Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2009

The first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) of the year was held yesterday (September 4) and I was there. I realize that this is almost two months before the actual holiday, but Halloween has become the second most celebrated holiday in the U.S. People get into the spirit of this season and revel in it. So it should come as no surprise that guests are willing to attend these special parties weeks before Jack Skellington and his crew are ready for the big night.

Let’s start with the logistics. This is a hard ticket event — meaning you need to purchase a separate ticket for entry. Tickets can be bought at any Guest Relations or ticket window around property.

Here are the prices including tax:

ADVANCE PURCHASE: Adults: $55.38; Children 3-9 $48.99 (Advance purchase discount not available Oct 9, 15, 23, 31)

DAY OF EVENT (IF AVAILABLE): Adults $62.84; Children 3-9 $56.45
EXCEPT October 31: Adults $68.16; Children 3-9 $61.77

PASSHOLDER AND DISNEY VACATION CLUB DISCOUNTS (only available for the following dates — September 4, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29; October 1, 6): Adults $52.19; Children 3-9 $45.80

Here are the dates for this year’s parties:

September 4, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29

October 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31

November 1

Official party hours are 7pm to midnight. Day guests are advised that the Magic Kingdom will close promptly on these evenings.

Magic Kingdom Closes at 7

Party-goers can gain admission as early as 4pm. You will be given a wrist band and trick-or-treat bag upon entering the park.


Trick-or-Treat Bag

If you entered the Magic Kingdom earlier than 4pm with some other sort of admission, you’ll need to pick up a wrist band at the Rose Garden on the Hub. Halloween clad cast members will be available to help you with any questions.

Wristband Station

Cast Members

It is important to have a wrist band. At 7pm, cast members are stationed throughout the park, checking for these little strips of plastic. If you don’t have one, you’ll be asked to exit the Magic Kingdom. In addition, you might be required to show your wrist band to gain admittance to rides and attractions for the first hour of the party.

Cast Member Guard

Not all of the rides and restaurants are open for this event. But since Disney caps the attendance at a reasonable number, it is never crowded and lines are usually short to non-existent. Here is a list of the OPEN rides and restaurants for MNSSHP:

Main Street:

Casey’s Corner (hot dogs & fries)
Main Street Sweets (candy)


Swiss Family Treehouse
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Aloha Isle (frozen treats)


Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain Railway
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café (hamburgers & fries)
Golden Oak Outpost (quick bites)
Westward Ho (quick bites)
Frontierland Turkey Legs

Liberty Square:

Haunted Mansion
The Hall of Presidents
Sleepy Hollow (funnel cakes)
Pizza Cart
Liberty Tree Tavern (reported by several guests)


Peter Pan’s Flight
Cinderella’s Golden Carousel
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Snow White’s Scary Adventures
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Mad Tea Party
‘it’s a small world”
Mrs. Potts Cupboard (ice cream)
Friar’s Nook (quick bites)

Mickey’s Toontown Fair:

The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm


Tomorrowland Speedway
Astro Orbiter
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Stitch’s Great Escape
Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor (closes at 10pm)
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (hamburgers & chicken)
The Lunching Pad at Rockettower Plaza (quick bites)
Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies (smoothies)

And now, on to the party! Halloween decorations begin as soon as you approach the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Magic Kingdom Entrance

And Main Street is all decked out.

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Main Street Decorations

Window displays also get into the spirit as does the merchandise for sale. In addition, napkins and drink cups take on a festive tone.

Main Street Window Dressing

Main Street Window Dressing

Halloween Merchandise

Halloween Cups & Napkins

The second floors of Main Street are lined with pumpkins. Pay special attention to some of the carvings. They are themed to their locations. Take for instance Tony’s Town Square Café.

Lady and the Tramp Pumpkin

Lady and the Tramp Pumpkin

Check out the Fire Station.

Fire Station Pumpkin

Main Street Cinema.

Main Street Cinema Pumpkin

Casey’s Corner.

Casey's Corner Pumpkin

Casey's Corner Pumpkin

And the Ice Cream Parlor.

Ice Cream Parlor Pumpkin

Ice Cream Parlor Pumpkin

The Hub also has some special Halloween decorations.

Hub Statues

Hub Statues

Hub Statues

Hub Statues

Many guests get into the spirit by dressing in costume. And it’s not just the little ones who enjoy donning a new identity. Whole families seem to get into the act at MNSSHP. However, there are a few rules you should be aware of.

Costumes should be child-friendly and not obtrusive or offensive.

Adult guest may wear masks, but the masks must not obstruct vision (you need to be able to see where you’re going).

Guest who dress like Disney characters are not to pose for pictures or sign autographs for other guests.

Do not bring large or dangerous props with you.

Costumed Family

Costumed Family

Costumed Family

Costumed Family

Costumed Family

Scattered around the park are various picture spots, some with characters.

Photo Op

Photo Op

Photo Op

Photo Op

Photo Op

Photo Op

Candy is distributed freely throughout the park. If you want a sugar-rush, it’s readily available at every turn. Over at Mickey’s Toontown Fair, a special Alice in Wonderland walkway has been created and is filled with numerous candy opportunities.

Alice in Wonderland Walkway

Alice in Wonderland Walkway

Alice in Wonderland Walkway

Alice in Wonderland Walkway

Candy Distribution

Two Character Dance Parties rock away the night. This is one of the few times your children can interact with the characters without waiting in a long line. All they have to do is jump to the beat and kick up their heels out on the dance floor.

One of the dance parties is held in Tomorrowland at Club 626. Here, Stitch, Goofy, and Pluto mix and mingle with the energetic crowd.

Tomorrowland Dance Party

Tomorrowland Dance Party

Tomorrowland Dance Party

Tomorrowland Dance Party

Over at Ariel’s Grotto in Fantasyland, Princess Minnie and Princess Daisy are on hand for some two-steppin’.

Fantasyland Dance Party

Fantasyland Dance Party

Several times each evening, the Villains entertain in front of the castle. Their evil dance is energetic, but certainly not frightening. After their number concludes, they come out into the audience for a Meet & Greet. The times are: 7:45 9:00 10:05 & 11:15

Villains Mix and Mingle

Villains Mix and Mingle

Villains Mix and Mingle

Villains Mix and Mingle

And of course, no Disney evening would be complete without fireworks. A special Halloween presentation called Happy HalloWishes is presented at 9:30 each night.





Over at the Haunted Mansion, our mortician cast members become even more ghostly and Madame Carlotta entertains passersby with some tantalizing gossip about her fellow ghosts.

Haunted Mansion Cast Member

Madame Carlotta

I’ve saved the best for last, Mickey’s “Boo-to-You” Halloween Parade. Presented twice nightly at 8:15 and 10:30, this delightfully creepy-yet-amusing procession is a must-see. I’ve created a short video of Madame Carlotta and the parade. Enjoy.

192 Replies to “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2009”

  1. We are taking out twin sons who are 2 and a half. Will they be able to participate in the MNSSHP?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m not sure how to answer this. What do you mean by “participate?” Your sons are certainly welcome to the party. Kids under the age of 3 are get free admission.

  2. Is Jack the Skeleton King part of the MNSSHP?

    ALLEARS: Jack has not been a part of the Walt Disney World Halloween/Christmas celebrations. You can find Jack in Disneyland at the Haunted Mansion beginning around mid-October thru December.

  3. Jack , Do they have the BOO TO YOU parade on the nights that MNSSHP is not going on ?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The only way to see the Boo To You Parade is to attend a Halloween Party.

  4. Just bought tickets for the 2010 Halloween Party. We are going on Halloween night. This is our sons first trip to Disney. We can’t wait. Any suggestions on what to do for the party?

  5. This is great info! I will be at WDW for two weeks in September 2010. Do you think there is a difference in crowd size between Tuesday and Friday nights?

    Jack’s Answer:

    If you’re attending the Halloween party in September, you don’t have to worry about crowds. These parties rarely get busy until mid October. However, Tuesday might be slower than Friday because the people of Central Florida who are attending would probably pick a Friday because it is right before the weekend.

  6. Hi there! Thanks for the great info. I’m going to WDW this coming October and was looking for more information and photos on the party.

    Quick question. Where in the park is Cinderella’s coach? It looks fabulous in that photo! And is it there year round?

  7. We attended the party on 11/1. Our trip to WDW started on Halloween, so the kids missed trick-or-treating. MNSSHP the next day more than made up for it. Crowd levels were modest and as with everything, Disney goes all out with decorations. The parade was a highlight of our trip and we all got plenty of candy, including lots of Dots, my favorite!

  8. I hate to burst bubbles here, but our family has been to the Not-So-Scary party four times now over the past six years. This year, we were thoroughly disappointed in the quality of the candy that was handed out. In years past, we have been so excited to get giant, full-size bars of Snickers, Musketeers, Milky Ways, etc. This year, the only thing they gave out was Balmer’s chocolate covered-in-foil pieces, dinky lollipops, fake Smarties and RAISINS! Shame on you, Disney, for cutting back on quality but not reducing the entrance fee! We paid EXTRA to go on the 31st. We will not return again!

  9. Hi! Jack,
    Just wanted to thank you for your tip about
    the photopass “magic shot” at the horseless
    carriage by the haunted mansion.I just received
    my prints and what a surprise to see the ghost.
    When I went two years ago I wasn’t aware of this photo op. Glad you brought it to my
    attention. Keep up the good work.
    Mary Ann

  10. Hi Jack would you recommend this event for an infant 7 months old??

    Jack’s Answer:

    Personally, I think Disney is a total waste of money on any infant. They’re too young to understand the complexity of the place. They would get just as much enjoyment out of the county fair. But if you’re asking if there is anything scary that might “pop out” and startle your young child, the answer is no. This event is very child friendly.


