Wandering the World

AllEars® readers share their magical moments and dreams from the parks

My daughter was chosen as "Artist of the Day" at Olivia's at Old Key West. When the manager announced it, everyone clapped and my daughter was given a certificate. The picture she colored was put in the "Artist of the Day" frame an displayed at the host counter. It was an example of the kind that costs almost nothing but makes an entire family happy. We were all thrilled! -- Janet Hunter


We were waiting in line to visit Goofy when a cast member spotted someone with the stuffed dragon from Sleeping Beauty. He asked if anyone knew who turned into that dragon. Our 5 year old son correctlyanswered"Maleficent" and was given a certificate for free ice cream for our entire family! A magical moment doesn't have to be something huge. This simple surprised made our trip more memorable. -- The McDermott Family
We visited Walt Disney World to celebrate our engagement! -- Heather
My boyfriend and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Narcoossee's, followed by watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the beach at the Grand Floridian. While we were waiting, he got up and wrote something in the sand. He called me over and I read "will you marry me?" When I turned around, he was down on one knee. As soon as I said yes, the Magic Kingdom fireworks started, and it felt like they were just for us! -- Megan Redding
When my daughter lost her tooth at the Grand Floridian, my husband took her tooth to the front desk to see if perhaps Tinker Bell knew the tooth fairy. As we were heading to our car, a cast member stopped our daughter and said "Tinker Bell asked me to look for you and to tell you that she has your tooth" and she wanted me to give this to you. It was an envelope with Mickey Mouse confetti and a Tinker Bell pin! -- Melanie Pickett
When I was modifying a reservation, the cast member asked if we were coming to Disney for anything special. I told her the trip was kind of like the "last hurrah" as my daughter, Lauren, had enlisted in the Navy and would be leaving in a couple of months. The cast member asked me to thank Lauren for serving our country, which I did. Fast forward to our trip, and when we returned from the park around 2 a.m., this basket was waiting for Lauren, with a note that read "Hope you have a special time and here's some extra magic pixie magic for your trip." It was from the cast member I spoke with! -- Paula deVegh