Wandering the World
December 12, 2006

AllEars.Net Readers Wander the Disney-MGM Studios

Jordan, a HUGE Star Wars fan,
fighting Darth Maul.
Look at the smile on his face...
it's priceless.

Neither of these girls could read at
the time, let alone make sense of a map,
but you wouldn't know it
from their expressions.

Guess what I want to be
when I grow up!

OK... now let's see your scared look!

Indy and Marion escape

What floor, please?

Even Terror Gets a smile
at The Most Magical Place on Earth

Lunch at the Sci-Fi restaurant.
Kids don't always share,
but they sure do at Disney!

In charge behind the wheel!
Christmas Tree at Disney's MGM Studios before the Hat
Holidays before the "Hat"

Woody was so sweet!

Jaelyn got very excited when she saw
Mickey and Minnie during
the Stars & Motor Cars Parade.

"The Mop Squad"
Four guys on a shopping adventure!
They wore their "hair" several
times while we were there.

"A Birthday Wish Come True"

Gettin' bibbed at the
'50s Prime Time Cafe

"Those of you sitting on the left
may get a little wet..."

Somewhere... over
the Rainbow...