  12. Great pictures and information. We are traveling from Nebraska for the Oct. 25 party. What setting do you use on your camera to capture such great night shots of the fireworks? Thanks

    Jack’s Answer:

    I really don’t know very much about cameras. Those type questions should be sent to our photography bloggers. But to answer your question, I leave the camera on automatic, but set the ISO to maximum. I took at least 50 pictures. I only posted the best in my blog.

  13. I was also wondering if there were any “Nightmare Before Christmas” characters to be found anywhere during the MNSSHP?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I cannot give you a definitive answer, but I did not see any “Nightmare Before Christmas” characters at the Halloween party. When you arrive at the Magic Kingdom, stop by City Hall and ask what characters are appearing where.

  14. My family and I visit Disney at least once a year if not more but this year attended MNSSHP on 9/22 for the very first time. Our daughter was turning 3 yrs old on the very last day of our vacation so lucky for us she was still 2 yrs old the night of the party and so we didn’t have to pay admission for her but she was able to dress up and have a blast. Her costume for halloween this year is supergirl (husbands pick). Meanwhile, entering Toon town we see the face painting stand and to answer an earlier post yes the face painting was free. They have photos of certain styles they do but since she was a super hero they painted her a special supergirl mask that really made the outfit complete. I’d have to say other than the trick or treating it was really the highlight of the night. The fireworks were kind of disappointing and there were a ton of people there even for a Monday night. Somehow we missed both parades but we still had a good time and it was worth it to see her have so much fun.

  15. We attended the MNSSHP on Thursday, Oct 8th. We had a great time. Low crowds, quick ride access, lots of candy, great parade. The end of the Fireworks is awesome although we were a little disappointed in the beginning. We got to have our photo taken with Snow White and ALL 7 DWARFS at once. That was cool. There were a lot of adults dressed up this year, too. I was a little surprised, though, at the fact that some of the adult partygoers were allowed to roam the park in such authentic costumes. I had been told in the past Disney would not allow this, but there were some extremely authentic princesses- so much so that we started to ask for a photo. Great time, though. Watch at the exit gate for the TUB of candy!

  16. We are going to Not So Scary this Halloween night. Do you expect this night to be much busier than the other nights? Since they only sell a certain amount of tickets for this special event, would it be just as busy as the other scheduled nights??

  17. Hi! We are going to MNSSHP on the 18th and my 5 yr old girl is obsessed with “The Nightmare before Christmas” are those characters there or anywhere else in the park for the halloween season?

  18. When do they start handing out the treat bags and do they hand them out only at the entrance?? We were planning on getting to MK around 4pm. I need to know if we need to go back at 7pm to grab one for our 4 yr. old. She is soooo excited!! We go to Disney World about 5 times a year, this is the first time we have been able to attend MNSSHP!!!!!!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The bags are handed out at the turnstiles starting at 4pm. But if you miss them, they are also available in the Rose Garden portion of The Hub starting sometime after 6pm.

  19. The post by Dianne | September 8, 2009 9:10 AM ……the folks that made the neat orange crossbones shirts mentioned we could contact her to get some shirts…..can you provide her contact info…..we would really love to get some of those shirts for our upcoming trip…..


  20. This was a great blog, Jack! In fact, it was one of the reasons that my husband and I decided to try the party for the first time on our latest trip – we went to the party on Friday, September 25th. I want people to know that they hold the Fireworks Dessert Party during the MNSSHP. My husband, Andrew, and I had tried to get tickets to a previous dessert party, but there was no availability. For this one, we walked past the Noodle Station, saw that it was being held that night, and bought our tickets right away (it was about $50 for the two of us) but VERY worth it. We had a blast at both the MNSSHP and at the Fireworks Dessert Party, and we would recommend it to anyone going or thinking of going.

  21. As everyone else has already said, your blog is great!

    I have a question about watching the parade & fireworks. I know your favorite places to watch both of them but I was wondering which parade time you would suggest and around what time we should be headed to Liberty Square for the parade and the front of the castle for the fireworks.

    I’m going tomorrow night with three friends who haven’t been to a party and the Boo to You parade is my absolute favorite and they’re super excited about it. So, I’d love for them to have front row seats for it!

    Thank you for your help!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I usually show up in front of the castle 15 minutes before the show. I can usually squeeze into some space between Casey’s Corner and The Hub. Since watching the fireworks doesn’t require an exact spot, there is a lot of leeway here.

    The second parade is definitely less crowded than the first. You can probably find a very good spot 15 (maybe 20) minutes before the procession begins at the later showing.

  22. Is fastpass available during MNSSHP? If so, do you use your MNSSHP ticket or do you use a regular admission ticket to obtain fastpass times? Thanks.

    Jack’s Answer:

    To be honest, I don’t know if FastPass is used at MNSSHP. The night I attended, it was so slow none of the attractions offered them. And I know Disney tries to cap the attendance at these parties so it never gets too busy. But if FastPasses were used, it would require your MNSSHP ticket.

  23. I was there a few weeks back dressed as Gaston from B & B. It did rain that evening (my luck) but it was only for 10-15 minutes early on in the event. The trouble was that it made it even MORE humid! UGH!

    My question is: what ever happened to the witch that used to fly from the castle (a’la Tink) before the fireworks? That usedto be a major highlight. For me, anyway).

  24. I have a question about the eticket option for buying the mnsshp tickets. How do they send them? can i print them? what if something happens while i print? i assume that they would limit you to one printing to eliminate printing duplicate tickets. any info on this would be appreciated.

    Jack’s Answer:

    First, I don’t know if the E-ticket option is available for MNSSHP. You’ll have to find that out for yourself. But this I can tell you. You print your own E-ticket at home on your own computer. Don’t worry about a mishap. You can print a second ticket if the first one is damaged. The tickets have barcodes printed on them. When you pass through the turnstile, the cast member will scan the ticket. You could have printed a dozen of the same ticket, but the barcode would be identical on each one and the computer/turnstile is only going to accept the first one used. And don’t worry. If you buy multiple E-tickets, the bar code will be different on each one printed.

  25. Hi Jack! Thanks for this terrific blog! We are arriving on 11/1, the last night of the party and have purchased our Halloween party tickets online. I am wondering if the Halloween ticket is used along with one of our “Magic Your Way”ticket days, or is it in place of it? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Your MNSSHP ticket is good in the Magic Kingdom ONLY on November 1st from 7pm – midnight (however, you can get into the Magic Kingdom as early as 4pm).

    You can use your Magic Your Way ticket on November 1st for any of the four parks. However, if you use it to enter the Magic Kingdom on that day, you will be forced to leave the Magic Kingdom at 7pm and reenter the park with your MNSSHP ticket. In other words, you would be using two tickets to visit the Magic Kingdom.

    I hope that clears things up for you.

  26. Hi Jack! Thanks for giving us so much to look forward to on this Halloween trip!
    I know you already commented on this several times but I called Disney ticketing this morning and was advised that I should provide my Disney Dining Reservation Number in order to get into the parks earlier than 7:00 with a MNSSHP ticket. Not sure if this is a change from the past or just the “official line” they have to give but thought I would share.
    Thanks again! -Erin

    Jack’s Answer:

    The “official” hours for MNSSHP are 7pm – midnight. However, you can get into the Magic Kingdom as early as 4pm with your Halloween ticket. Of course, Disney has the right to revoke this “early admittance” at anytime, but I seriously doubt that they would without a very good reason. I’m sure the cast member you spoke with was just trying to give you the “official” spiel.

    I was at the Magic Kingdom yesterday (October 2). I left the park around 3:30. Disney was already in the process of preparing to receive Halloween guest at 4pm.

  27. The forecast looks wet for our upcoming visit on Oct. 9th. How does rain usually impact the party, trick-or-trating, parade, and fireworks? Wishing for clear skies….Thanks.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Don’t let Florida rain concern you. Most of the time, our summer showers occur in the late afternoon or early evening. And when they do, they only last between 15-30 minutes. Then they’re done. All you need to do is take cover in a shop and wait for it to pass by. And our heaviest rainfall season is behind us. October isn’t too bad unless there is a hurricane. But that’s a whole other issue.

  28. Jack,

    Great report as always. I always count on you to be on the front lines reporting back to us. 😉

    This will be our 4th or 5th MNSSHP, and our 10th trip over all to WDW. I want more than anything to meet Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. I know that he makes an appearance in the parade, but I have read other places he “previously” showed up at Pooh’s Playful Spot to do the meet and greet with Pooh and friends during the party. Do you know if he was out this year? If not with all the visits you have had, have you ever seen Rabbit out? He seems to be extremely rare.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m one of the worst people to ask about characters. I rarely go to character meals and I never have my picture taken with them. Because of this, I pay very little attention as to who is appearing where. However, I do not remember ever seeing Rabbit interacting with guests.

    Your best bet for finding certain characters is to stop by City Hall and ask who will be appearing that day.


  29. One of your pictures is a family all wearing the same t-shirt–an orange crossbone and skull with a mickey hat! Did they get those in the park? Will there be any t-shirts available similar to those? My 19-year-old daughter and I will be there 10-6 for the party. Don’t want to go without costume, but don’t want to dress up too much!

