Breaking News: You are Now Entering a “No Straw Zone”

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UPDATE 8/22/18: An official Disneyland public affairs publication called “Mouse Mail,” has announced the following: “Starting this week, plastic straws and plastic bags will begin to be offered by request, and lids for adult cold beverages will no longer be offered. For guests with disabilities who need to use straws or lids, alternative options will … Continue reading "Breaking News: You are Now Entering a “No Straw Zone”"
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Refillable Amenities Replacing Individual Bottles at Disney Resorts

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As recently reported, Disney plans to significantly reduce its plastic waste over the next few years. One of the ways it plans to achieve this is by switching over to refillable in-room amenities (shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc.), instead of using smaller individual, single-use bottles. Disney projects this effort will reduce plastics in in Disney … Continue reading "Refillable Amenities Replacing Individual Bottles at Disney Resorts"

Scary Sights at Disney Parks

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Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth and Walt Disney World, The Most Magical Place on Earth are both fantastical dreams come to life. Through the imagination and hard work of Walt and Roy Disney, legions of Imagineers, construction workers, designers, architects, plumbers, electricians, Cast Members, and countless others, we are able skip our way into … Continue reading "Scary Sights at Disney Parks"