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Reviewed by tnwell2 Review Date: 04/03/2013

Rating: (9)

Loved Loved Cinderella's Table! We had a wonderful experience. We arrived for our ADR, immediately had our picture taken with Cinderella and then whisked to our table. I had heard bad reviews about the food but the food was wonderful. The princesses spent a lot of time with my children talking to them and getting pictures. It was a great experience and we can't wait to go back. Already planning our trip for next Feb. and Cinderella's is absolutely a must!




two table credits
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Reviewed by thetony45 Review Date: 03/22/2013

Rating: (10)

I capped off my day at Magic Kingdom with a late dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant INSIDE the Castle.

I got there a half hour before my ADR but was let in early.

Upon entering the Castle I was ushered into a line for my picture with Cinderella. Cinderella and I talked for several minutes before taking the picture. After that I sat down until my table was ready.

I took that time to take in the decorations of the entrance hall. There was a large suit of armor next to the stairs leading up to the dining hall. along the back wall was a fireplace with some coat of arms on it and Cinderella's mouse friends Jaq and Gus looking over the guests from high above.

When your table was ready a Cast Member would ring a set of chimes and announce "LORDS AND LADIES OF THE CASTLE! CINDERELLA IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE READY FOR THE [insert name here] PARTY!

When your name is called you go up the stairs past restrooms labeled LORDS and LADIES and a stained glass window of Cinderella. When you get to the dining hall girls are given a magic wand and boys are given a sword. Both genders get a wishing star to be used a bit later.

The dining hall itself was a large circular room decorated with Medieval style flag and banners.

Not long after I sat down, I was presented with the photo packet that comes included in the meal of me with Cinderella and a picture of the Castle all lit up at night.

I'll talk about the food first then cover the Princess interactions.

I started with the soup of the day which was cheddar broccoli. The soup was very creamy and tasted delicious.

For an entree I got the beef tenderloin cooked medium rare. It's hard to find someone who knows what medium rare means but the chefs at CRT got it perfect. The tenderloin was just a little red inside without being bloody. It was very juicy and had a great flavor. he tenderloin came with green beans but they had no taste so I wasn't able to finish them.

For dessert I opted for the Chefs Royal Trio. It turned out to be a piece of very rich chocolate fudge, creme` brule`, and a small piece of raspberry cheesecake. They were all super delicious. Since I was celebrating my birthday I was also given another dessert but that comes into play later.

No one really goes to CRT just for the food so let's hit the Princess interaction.

The first Princess to stop by was the very first Disney Princess herself, Snow White. She was wearing her trademark blue dress with the puffy sleeves and yellow skirt. We chatted for a bit were she asked if I was working in the diamond mines. I joked that everyone deserves a vacation. Since I was alone the couple at the next table was nice enough to get a picture of me and Snow White.

The second Princess to stop by was Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). She was wearing the pink dress she wore at the end of the movie. Personally I prefer the blue one but that's just me. She noticed my sword and asked if I used it to keep my kingdom safe. I told her I defeated all the evil in my kingdom long ago and the kingdom of Chester Illinois lives in peace. Aurora went and got a Cast Member to take a couple pictures so I didn't have to bother the couple at the next table.

Shortly after Aurora left came the wishing ceremony. We were all told to close our eyes and wave our swords or wands in the air. then we were told to make a wish and touch the wand or sword to the wishing star. I won't spoil what happened next other than to say you need to see it for yourself.

The 3rd Princess to make the rounds was Jasmine. I had been to 2 previous Princess meals (Breakfast at CRT and lunch at Akershus) and the lineup was always Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Belle, and Ariel. It was nice to see Jasmine there for a change of pace. She was wearing the mid-rift bearing blue outfit she is known for. She told me to make sure Abu didn't try to steal my food. I took a picture of the couple at the next table so they returned the favor here.

The last Princess to stop by was my favorite Disney Princess, Ariel in human form wearing a turquoise dress with a starfish in her hair. As soon as she got to my table she pulled up a chair and sat down and said "I remember you! You came to see me at my grotto today!" I was amazed. She sees thousands of people every day and still remembered me :) Granted I was wearing a custom made blue T-Shirt with Ariel in mermaid form on it and a lanyard with mostly Ariel pins plus my trademark sorcerer's hat with Mickey ears. That would be kinda hard to forget lol.

I told Ariel that I rode her attraction in New Fantasyland 13 times that day. She was thrilled and asked me my favorite part. I told her it was hard to decide but if I had to pick I'd say the Under The Sea room. I told her about the ride stopping in that room just as I was in front of the animatronic of her dancing (as best as one without legs can. She noticed my birthday button and said she would have the kitchen send me out a Seaweed cupcake but they ran out of Seaweed. Would vanilla be ok. I told her I had my heart on Seaweed but I'd settle for vanilla.

I then told her about how a friend was supposed to came with me that day but a family emergency forced her to back out and that my friend wanted to sing Part Of Your World to Ariel. Ariel had me text my friend and wish her sister (the reason she had to cancel) well. My server was in the area so he took a couple pictures of me with Ariel (my 3rd meet with her of the day).

While I was still finishing dessert the Princesses were making there entrances for the next seating. I milled around until all 4 of there stories were told before going down the stairs to finish my dining experience.

CRT is on the expensive side but your paying for the experience. Everyone should get to dine inside the Castle at least once. ADRs are hard to come by though so be sure to book early.


Great good, Wonderful Serive, DINING INSIDE THE CASTLE!


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Reviewed by brittniqueen Review Date: 02/08/2013

Rating: (9)

We ate here on my DD 6th birthday on Jan 31 2013! It was such a great experience I would do it again in a heartbeat. Our waiter was awesome and so sweet. He asked for appetizers, I wasn't sure bw the salad and soup so I asked his opinion, he said how bout I bring them both and you tell me! The beef barley soup was awesome, my husband liked his cheese plate, and the kids both got cheese and grapes. For dinner my DH got the swordfish and he really enjoyed it. I got the beef tenderloin. OMG to die for and I am not a big beef eater! The kids got chicken nuggets and pizza and they both ate it all. For desert i got the key lime cheesecake which was great and my Dh got the trio which he ate all of. Our waiter brought my DD a create your own cupcake and ice cream and figured he would bring that for my son also! DD got a wand as did I and my DS got a sword as did my husband. One of the things that was really nice about this meal is that My DS is only 21 months old. We didn't pay for him yet he still got an entire meal just like his sister and a sword! I very much enjoyed this meal. We used the Disney dining plan and used two meal credits and would do it again!


food, waiter, princesses


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Reviewed by bosslady79 Review Date: 01/23/2013

Rating: (4)

Had ADR on 12-12. I would only recommend this because of the princesses, they were very good. The food was too little and not tasty. Much better the last time we ate in 2010.




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