    Jack’s Answer:

    You’re not the first to inquire about the Mickey skull and cross-bones t-shirts. But unfortunately for you, they were made by one of the family members.

    I think it adds a lot to attend MNSSHP in costume, but it is important to make sure you alter-ego doesn’t hamper your good time by being big and bulky.

  30. hi jack, did you happen to see or know if anyone else reported seeing jessie from toy story at this year’s party? tia

    Jack’s Answer:

    I did not see Jessie. But all that means is I didn’t see her. She could have been there, but not during the times I walked through Frontierland. Your best bet is to stop by City Hall and ask which characters are appearing where and when.

  31. Thanks for the wonderful video Jack! I have always wanted to attend this event and have never been able to. Now I know what I have been missing and it makes me want to go all the more. Can’t wait to show my daughter and my sister.

  32. Jack, I wish I would have known you were there that night! We were there too and as a matter of fact….you have a picture of my youngest son posted! He is the one in the orange and white Mickey head tie dye shirt with Mickey pumpkin head ears at the Tomorrowland dance party with Pluto! I spotted my hubby’s back in a picture just prior to that and then was pleasantly surprised when I kept looking and saw the shot you had posted of Tanner! Now he thinks he’s famous! lol

  33. Hi everyone,

    I went to the not so scary Halloween party on 15th September dressed as peter pan. It was wonderful and have some fab pics of me with the characters all decked out in my costume. I would definately recommend going dressed up for the event. Lots of kids and their families thought I was the real Peter. I was asked several times to pose for pictures and sign autographs but I politely declined and was careful to follow disney’s rules for the event. The only thing I was sad about on the night was that the headless horseman didnt ride due to the ground still being slightly wet after a shower of rain. It was still however a really fab night.


  35. Going to be at the halloween party and was wondering about nut allergies and the trick or treat??

    Jack’s Answer:

    Some of the candy offered definitely has nuts. Someone else asked if there were “nut free” distribution stations. I do not know, so I suggested checking at City Hall upon entering the park.

    All food service facilities cater to those with allergies — even the counter service restaurants. When you order, ask the cashier. They will summon a manager or chef to make sure you don’t get something you are allergic to.

  36. I was just wondering if and where we can find cinderella? My daughter is four and she keeps saying the only thing she wants to do is meet cinderella. So any help would be greatly appreciated. we will be attending 10/20 Thank you.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Last year, Cinderella made appearances in Fantasyland at the base of the old Skyway station. Her glass coach is there again this year, but I did not see her or Prince Charming. However, that doesn’t mean they didn’t make appearances. It just means they weren’t greeting guests when I passed by. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  37. Great pictures and information! We are going to disney and the Party on Halloween for my son’s 7th birthday. He was born on Halloween and we thought this would be awesome!
    Are there photo spots with the characters similar to the pirate/princess parties? We would love to do the photos again , but the line was so long we missed part of the parade! We are all going in costume and can’t wait to celebrate his Birthday all week!!
    Thanks for the information.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I never attended a Pirate & Princess Party, so I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to. However, there are many character photo opportunities all over the Magic Kingdom for MNSSHP. But, they do have lines. Also, you’re attending on Halloween. Even though Disney caps the attendance, this is still one of the busiest party nights and it’s going to be somewhat crowded. I’m not trying to be a downer, but I want to prepare you for what you’re in store for.

    If you can, I would advise arriving well before 7pm (as early as 4pm) to maximize your time. Even though the party doesn’t start until 7, you can still get a jump on many of the attractions.

    Remember, there are two parades and the second one is far less attended.

  38. Thanks for the wonderful blog and great information! My question in about food allergies. I am coming to MNSSHP on Oct 29, one of the children in my group is allergic to nuts and gluten. I heard a rumor that there were specific locations that offered treats he could have. Is this true? Any idea where these spots are? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The simple answer to your question is, I don’t know. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Disney did have some nut and gluten free distribution spots. What you should do is stop at City Hall as soon as you get to the Magic Kingdom. They will be able to answer your question.

    Also, in case you didn’t know, Disney is very proactive when it comes to food allergies. Even at the counter service restaurants, they will go out of their way to make sure guests get food prepared to their special dietary needs. So don’t hesitate to ask where ever you eat.

  39. Great pics and info Jack. Going to be there in 2 weeks and will be attending our first MNSSHP with 2 children, ages 3 & 7. We are all going in costume. Can hardly wait. I will be looking at these pics and comments several times a day until we depart. Thanks for a very informative blog

  40. Hi Jack!

    Great blog and you are so generous with answering all of these questions!!

    Mine is a photography question.

    I have never tried to take firework pictures with my camera…I have a newer Nikon SLR. I am assuming you are using a tripod (if not what did you use) for the fireworks, but am interested in what your camera is set on when you take the pictures. ISO…F stops…etc..

    I am comfortable with day light shooting, but not night time.

    Looking forward to your response!

    Jack’s Answer:

    You really should be submitting your question to one of the photography bloggers on Allears. They could give you a much better answer than I am able to provide.

    I did not use a tripod. Between my still and video camera, I already have enough to carry (grin).

    I’m ashamed to admit, I really don’t know how to use my camera. All I did was set the ISO on max and shot about fifty pictures. I was bound to get three or four that turned out okay. However, they were grainy. But when I shrink them so I can post them on Allears, the quality improves.

    Really, you have a wonderful question that deserves a better answer. Our photo bloggers will be happy to help you.

  41. I am curious about this….

    “Guest who dress like Disney characters are not to pose for pictures or sign autographs for other guests.”

    We have been coming to MNSSHP for several years as the 3 hitchhiking ghosts, the Bride, Pickwick and Prudence (all of the HM) and we always have tons of picture requests. We NEVER sign autographs.

  42. We have tickets for the halloween party on tues sept 22, but that is also the only night of our visit they will be having Fantasmic. Will we have time to catch the first show and make it over to the Magic Kingdom for the party?? I would love to do both. Thanks

    Jack’s Answer:

    I didn’t receive your note until Wednesday, September 23, so I’m too late to answer your question. But just in case you meant October 22 (not Sept), I’ll answer your question.

    Fantasmic shows at 7:30 on October 22. MNSSHP starts at 7pm. Fantasmic is 30 minutes long. By the time you get to your car (or bus) after the show, it will probably be another 30 minutes. Add another 20-30 minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom. It is now 9pm. That only leaves you 3 hours of the party. Is it really worth spending $50+ for MNSSHP for 3 hour’s enjoyment? Only you can answer that question.

  43. My boyfriend and I went to MNSSHP last year too and are looking to find a few new little secrets. We are not so frantic to go on rides all the time now, so we would be willing to go explore, interact and otherwise get in all kinds of disney approved trouble. Are there any cool secrets you know about that might make the night even better than the year before?

  44. You may want to check on your info on the restaurants. I have a reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern at 7:20 p.m. on Tuesday, October 6th – one of the nights of MNSSHP. A cast member called to confirm our reservation and CONFIRM that we had tickets to the MNSSHP. So there are sit-down restaurants that are serving dinner on the nights of the big party.

    Thanks so much for the schedule of events. We are on the final count down to our trip!

  45. We will be attending the MNSSHP on Thurs 10/8. We have dinner reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern at 7:20. Does it make sense to have sit down dinner during the party? Will we miss too much? Are we better off doing counter service?

    Jack’s Answer:

    This is such a subjective question…

    Technically, the party lasts for five hours (7pm – midnight). Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern will take an hour. So, do you really want to spend one-fifth of your party time eating?

    But of course, in reality, you can get into the Magic Kingdom at 4pm with your MNSSHP ticket, so you have eight hours to enjoy the rides.

    But it’s within the party hours that the actual “party events” take place like the parade, trick-or-treating, dance parties, character meet-and-greets, and the castle show.

    If it were me, I’d eat at a counter service restaurant and maximize my party time.

    I hope this helps.

  46. Husband and I just returned from a week at WDW yesterday. Went to the MNSSHP Friday night for the first time ever. It was really fun! And you are right – we walked onto all rides with no wait, though there certainly seemed to be plenty of people around the park so it still seemed very alive and festive. Enjoy seeing all of your pictures and reliving the party again. We plan to go next year!

  47. Great Job on the blog Jack, My family and I attended the MNSHP last year and will be attending this year also. Thanks for the warm up pictures.

  48. I just wanted to post a comment to respond to Melane’s question regarding a quieter place to watch the fireworks for her son – I know there are earphones especially made for children to muffle the noise and i’ve seen quite a few children in Disney with them on during the fireworks. Also maybe she could get a late reservation somewhere like the Crystal Palace and ask for a seat near the window. That might cut down on the noise a little.

    Hope that helps!

  49. Thank you so much for the information! This is our first time going to this. We are going on October 13th. We are SOOOO excited.
    Thanks again!

    Rezanina Family from Wyoming!!

  50. We will be down from Oct. 15-19 and to the
    party on the 18th. This will be our 3rd year and we can’t wait. Our grandchildren are 12, 5 and 3. They think that it’s not going to be Halloween without go to see Mickey. You phot are great and have us all ready to pack today!
    I recommend this to anyone that hasn’t been.

  51. I was wondering if there is any kind of special rate for a grand gathering attending MNSSHP?

    Thanks for this amazing information!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I have never seen any group rates posted for the Halloween Party or the Christmas Party. My inclination is to say that none are offered. But to be absolutely sure, I would suggest calling your Grand Gatherings representative.

