Wandering the World
April 24, 2012

Even at the Most Magical Place on Earth, you can somtimes get "Caught Napping!"


"Our Sleeping Beauty"
submitted by Tina Hinnenkamp

"Can we just stay on this ride?"
submitted by Heather Webb

"First trips are sooooooo tiring"
submitted by Angela Hudson


"After a long day being a princess,
a nap is just the stuff"
submitted by Kristin Moffat

"Mom should have let me take a break today"
submitted by Bridget Givens


"Being a princess is hard work"
submitted by Alison Lashway


submitted by Tania Salsman

"After dinner (in Norway) nap"
submitted by Erin Savoie


"Don't bother me, I'm on vacation"
submitted by Amy Williams

"A few winks shy of meeting his favorite prince"
submitted by Jennifer Hardie


"Come on guys...I'm trying to sleep here"
submitted by Jason T.


"After 19-1/2 hours at the Magic Kingdom,
the TTA was a nice place to rest!"
submitted by Christopher Wetzel