Wandering the World
June 5, 2007

Star Wars Weekends are being held at the Disney-MGM Studios throughout the month of June, while also observing the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars films. Here are some related photo favorites from our readers and the AllEars® Team from Star Wars Weekends gone by.

Little brother Jedis to the rescue!

Sean McMann

Fighting Darth Maul

Jordan fighting Darth Maul.
Look at the smile on his face... it's priceless!

Stephen Bock and Chewie



Linda Eckwerth teases Jango Fett

Linda Mac and her
little green friend Yoda


Jedi Mickey

Alex with a Stormtrooper
... many moons ago!
Deb Koma with Han and Chewie

Deb Koma meets Han Solo
and Chewbacca