  52. We went to the 2nd night on the 11th and we had such a great time! We thought it was a better parade then christmas, except for the wooden soldiers they are amazing. The one huge gripe we had was we had NO idea they were closing all the restaurants with any real food. Even Pecos Bills was closed on the 11th. All we could get were cheeseburgers or hot dogs. We really had our hearts set on shrimp at Harbour House. We were surprised that this info was readily available and that they closed all the restaurants at 4pm.

  53. I am always so jealous of you American’s and your wonderful Halloween traditions. Here in Australia people just won’t go for it.
    I’m currently planning a trip to WDW for next October so can’t wait to go to MNSSHP, been wanting to do it for years.

  54. I just wanted to say that your pictures are phenomenal! I have been to Disney upwards of 10 times, and it never ceases to amaze me.. but I have NEVER been to the Halloween party! My boyfriend lives in Florida (lucky for me!) and we are attending the party tomorrow night, Friday the 18th. How hot is it out when you’re in the park? My boyfriend loves heat, and I am a little less enthused about it. Is it unbearable, or will I be okay with a minifan and very light clothing?

  55. My son and I have attended the MNSSHP for the last 2 years and both times they were awesome. Last year my mother went with us and she is shy and not very outgoing. She loved the party and even had her pictures made with the characters and trick or treated. I just wanted to let everyone know, no matter what age you are you will still have a blast.

    P.S. The first year my son dressed as Jack Sparrow and during the parade Barbarossa tried to “grab” the gold medallion necklace my son was wearing, he was shocked at first but then was really excited, it was a really great memory.

  56. Hi Jack!
    Your info and photos are beautiful. I’m taking my family to WDW the week of Oct. 5th and will be going to the party one of those days. My question: will my family and I look weird if we are in costume all day? We plan to be at MK all day and stay for the party. Could we show up that morning in costume, or should we go back to our hotel room and change and come back?

    Jack’s Answer:

    It is perfectly okay to be in costume all day (as long as your costume adheres to the rules I mentioned in my blog). You won’t be alone. But there won’t be a lot of you either.

    But I have a question for you. Is your costume something you want to wear for hours and hours — in the hot sun? If yes, great, enjoy yourselves. If no, then maybe you should think about returning to your hotel. Also, keep in mind, staying in the Magic Kingdom from 9am to midnight is a VERY long day. Maybe you’d like a dip in the pool around 2pm. Something to think about.

  57. Sorry…one more question. I usually pre purchase the photo cd. Can all the pics taken at MNSSHP be loaded onto that?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Not another question from you. Geez. (Just kidding.)

    Okay, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. When you pre-purchase a photo CD, I’m assuming you’re given a PhotoPass that you have the cast members scan each time they take your picture. If that’s what we’re talking about, then yes, you can use it at MNSSHP.

  58. Hello. I’ve read all the posts and it definitely made our decision to attend the party. We will be going on the 8th. Is it almost a definite that we will be able to get in around 4pm? We have a reservaton at the Plaza around 5ish. Thanks so much.

  59. Hi, Jack, My family will be attending the MNSSHP on 9/29. We will all be dressed as characters from Peter Pan. We would love to get a picture with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Do you know if/when/where they are available fore photo ops? Thanks -Brenda

    Jack’s Answer:

    You’re in luck. You picked two of the characters that I actually do know where they’re making appearances. Check out Pirates of the Caribbean. The night I attended, they were posing just to the left of the attraction.

  60. To the poster that asked about the Fireworks Dessert Party. This is is available during MNSSHP. I am going down with my mom and husband on 9/22 and we are attending MNSSHP and the Fireworks Dessert.

  61. Hi.
    My family and I are attending MNNSHP on the 31st.

    My son is 7 and wants to dress up as a gory bleeding skeleton (store-bought). Is there a chance that he might be turned away from entering due to his costume? I am trying to dissuade him from this choice but he has his heart set.

    Is this something Disney would do?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The rules I posted about costumes are direct “cut & paste” from a cast member handout. However, what I didn’t print were the pictures that accompanied the rules. Next to the rule that said “Costumes should be child-friendly and not obtrusive or offensive” was a picture of a blood soaked face. This was deemed as a definite no-no.

    Disney WILL turn away guests that are inappropriately dressed. Being a child, Disney might be lenient with your son’s choice of costume, but do you really want to chance it? “Not So Scary” are the key words in the party’s name. If I were you, I’d suggest your son pick a different outfit for the night. Or, bring a second costume with you that he can change into if he gets turned away.

  62. Thanks for including us “Ghosts” in your blog. We are famous now! We live locally and usually attend 3 or more parties each year. We believe this is the best “Hard Ticket” event Disney does and the best fireworks. Who could miss seeing the Headless Horseman? Can’t wait to go back in a week or two!

  63. What time are the halloween decorations put out on afternoon of party?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The vast majority of Halloween decorations are on permanent display during the season. All of Main Street is spookily adorned day and night. The few decorations that are used only during the parties start appearing sometime after 5pm.

  64. I am getting married this weekend and we are headed to WDW for our honeymoon! We are going to going to MNSSHP next week on 9/22 (for the first time) and I am so excited!

    He proposed to me at MK during the wishes fireworks display, so we are very excited to be able to celebrate our HM there in less than 7 days! I think I am more excited about WDW than the wedding!

    Thanks for all the info on the party, it helps me to plan where to be and when in order to really enjoy ourselves.

  65. We did MNSSHP in 2007. Thank you for letting me relive the magic again through your pictures and blog. We are attending MVMCP on November 20th for the first time, and I’m soooo excited!!

  66. Hi Jack!

    It was so nice to talk to you while waiting for the Boo To You Parade to start on Friday 9/4. Remeber Linda and Tim from Virginia?

    Your pictures of the everything are terrific and your descriptions of everything are spot on!

    Thanks for all the great info in all your posts.

  67. What a great article and photos!

    Regarding the question from Susan Whitford about the fireworks and her special-needs son: possibly a pair of Bose noise-cancellation headphones would help with the noise. But be warned, they are extremely expensive, and somewhat heavy. If her son has a lot of problems with loud noise, it might be a good investment. If her son sees a doctor or specialist for his special needs, she might want to discuss the matter with that caregiver. And of course, whatever solution she chooses, be sure to talk about it with the son, too!

    A. D. Johnson
    Littleton, CO

  68. Thank you Jack!! Love your blog!! We are going to the party on the 13th of Oct and can’t wait. I saw a lot of people asking about the custom shirts that, that family was wearing. You can also go out on ebay and get “custom” shirts made. I googled “custom minnie shirts” and am getting some really cute ones made for the party. Order early though.
    Thank you

  69. Can’t wait to attend the Halloween Party again this year! We went twice during our vacation September ’08 and are really looking forward to a repeat this October!

    We watched the parade from the Hub the first night and from the train station platform overlooking Main Street the second night – I preferred the train station platform and I’ll admit it’s primarily because my sister and I got a lot of attention from Cap’n Jack from his high perch… =)

  70. When we decided at the last minute to purchase tickets for our first MNSSHP, we had no idea what to expect. We each wore our costumes into the park and was greeted with compliments and smiles. We were even asked to pose for a picture by Jack, if the party was to be a bust we were happy to at least have our picture on AllEars. Disney’s magic never ended that night, from the best parade, to receiving treats at each of the Candy Stations, to having the best Table Service at Liberty Tree Tavern… we found all the MAGIC. The firework display was SPECTACULAR! I never want to miss this event again. I’ve been to Disney during the Holidays and again during Fourth of July, and I should have known that this too would leave me with great memories. Thanks Jack for continuing your reports…even tho we are back at home, I have truely enjoyed recapping that first evening of MNSSHP!

  71. AWESOME video of the parade. We will be in WDW in 19 days, 18 hours 27 minutes and counting. We have tickets for the Oct 6 parade. After seeing your AWESOME video, I can hardly wait to get there. This is our first MNSSHP. We have been to the MVMCP and it was AWESOME too so I know we will love it. Thanks for the great work you do!

  72. Jack,

    This is my first year at Disney and MNSSHP. Will there be a quick service place open to grab a quick dinner? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    A complete list of all the open food facilities is in my blog, but your best bet for dinner that evening would be at either Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café or Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café.

  73. Jack,
    Though the Halloween party is fun, this was not the first year they’ve done it at the Magic Kingdom. Me and my family have been going to the Halloween party for the past three years. So, i just thought I’d tell you that this isn’t the first year they done this.

    Jack’s Comment?

    Your comment confuses me. What is it that you read that makes you believe that I think this is the first MNSSHP? I have been to a number of these parties in the past. In fact, I wrote a blog similar to this one last year for Allears. If there is something in my blog that is leading people to think I’m unaware of past parties, I need to correct it.

  74. We have never been to the Halloween party before and are thinking about it for next year. I would like to know if you can buy the tickets online? I would be afraid of waiting until we arrived in Florida to buy the tickets. Thank you!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Yes. You can order tickets in advance, online by calling (407) WDISNEY. Guests under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.

  75. This is awesome Jack! I was at the Halloween party 5 years ago and loved every minute of it. I’m planning on coming down for next year and now can’t wait! Wish it was this year!

