was looking for a family to take a private safari ride. We assured him that the boys would gladly change their plans. Joseph took us under the rope and led us to the Safari.

We were on the ride at 9 a.m. when the rope drops. Lots of animals were out then and we got great photos. As the Safari Family of the Day, we received an all-day Fastpass to Safari. Joseph also gave us a family Fastpass to another attraction, so the boys didn't miss anything by not going to Everest first.

It was a great beginning to a wonderful week at Disney World.

Leigh Wright

The kids were going to have a pool day at the BoardWalk Villas. We were told that the first kid down the slide the other day got to be a clown! So we rushed down so they could be first in line at the slide gate. A cast member arrived with a bag and the kids followed up the slide, my grandson first in line. The CM then pulled out a wig, nose, big glasses and beaded necklaces and dressed Chris up, announcing that he was the Keister Coaster Kid of the Day. Chris then rode down the slide first –- costume and all. After his slide, he went back upstairs where he received a Magical Moment Certificate.

Nancy Ahlsen, South Portland , ME

We had 11:30 reservation at Crystal Palace. At 11:30, the CMs were calling out our name. We thought that our table was ready. Before we knew it, they announced that we were going to "open" Crystal Palace with the afternoon exercises. We had to sing a little song with Pooh and the CMs. We were the first ones in the building, got pictures with Pooh and then were ushered to a front table with a Magical Dreams certificate with our names on it, plus autographs of all the Pooh characters on the certificate. There was also a plate of biscuits and honey with confetti and decorations from Pooh. It was so great!

Michele Zwart

We were doing the Backlot Tour and when we got into the "Props" room a man came over the intercom and said, "Has anyone here ever dreamed of having a park all to themselves after it closes?" Everyone yelled "YES!" He said, "Well, today is your lucky day, your dream is going to come true!"
Out of nowhere the Dream Squad appeared and we received blue wristbands, a button and were told to go to the Indy theater at 8 that evening (park closing).

We showed up at that time, there were about 1500 other people there. Some guy in a suit came out, congratulated us and told us we would be in the theater for about 30 minutes while the park cleared out, after that time we would have the park to ourselves for an hour. All rides would be opened and a few snack places. A group called Mulch, Sweat & Shears came out, played a lot of fun music, then Mickey and Minnie drove out in a car. The man in the suit came back out, told Mickey to signal when we could leave, Mickey pushed a button, a small amount of low fireworks went off, and we were turned loose!

We had such a wonderful time, all the CMs were saying congratulations to us, they really do know how to make dreams come true.
Mickey and Minnie were at the front of the park at the end of the hour to take pictures with the guests.


We had just checked in for dinner with the hostess at Mama Melrose's at Disney-MGM Studios when she asked if my daughter Megan, age 7, would be interested in being the Chef of the Day. She explained that it was part of the Year of a Million Dreams celebration and came with several perks. At the end of our meal, Megan got to talk with Chef Gary, seen in this photo, was given a special hat with her name on it, a special dessert, plus a certificate. Her comment after making her sundae masterpiece was, "This is heaven!" as you can see in her expression. We took the hat the next morning to Chef Mickey's and had all the characters sign it. It is now a great souvenir in her room to remind her of this special experience.

Lynn & Dave Lee