Day 4 – Animals and Actors…but no Miles

Arrgghhh….slept until 6:36 and since we had an early ADR at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus another morning went by the boards without me running. Not good.

Anyway, we headed out to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and made our way to Donald’s.

Here’s me…awake for only an hour, with Mr. Goofy.

Mike and Goofy

We left breakfast and went to see Festival of the Lion King. It’s always a joy to see this show and a great first attraction of the day.


We then went to see “Nemo – The Musical.”


I’ve heard that people who have seen this show either love it or hate it. Those who dislike the show complain that they don’t like to see the puppeteers. However, I think that’s the charm of the show.


The larger puppets were amazing to see, especially Crush.


When you see this attraction my advice would be to sit in the rear portion of the theater, behind that main aisle. Otherwise you will miss some very entertaining parts of the show.

Again, the main charm is seeing the performers do their thing.

We then decided to leave DAK and head over to the Studios to catch a few attractions there.

The first order of the day in MGM was Beauty & The Beast. I know. I know. You’re thinking, “Okay Mike, where’s the gazillion pictures of Belle in her blue dress?” Well, I don’t know. I just watched the show.

I’ve noticed over the last two years that the performing Belle for this attraction is always short, perhaps to emphasize the size difference between her and the Beast!.

From there we went over to the ABC theater steps to watch the “Stars and MotorCars” parade.

The middle sections of those steps are reserved for those who are hearing challenged and there are two people who “sign” the sounds of Stone Granite, Gabriel Huffington (I think that’s her name) and other parade sounds to these special guests.


We saw Remy in the parade.


Oh yeah, these guys too.


We then saw the High School Musical Pep Rally, that is before the rain cut it short.


A word about this show, if you are a High School Musical purist you may not particularly enjoy the show as the performers put their own personalities into the songs which I noticed bothered some of the guests.

However there are those who loved the show and these guests, mostly the pre-teens, seem to be quite fanatical towards this show.

Before I forget, here is a homework assignment. Now where can you find this in MGM?


Also, this…


We then had dinner at H&V. Somehow they had us down for two ADRS with one of them being part of the Fantasmic Dinner Package, who knows.

After dinner we got our Extra Magic Hour wristbands.

We then took in the Backlot Tour.

I discovered something. If you sit in the back half of car #5 you will get soaked at Catastrophe Canyon…trust me.

At the AFI Villains portion of the tour…


…I checked on a special Hidden Mickey that Steve Barrett pointed out to me last year.

Consider this another homework assignment and look for this Hidden Mickey on your next trip.


We next did Muppetvision 3-D.

Here’s another homework assignment. The next time you visit Muppetvision 3D watch the film very closely ans see if you can find the 3D glasses on the bust of Mozart.

We finished the night taking in Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

We thought about doing The Great Movie Ride and Indy but we were beginning to run out of gas.

Plus I had to write this blog entry.

Boy I hope Deb is using her sunscreen out West.

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