  76. Thanks for the great trip report. We’ve been structuring our trips around the Halloween party for serveral years now and have noticed that each year something gets “taken away” while the price goes up. Last year, it was the stroller – they used to be free for the party. And before that it was the free photo. I was wondering what is coming “with” the price of admission this year? Is the free face painting still there? Thanks a bunch.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I didn’t notice any face painting, free or otherwise. But I could have easily missed it. However, I did notice that last year there were two large blowup characters on the roof of Tomorrowland that were absent this year.

  77. Jack,

    During the MVMCP, the Country Bears do a special Christmas show. Do you know if they do the same for the MNSSHP?


    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m sorry to inform you, but the Country Bears haven’t done the Christmas show for the last two holiday seasons. They perform the original show all year long.

  78. Thanks so much Jack, I’ve been waiting for this year’s pics. Going to Fla. in 16 days, this will be my first MNSSHP. Seeing the video and reading your comments makes me want to be there so much sooner. I’m so excited, can’t wait to go.

  79. We were at the party on the 4th as well and were so glad that we went. I was a little concerned that things might be too dark and frightening for my son and I must give my kudos to Disney for keeping the entire evening truly not so scary. Even when the villains make their appearances it is not at all frightening for kids. I was expecting the parade music to change and get “darker” when the villains come along, but it doesn’t. We came home with arm-loads of candy and some great memories. Thanks, Disney, for making this a great evening for our family. And thanks to Jack for great photos and party report!

  80. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for posting!! It was great to experience the opening night. We did the pirate’s league earlier in the day. I loved that they brought out some characters that are not usually around so freely.
    I was wondering if you noticed that some of the decorations were a bit different from last year!!
    P.S. Thanks for posting the video… great memories!

  81. does the Halloween Party occur every night in October? we will probably not be buying tickets to attend but does that mean that we cannot stay past 7pm at all, for every night? if so, how will we see the nightly regular parade at Magic Kingdom?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Halloween party does NOT occur every night. This allows those who choose not to attend to experience the Magic Kingdom on alternate (more or less) nights and see the Wishes fireworks show.

    Here are the dates for MNSSHP:

    September 4, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29

    October 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31

    November 1

  82. Hi Jack,

    We just got back from Disneyworld last week. I let my 4 1/2 yrs old son watch your video. He loves it . He has watched the video at least 10 times now, and sings Boo to You tune every day :). The blog is wonderful, and makes us want to come back. I love Christmas at Disney but I am serious about bringing my son to the Halloween party next year. Thank you for a terrific blog.


  83. Wow!

    The Halloween Party really gets a lot of peoples (guests) attention.

    My wife and I are going to one of the Christmas Parties in December. It is very similar in structure with Christmas decor.

    Thanks a lot Jack for all your effort.

    Great Pictures and very useful information for those going to the Halloween Party.

  84. Hi Jack, thanks for the info!
    Will the 2008 party map in the Sept events section of allears.net be updated to show the 2009 party map?
    Heading down for the 29th & wanted to get a sneak peak! 🙂 Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    When I arrived at the party, I picked up a map for my own use. I shoved it in my pocket wear it became very wrinkled and worn. As I left the park, I very carefully picked up two more maps and placed one inside the other for safe keeping. I knew when I got home I’d want to scan it into the computer and post it. Unfortunately, I somehow lost my good copies between the turnstiles and my car. So, to answer your question, no, I’m not posting a 2009 map. So sorry.

  85. Jack

    I what Disney resort is the best to stay at on Halloween night? Do some resorts get more in the spirit than others? We where thinking GF or Wilderness Lodge what is your sugestion.

    Jack’s Answer:

    None of the resorts really decorate for Halloween. Oh, maybe a pumpkin or two, but it’s nothing like the way the resorts are decked out for Christmas. Because of that, I really can’t recommend one resort over another in regards to spooky themeing. However, I’ve always been a fan of the monorail hotels (and the Wilderness Lodge) because of their easy access to the Magic Kingdom.

    If I were you, I’d choose the resort that fits your needs and budget without regard to Halloween.

    If my readers write in with different opinions, I’ll be sure to post them.

  86. Hi Jack. Thanks a lot for the report. Pictures and video are fantastic ! I was just wandering, if Hallowishes is completly different from Wishes ?


    Jack’s Answer:

    There are certainly some similarities as to the type of fireworks used and the manner in which they are fired, but all parallels stop there. The HalloWishes show is completely different from the Wishes show. Different music, different voice-over, different castle lighting effects. It’s a good show and the crowd seems to love it.

  87. Thank you for the pictures and report! I am deeply saddened that I’m missing it this year as my family chose to go down for MVMCP. Although I love Christmastime at the parks, I love Halloween at the Magic Kingdom even more! These pics bring back lots of memories and put me in the mood! Thanks, again!! :o)

  88. Jack,

    We will be attending the MNSSHP on Tues, 9/29. Pirates of the Caribbean os one of our favorite rides. Obviously the Haunted Mansion is special that night, and I understand that Splash Mountain is special. My question is… Is there anything different or special about the Pirates ride on Party nights?

    You are our hero!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    First, I didn’t ride any of these attractions when I was at MNSSHP. Believe it or not, I’m so busy taking pictures and circling the park looking for things to share with you all that I really don’t get to relax and experience the rides.

    To my knowledge, nothing is special about any of these attractions. Yes, the HM has Madame Carlotta sitting out front on the lawn, but I don’t know of any upgrades or changes to the interiors. Perhaps you’re thinking about the Nightmare Before Christmas makeover at Disneyland.

    If someone else can shed some light on this, please feel free to write in.

  89. Jack, there better be a dessert party during the MNSSHP, because my credit card has been charged for both events (MNSSHP & Wishes Dessert Party). My seating for the dessert party is at 8:35 pm……. can’t wait!!!! :0)

    Jack’s Comment:

    If you’ve got a receipt for the Dessert Party, fantastic. I wasn’t aware it was being held on MNSSHP party nights, but I guess I was wrong. Have a fantastic time!

  90. My daughter is on the College Program down at Disney right now. My husband and I are flying down on Friday September 11th and have tickets for the “party” for Friday night. My daughter and I went last year and, even though it rained a good portion of the evening, we had a GREAT time. Make sure to see the Villains show and wait for autographs afterwards. The parade is spectacular, as all of the parades at Disney are. It is so much fun! Look for our family – a witch, Malice in Wonderland and Russell (from Up) on Friday night. We’ll be there!!

  91. Our trip last year included MNSSHP and we are returning this year just for MNSSHP! Anyone who goes to Disney at this time of year and doesn’t attend-YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING! I loved all your photos. I think you covered just about everything. We leave in two weeks. I CAN’T WAIT! I was told the entrance time with the MNSSHP ticket is 7:00pm, but you stated entrance is as early as 4:00pm. Can we arrive before 7:00?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The “official” beginning of the party is 7pm. However, you can enter the Magic Kingdom with your MNSSHP as early as 4pm. I have done this for the last two years so I know it’s true. However, from the hours of 4pm and 7pm, you’re sharing the park with day-guests.

  92. Hi Jack,

    I am going to a convention in Orlando and the schedule is not complete yet. So I am thinking to buy the ticket for the MNSSHP the same day we go. Do you think there will be tickets being sold for the same day?


    Jack’s Answer:

    This is difficult to answer. The closer to Halloween you get, the more popular MNSSHP becomes, thus lessening your chances of buying a same-day ticket. But since the economy has had a negative impact on Walt Disney World attendance, I think there is a reasonably good chance you’ll have success.

  93. hi jack!! thanks for the blog loveit!! we will be attending the halloween party. my son (5) will be dress as darth vader will that be ok?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Darth Vader is absolutely fine. Disney just doesn’t want gory subject matter — you know, stuff like hatchets buried in skulls with blood. I saw a number of Star Wars costumes the other night. Your son will fit right in.

  94. This is not a question or comment on the party. I do have a question regarding park transportation early in the morning.
    I am coming to the “World” early December & since I will have only 1 day in MK & wanted to get there early as possible. The thing is that I am staying @the Swan (Starwood employee) & would like to go thru EPCOT & take the monorail but the park opens @9am. Will they let me thru International Gateway even if park is not open to get to monorail?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Epcot does not open until 9am, unless it’s experiencing Extra Magic Hours on a given morning. Disney will not let you walk through the park to catch the monorail unless the park is open. Also, a ticket is required to enter Epcot — even if you’re just planning on walking through. That would mean you would have to have a Park-Hopper ticket for that day since you would be entering two parks.

    If you really want to get to the Magic Kingdom as early as possible, take the bus from the Swan.

  95. Jack-
    I was so excited to see your entry on this! My husband and I have gone to the Halloween Party every year for the past 7 years. We even planned our wedding (Oct 16) around being able to honeymoon at Disney and attend the Halloween Party! It’s a big deal to us! I do have a little suggestion to those who plan on attending…HAVE FUN! Don’t miss the Boo to You Parade or Hallowishes. And don’t do like some folks that have missed both those events because of needing more candy! The candy is great, but it’s definitely NOT worth missing the parade.

  96. This Oct 6th will be me and my mom’s 4th annual trek down to the Mouse and our 1st MNSSHP. After seeing these pics and video, I’m geared up and already in vacation mode. Thanks for all the hard work you do on your blogs, I live in the Disney spirit through this website since I live far away from Disney.

