The 14 Most Inspiring Moments In Disney Rides

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Walt Disney World is full of inspiring moment. While these moments probably happen more frequently during big productions like fireworks or intimate character meetings, they absolutely can happen on the attractions as well. These moments might inspire you to use your imagination, learn something new, or even face a fear. Here are 14 moments that inspired us on Disney rides.

Welcome back, Disney World passholders! Here’s what you missed during the blockout

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Friday marks the end of the summer blockout period for some local Walt Disney World annual passholders, and if you’re like my children, you’re counting the minutes! Silver annual passholders — Florida residents who have not been able to access the theme parks all summer — gain re-entry tomorrow (Aug. 12). And although some of … Continue reading "Welcome back, Disney World passholders! Here’s what you missed during the blockout"
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A Trip to Disneyland in Summerrrrrrr

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Lee and I, along with our friends Matt and Kristin, spent a summer Saturday at Disneyland. Lee and I, of course, are frequent visitors, but Matt and Kristin are not, so we wanted to get in as many of the newer/favorite attractions as possible. I was the only one who had seen the new Frozen … Continue reading "A Trip to Disneyland in Summerrrrrrr"
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