Last Set of Photo Bombs from Readers

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This topic started back in May when I wrote a blog about sneaking into photos for fun. Nowadays the hip cats (kats? katz? Top Cat?) call it photo bombing. I invited readers to send in their own photos containing surprise guests. If you missed them, you can view them through these magical links. Disney Photobomb … Continue reading "Last Set of Photo Bombs from Readers"
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Disney Photobomb

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Photobombing has swept the nation, no, the world as a whole, and the funniest thing is, it’s nothing new. Now it just has a name. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, allow me to explain. You know how wen you’re taking a photo of your kids and your husband leaps into the frame at the … Continue reading "Disney Photobomb"

A Disney Proposal

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by Guest Blogger Morgan Carlin In December my boyfriend, Andy, surprised me with the most wonderful surprise a girl can get… to be whisked away on a magical vacation! To where you ask? The Most Magical Place on Earth, Walt Disney World! Two weeks before Christmas he gave me an early present, a Minnie Mouse … Continue reading "A Disney Proposal"