  97. Jack

    my husband and I attended 3 ys ago and we got dressed up it was so much fun. Now we are taking our 2yr old 9/22 and he is going to be buzz and can you guess what mommy and daddy are going to be? Jesse and Woody…can’t wait…One question I have is they are doing the dessert party for wishes at 8:30 but the parade will be starting at 8:15…if i remember correctly the parade ends at Main Street and how long will it take to get there do you recall? I am not sure if I will be able to do it all……

    Mickey – NJ

    Jack’s Answer:

    You question is confusing me a little. First, I’m not sure if the Dessert Party is being held during the Halloween Party. Howwever, the Boo-To-You Parade is presented twice nightly, once at 8:15 and again at 10:30. Both parades start in Frontierland and end on Main Street. The HalloWishes firework show is presented at 9:30.

  98. Thanks for all the info – this really helps my planning for our 11/1 Party. Can you tell me if the dance parties run continuously or if they are at certain times? Also, do you know if Cinderella’s coach is out right at 7PM? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Halloween handout does not mention any times for the Character Dance Parties as they do for other events. So it is my impression that they run continuously. However, there might be an occasional lull as one character leaves the dance floor to be replaced by another. But I’m sure this would only take a minute or two.

  99. Hi Jack,
    Thanks again for yet another great blog. I know I’m weighing in a few days late but I wanted to mention that my friends and I attended last years party and had such a great time we plan to return again this year! My friends and I are adult Disney goers without children so at first I was a little hesitant that the party might be geared much more for the little ones than what we had hoped. But we were pleasantly surprised that there is something for everyone at this party!! My favorites in the parade are the Headless Horseman and the scared grave yard guy with the dog from the classic Haunted Mansion scene. I was also pleased to see so many adults dressed in costume. Some very professionally done and only added to the fun atmosphere of the night. This year we all plan on going in costume so it should be even more fun this time around! Thanks!!


  100. if you go to the party can you leave for dinner reservations at ohana’s and then re-enter the park with the wristbands?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Yes, you can reenter the park with your TICKET AND WRISTBAND.

    You didn’t ask for my opinion, but I’m going to offer it anyway. Let’s say you arrive at 4pm for the party (the earliest you can arrive). The party ends at midnight. This is a total of 8 hours. By the time you travel to and from ‘Ohana’s, and have dinner, you’re going to spend almost 2 and a half hours on this meal. Do you really want to take this amount of time away from the Halloween party?

    Of course, only you can answer this question, but I just wanted you to think about it.

    Whatever you decide, have a fantastic time and boo to you!

  101. Great job yet again, Jack! For the woman with the special needs son, I was going to recommend seeing the fireworks from Ohana. A seat by the window makes for the perfect viewing spot and they pipe in the music. Plus you get a fun meal in the process. I have never considered doing the MNSSHP, but I am taking a weekend trip down in a couple of weeks with DD and her friend, and I ended up buying tickets to the event. Now, after seeing your post and pictures, I think I am even more excited for the party than the girls are! Thanks for sprinkling the pixie dust on me!

  102. HI JACK,


  103. Hi Jack – we’ve been to this event three times in mid-October in past years. The first time the crowds were low and we had a blast. But each time since then the crowds have increased (are they selling more tickets?)to the point where the last time we went it was so overcrowded, we left right after fireworks. I went to MK on a regular night and it didn’t seem to be that crowded. I was really disappointed, I even wrote and complained. But your right, the parade and fireworks are always fantastic. Well, I guess I’m not that jaded (yet!)- I boutght tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this November!

  104. I saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs located between Pooh’s Playful Spot and the Mad Tea Party. They were right in front of the really tall Mickey ghost. They were posing for pics all night on 9/4.

  105. Hey Jack, My last experience with the Halloween Party was in 2007 and it was the most rain and the loudest thunder storm I have seen in WDW….water up to our knee caps!!!CRAZY!!! I’ve got 2 questions for you 1) is Space Mtn not open during the party?? and 2) That family with the skull & crossbones wearing the Mickey hat, did they make those?? can you buy them? Thanks for the pics!!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Space Mountain is currently closed for an extensive rehab. It will not reopen until sometime in the late fall.

    The shirts were made by the family so they’re not available for sale. They were pretty cool. That’s why I picked them to photograph.

  106. Thanks you we’re going to do the Pirate League then got to the Halloween Party on our upcoming trip 10/3 – 10/8

    You always give the best information! Keep up the great work!

  107. Jack, thanks for the great info & photos. Another blogger asked which of 2 dates would be least crowded. We’ve gone to the MVMCP on the discount night and on the full price night. My finding on the discount night the lines in the park were longer and the lines for the buses back to the resorts were long. I stay at one of the disney vacation club resorts, so alot of people goto the same resorts. This year we picked the non discount nights for both events. We also stay until the end of each event. Its great to get a picture of the castle when it’s clock strikes midnight. Also if you circle the hub you cantrick or treat your way out as the candy lines are short.

  108. Hi Jack! Thank you for the great pictures and video! We will be attending our 3rd MNSSHP on October 6 and watching your video just got me even more excited about our trip (not that I wasn’t excited before…LOL…I’ve only had my countdown going since January!) Our last MNSSHP was in October 2006 and it looks like they have added a few new floats to the parade. We attended the MVMCP in 2007 and 2008 and as much as I LOVE Christmas, Halloween is just so much fun and attending this party really gets me in the spirit of Halloween!

  109. Suggestion for minimizing the noise for child. For about $15 you can get children’s firing range ear muffs on amazon (or a sporting goods store), or for a couple bucks you can get foam ear plugs. With the ear muffs, you could watch from just about anywhere.

  110. Hi Jack,

    Thank so much for all your info. We are going to the world the week of 9/19 and will be attending the party on 9/22/09. Your blog has gotten our 2 and 4 year old even more excited now. I was also happy to see other adults in costumes. Our kids (especially the 4 year old) insisted that mommy and daddy must also wear costumes. We were in WDW last year the same week, but skipped the party. Since we don’t know if we will ever get back to WDW ever again this time of year once the kids start school we said we can not skip the party this year. Thanks again for your info we can’t wait to go.

    Nicole in New Jersey

  111. Hi Jack,

    Thanks so much for all your Disney inside scoops and information. I love reading your articles and looking at your pictures. We come every year in October for my daughter’s birthday and this will be our 5th time doing MNSSHP….it is my daughter’s favorite. Just wanted to say thanks for all the information you have to offer to us. It is much appreciated.

  112. Hi Jack –

    Excellent blog as always. This will be my first year attending this event and am very excited. Your posting was very informative.

    I have one question I hope you can answer. We are attending the Halloween party on September 22. We happen to have reservations at the Californaia Grill at 5:30 – and I would assume that dinner will last until 6:30 or 7pm, if not a little later. My question is – if we get our wristbans earlier in the day, can we RE-enter the park with them AFTER 7pm?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Yes, you can reenter the park with your TICKET and wristband.

    You didn’t ask for my opinion, but I’m going to offer it anyway. Let’s say you arrive at 4pm for the party (the earliest you can arrive). The party ends at midnight. This is a total of 8 hours. By the time you travel to and from the California Grill, and have dinner, you’re going to spend almost three hours on this meal. If you’ve never eaten at the California Grill before, this is a “fine dining” establishment that should be savored, not rushed. Do you really want to take three hours away from the Halloween party?

    Of course, only you can answer this, but I just wanted you to think about it.

  113. Thanks so much for posting our picture (the family with the orange skeleton with ears on the black shirt). We made those in our sign shop and I don’t know your policy for giving out information, if anyone wants to contact us, we can make more!
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were in Fantasyland, next to Tigger and Piglet, though they rotate in and out. The line for them was really long, so we opted for Tigger and Piglet, where we were the last ones during that time frame and just missed Pooh and Eeyore.
    Loved all your pictures!

  114. HI Jack!

    This is our second Halloween party, and we bought tickets months ago. Where would the best place to see the Headless Horseman start his ride be? I thought in the video it looked like he was around the Liberty Square area.



    Jack’s Answer:

    The Headless Horseman (and the parade) “starts” in Frontierland to the south side of Splash Mountain.

    However, I was in Liberty Square, just to the west of Hall of Presidents. I pick this spot because the parade aims right for me then turns in front of me. I think this give me a more complete view of the procession.

  115. Thanks jack for another great blog. My wife and i have been to several parties and always have a great time. We just love how the MK is made up for this event. The Boo To You parade is by far the best parade that disnet does. And if you only make it on one ride the haunted mansion should be that ride. There’s nothing like riding it on Halloween.

  116. It will be my first time at Disney, and I want to go to the MNSSHP. We’ll be there on october 8th to october 18th.

    We’ll go to the party on october 12th (monday). Do you think there will be more people, because it’s Columbus Day?

    I was thinking on having dinner around 5pm.
    Do you think it’s a good idea? Or should we eat earlier?

    I’ve took a look at this year map and Columbia Harbour House will not be open, for the party. Does it means that it will close at 4pm? Or at 7pm? Any other suggestion on where to eat (quick service), near Hall Presidents?

    Thanks a lot!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Disney does not release any attendance numbers, either prior or after an event. But if you look at the pricing for the Halloween Party, they are not offering any discounts on Columbus Day. That’s because they don’t need to promote this day. So to answer your question, I think it will be busier on the 12th.

    On the day I attended, Columbia Harbour House closed at 5pm. I got there around 4:45 and the place was empty. I did the same thing last year so I think you and I are of similar minds when it comes to dinner at the Halloween party.

    The only other restaurant in the vicinity where you can get a meal is Pecos Bill’s.

  117. Great review and pics! My wife and I are going in two weeks. If it’s as good as it was a few years ago, it’ll be a blast. We had soo much fun!

    I have been working on my Gaston outfit for over a month. lol

    I only hope the weather cooperates.

  118. Did you happen to see Mickey shaped trick or treat pumpkins for sale in the stores?? Like this http://www.ftdfloristsonline.com/waltdisneyworldflorist/product/disneyfloralandgifts-waltdisneyworldflorist-princess-pumpkin-halloween/display

    The answer is much appreciated, and so are the pics, cant wait to go in October!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Your link didn’t work so I don’t know specifically what you’re referring to. And to be honest, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the merchandise. I do know they have Mickey shaped pumpkins, but whether or not they are the kind that can be used for trick-or-treat, I don’t know. Sorry.

  119. Will you be posting the new map this year?

    Jack’s Answer:

    When I arrived at the park, I picked up a guide map and shoved it in my pocket for my own reference. When leaving the park, I picked up another guide map (in good condition) as I knew when I got home I’d want to scan it and post it. But somehow I lost it between the monorail and my car.

    Since the only Halloween guide map I have is the crumpled one I had in my pocket, I will not be posting it. Sorry.

  120. Thank you so much for posting this – my husband put it up on the computer because he knew how excited I would be to read it. For our first Disney trip during our honeymoon we decided to try out MNSSHP, on the suggestion of the cast member who helped me make dinner reservations, and it was one of the best parts of our trip! We were singing the theme from Boo To You for months. The best part for us was riding the Haunted Mansion (this was in 2007, after the revamp) at midnight in the pitch dark – super spooky. We can’t wait to go again one day. Thank you for bringing up the memories!

  121. This looks SOOOO Cool!!!!!! I’m going for the first time on my upcoming trip and am so excited, decided to add another party night!! So I’m going twice in the same week!!!! Thanks so much for the review & video!! I’m just too excited to go to this party!!!!

  122. Hi Jack, our last MNSSHP was OCT 07 and it was just the best party experience we’ve had of all the three offered! We were in the park until 1:00 that night and seemed like the party was in full swing and not about to close anytime soon. However, this has been our only party experience to go past 12:00. I read in past blogs that sometimes they will keep the party going later into the night if the numbers are high enough. Do you know if this is still the case? Thanks for all of your wonderful posts — you have a special ability to capture the moment and transport us to the parks as though we were right there with you!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I know that Disney occasionally extends the hours of a park if attendance warrants it, but to my knowledge, this is only for “regular” operation, not parties.

    Special parties, by nature, have a predetermined cap. Disney will not sell more than “x” amount of tickets for a given event. Because of this, I can’t see them extending the hours. I cannot answer this question definitively, but I wouldn’t count on it. If you want “extra” hours, show up at 4pm rather than 7pm.

  123. Hi Jack, this comment is for the parent with a special needs child concerned about fireworks noise. We stay at the Contemp a good bit, and there is a viewing area that faces the MK on the 4th floor just past the Fantasia gift shop. I believe that you can still go outside the doors onto a deck even with the Bay Tower addition complete. We haven’t been since BT opened, so it might be best to confirm this one. I like this area because it is not well used and you have the option of being inside or out as there is a huge wall of glass making it possible to view from inside the doors as well. Wishes & especially Hallowishes are very loud, especially at the end — you can feel the booms right through your chest!

  124. Thank you for the report and all the great pictures! We aren’t going to make it down this fall to enjoy the festivities, but we are having fun reminiscing about last year’s October trip!

  125. We went to last year’s Halloween party three times during our stay and after seeing your wonderful report, I almost regret going this past August (We just returned a week ago). The Halloween party is always spectacular! I think I’m going to plan on Sept/Oct for next year so we can go again! Your pictures are always crisp and beautiful. May I ask what kind of a camera you use for your photos/still shots? My camera didn’t do justice to the photos on our last trip. Thank you for your posts; they’re always amazing!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I use a Nikon D80 with a Nikor 18-200 anti-shake lens. However, a newer model of my camera came out earlier this year, the D90. It’s almost identical to my camera, except it has the ability to take videos as well. This video function would be nice for capturing some quick shots, but if you want a more professional movie, you would also want a dedicated video camera. For this I use a JVC Everio High Definition camera with a 0.45xxx wide angle lens.

  126. Thanks for the wonderful information! Quick question – the special photo ops you talked about (Like the carriage in front of HM) are the photographers there all evening? I was thinking if we wait until later the lines wouldn’t be as long but I don’t want to miss them!

    Jack’s Answer:

    To my knowledge, the Disney photographers are there all evening. However, I also noticed long lines up until the time I left at 10:30. These photo spots are extremely popular and guests start queuing as soon as the party begins at 7.

  127. I have a question…we went to mnsshp last year…and when the fireworks went off we were behind the castle and they seemed to do a 360 display…which was amazing…if u stand in front of the castle will they still incircle you or is it just where we happened to stand last year?…I would like to know being we r headed back down in 19 days…thank you…

    Jack’s Answer:

    I watched the Happy HallowWishes firework show just south of the Hub. Toward the end of the presentation, fireworks were shot off that circle the Hub (360). This happens twice. I have never watched the show from behind the castle so I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing.

    I strongly suggest watching the fireworks from the Hub or Main Street so you have the castle as a backdrop. Disney projects many colors and figures onto the castle and this is an important part of the show.

  128. We are eating @ Liberty Tree Tavern @ 6:55 on the night of a MNSSHP but have not bought the halloween tickets. Are we affected by this.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Guests without Halloween tickets are allowed to remain in the park until 7pm. You should show up for your dinner reservations a few minutes early, and you’ll be seated soon after. After your meal (probably around 8pm), you will be required to leave the park since you don’t have a Halloween ticket and wristband.

  129. Does anybody know where this year Chip n Dale can be found. They used to be at the dance party in fantasyland but since this year they have Mickey and Donald back to back with Daisy and Minnie…
    And what costume are the chipmunks wearing this year?

  130. Hello Jack!…..In response to the post from Susie Whitford on Sept. 5th, about the noise from the fireworks….My husband is a very talented woodworker and has always fitted the daughter and granddaughters (and himself) with hearing protection made for the workshop, plus other uses and they look just like the older headphones that we use to wear! The kids think it’s pretty special to wear them in Grampsy’s garage and Susan could pick up a pair at Lowe’s for around $10.00….good investment for all of the future visits to the parks..Decorate them with his favorite Disney characters and have him start wearing them around the house to get use to them…I hope this suggestion works out for you Susan.

  131. Hi Jack,

    We were at the first party and I wanted to let everyone know a few things!

    Snow White and all 7 were out at 7:30 where the ghost balloon was (as the previous poster said). They stayed out for 30 minutes and then left for the 8 parade and then returned at 8:30. You need to be inline EARLY for pictures if you don’t want to spend the night waiting. They only allowed one GROUP picutre to be taken.

    The princes were in the tent with the princesses, but not Cinderella and Charming. Also, Mickey and Minnie swithced out at the Grotto Dance party, I have a picture of my daughter dancing with Mickey, but Minnie was nowhere to be found.

    It did appear as if they were doing the fireworks dessert party, they had a sign up at the terrace saying it was closed for the party and they appeared to be setting up for it, however there was so much to do and 5 hours really isn’t that much time during the Halloween party.

    We waited until after the 10:30 parade to get certain pictures and the lines were MUCH shorter. All characters were gone by this time.

  132. Hi there, great info!!! I will be attending MNSSHP for the very first time on October 2nd! I am surprising my mom witha trip to Disney for her birthday!! It will be her first trip and my 5th! After reading you article, I just can’t wait for the party!!!

    Jack, we plan on spending the whole day at magic kingdom then attending the party that evening.I don’t want to go back to the hotel to change, so is it ok to wear our costumes all day? Do other people wear theirs all day? Or should we just bring them to change in to? Thanks!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    It is perfectly okay to wear you’re costume all day. There won’t be a lot of you, but you won’t be alone either. However, I need to ask, does your costume cover your entire body? In other words, are you going to be hot wearing it during the warm afternoons? If the answer is yes, you might want to bring it along with you and store it in a locker until it’s time to don your alternate identity.

    Also, if you’re staying on Disney property, you might want to rethink returning to your hotel. Spending all day at the Magic Kingdom (9am-midnight) can be exhausting. A dip in the pool or a quick nap might just be the ticket to revitalize you.

  133. Jack, this post was amazing! My family has been to Disney several times, but we are attending our first halloween party Sept 29th. My 5ys old was already excited to be going back to Disney, but gained a whole new level of excitement after viewing your pics. He looks at them over and over, and can’t wait to attend the party himself. I was just wondering if Pixie Hollow is open during the party? I have heard the lines are very long to meet Tinker Bell and friends and I was hoping to catch a shorter line during the party. Thanks again for all the wonderful articles. No matter how many times we have visited Disney, I always find something new and exciting on your site that makes me even more excited to go back!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Pixie Hollow was not open on the night I attended and it is not listed as an open attraction on the brochure that was handed out. Sorry.

  134. Looking forward to attending the party again this year. At the moment, I can’t access video of the parade but I have to ask. Were Captain Jack and his nemesis Captain Barbossa still in the parade? It’s a huge treat to see them since they did away with the Pirate and Princess Party.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Once you watch my video, you will see Captain Jack perched high on a float taking a bow. Barbossa walks along side the float and greets the guest.

  135. Regarding Melane’s question about her son with special needs: My 6 year old son has autism and the first time he saw fireworks was when he was 1 1/2 years old at the Halloween Party. We watched them from Town Square down the opposite end of Main Street and he was fine. Some noises do bother him, so I bring a set of noise reducing headphones. If something’s too loud, he only had to put his headphones on. In less than 3 weeks, he’s going on his 9th trip to WDW!!

  136. love the website! I was wondering if you can get in about 10min before 4pm? We have an appointment at the bibbidi boppidi boutique at 4pm and did not want to be late, as they already run behind on this night.

    Jack’s Answer:

    All I can tell you are the official rules. Guests will not be allowed into the Magic Kingdom, using their Halloween ticket, until 4pm. I arrived a few minutes before 4 and there was a line at the turnstiles, waiting for the clock to strike four.

  137. One of the comments asked about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I am nearly certain I saw them in the 10:30 PM parade on 9/4, and I am 100% certain they were doing meet and greets along the fence north of the Mad Tea Party, where a giant Mickey ghost balloon was. I saw Tweedledee and Tweedledum there at other times that night, and I think this spot is captured in one of your photos. I suspect they were switching with Snow White and the Dwarfs to take breaks. Something similar was done at the Pooh meet and greet spot near Pooh’s Playful Spot: Tigger and Piglet alternated with Pooh and Eeyore every 30 minutes.

    Someone also asked about Mickey and Minnie. They were at their houses at the beginning of the party, but I saw both of them at the Get Up And BOO-gie Dance Party later. Your pictures show Daisy and Minnie there at this dance party, but I saw Donald and Mickey there later in the evening.

    Finally, although lines for rides were short, lines for characters and candy could be long. Many of the candy lines closer to the hub were quite crowded right early during the party, and character lines seemed pretty steady throughout the night.

  138. Thanks for the great photos Jack! I take it the new Stitch Club 626 thing is replacing the party at Cosmic Rays? I’m disappointed to learn that Stitch isn’t in his Elvis costume anymore… 🙁

  139. Great info!! I was wondering if you saw Tinkerbell, or she only there during the day?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Tink’s Hallow is only open during regular operating hours. And I did not see Tinkerbell anywhere else during the party.

  140. First off, great website! We will be at WDW on October 22-26. There is a NSSHP on the 23rd (Fri) and the 25th (Sun). Do you have a recommendation on which date would be better and less crowded? Thanks

    Jack’s Answer:

    Disney never releases attendance numbers, either projected or real. However, I can make an educated guess between the two dates you gave me. If you look at the pricing chart on my blog, you’ll see that there are no discounts available for the 23rd, but there is a discount available for the 25th. So, the 25th would be the slower of the two nights as Disney is trying to increase attendance by giving a discount that night.

  141. this isn’t about the halloween party, but the wishes fireworks party can you see spectromagic parade from the dessert party?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Firework Dessert Party takes place at the Noodle Factory. From this vantage point, you can only see the tops of the floats as they pass by in the distance. I would never recommend this spot for seeing a parade.

  142. Great review, Jack! You made me feel like I was there. I think that the “Boo to You” parade is my favorite. Thanks for including the gravediggers especially. They are amazing!

  143. Hi – We’re going to Disney for the first time on Nov. 1-6. I know you have to purchase separate tickets for the Halloween party but does it also use up your ‘magic kingdom day’ on your “magic your way” pass? Thanks for any response!


    Jack’s Answer:

    The special “Halloween” ticket is good for admittance into the Magic Kingdom from 4pm to midnight. If that’s the only park you enter that day, using the “Halloween” ticket — during those hours — it does not impact your “Magic Your Way” pass.

    However, if you enter the Magic Kingdom earlier than 4pm, you would have to use your “Magic Your Way” pass and this would count as a day. Also, if you enter any other park on that day, it would count against your “Magic Your Way” pass.

  144. do you know if you can meet prince ali or prince eric or prince charming or prince philip etc… durind special halloween

    Jack’s Answer:

    I did not see any princes on the night of my visit. I can’t say for a certainty that one or two of them weren’t lurking about someplace, but I don’t think so.

  145. Are any of the Jack Skellington crew around during the party? Thanks so much for your report. We leave in 10 days for the world and the big party.
    thanks in advance,


    Jack’s Answer:

    I realize I mentioned Jack Skellington at the beginning of my blog, but alas, none of his group is represented at the party.

  146. Hey Jack!

    A fellow cast member and friend of mine told me I was famous and directed me here to your blog! I was the wristband captain in the Rose Garden the evening and remember exactly when you took that picture of us! Just wanted to say thanks and hope to see you real soon!!

    Best Wishes,

  147. Hi,
    My husband will be at the our first party on the 18th. I love those tee-shirts that family is wearing with the skull and crossbones with the mouse ears. Any idea where I can get them before we arrive?

    Thanks for the post!


    Jack’s Answer:

    Jack’s Answer:

    Bad news. These shirts are not for sale. When I spoke with the family, I was told they were hand made.

  148. Hi Jack! I missed you last MNSSHP. Last year you were there on the first night as was I, and when I read your blog last year I could have kicked myself for not being able to meet you. I was going to go this year as well. This week is the week I always visit WDW and because of circumstances I had to move my visit on in to December. I was wondering do you also attend the MVMCP also? How is that compared to MNSSHP? And I was also wondering about the candle-lite processional in Epcot is that something that I shouldn’t miss? As always you don’t disappoint on information and videos keep up the great work! Have A Magical Day!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I will be attending the first night of the Christmas party (November 10th). I need to be there so I can report back to all you party goers. 😉

    The Halloween party and Christmas party are very similar; however, I like the Halloween event better. First, many guests attend the Halloween party in costume. This adds an extra layer of fun to the evening. Also, candy is distributed everywhere. At Christmas, cookies and hot chocolate are available at a number of the counter service restaurants, but it’s not as convenient. Also, the weather is usually still warm in November and early December and I’m not really in the mood for a hot beverage.

    But, Christmas is a special time of year and all of the parks are decorated to the nines. And at the Christmas party, it snows on Main Street. This is a lot of fun.

    Bottom line, if you liked the Halloween party, you’ll like the Christmas party.

    As for the Candlelight Procession. This is an absolute MUST SEE. I cannot recommend it enough. However, I would strongly recommend combining it with a lunch/dinner package so you can guarantee yourself priority seating. Make your reservations NOW.

  149. My husband and I were on our honeymoon last year and went to the MNSSHP by chance. It was the best time ever! We loved watching the fireworks from behind the castle as they were right over our heads and while all the kids were trick or treating or waiting in line for a photo with cinderella we were getting right on the rides. My husband loved it so much we are going again next week and can’t wait! Also I highly recommend buying the tickets online as you pay less and get a neat plastic entry ticket versus a paper one at the park. Very cool if you scrapbook!

  150. I saw in your pictures of MNSSHP that there was a family wearing all black shirts with an orange skeleton wearing mickey ears. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase those? WIll be there September 25th and would love to have coordinating shirts.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Bad news. These shirts are not for sale. When I spoke with the family, I was told they were hand made.

  151. Jack, just wondering if The place that sells the ‘Dole Whip’ in the Magic Kingdom, near the tree house, is open during the MNSSHP?

    Jack’s Answer:

    You’re in luck, Aloha Isle, the shop that serves Dole Whip, is open for the Halloween party.

  152. HI Jack
    My family is going Oct 9. We are so excited about the party! We are celebrating our sons 1st bday!!We have Castle Reservations at 7 for dinner. Are there any parades or special events that we will miss at that time??

    Jack’s Answer:

    All of the shows are shown multiple times so you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing everything you’re interested in. The first showing of the “Boo-To-You” parade is at 8:15 so this might be a little tight, but you can easily see the second parade at 10:30.

    Since you’ll be spending an hour of your time eating dinner at Cinderella’s Table, I would suggest arriving early (anytime after 4pm) to maximize your time.

  153. Jack,

    Thanks for the pictures. I am coming to the party on October 15. I plan on coming in at 4 pm, but I was told last night that they are planning on changing the time you can come in to 7 pm. Do you know if that is true? I would like to have those every few hours to walk around. Any info would be great.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I have not heard this rumor but I doubt that it is true. For one thing, Disney does not want thousands of people showing up at the Magic Kingdom at one time. They couldn’t handle it. By allowing guests in at 4 it spreads those arriving out over a three hour period.

  154. Great information!!!

    Just wondering what kind of candy they actually are giving out this year…I think it was last year or maybe the year before that they didn’t give too much of the “good” stuff like in years past…Someone from allears had commented on this back then too…Is it the junk candy or the real (chocolate) good stuff…



    Jack’s Answer:

    I don’t need the candy so I didn’t even pick up a trick-or-treat bag. However, I did stop by one distribution spot and asked for chocolate. The cast member dug thru his goodies and gave me M&Ms and a Clark Bar (miniature size, of course). I suspect there is more “hard” candy than chocolate, but it’s there.

  155. My wife and I got married last year on Halloween at the Boardwalk in WDW and then went to the MNSSHP that night. People all over the park were saying congratulations and asking how long we had been married. We would look at our watch and say about 8 hours, this always got smiles and we had lots of fun the whole night. It was almost like having a giant party just for us. We are going back in a couple of weeks for an early anniversary and know that we will have just as much fun.

  156. I so want to do this party! My kids get a week off school in October every year and I just need to convince my husband that it is worth the 9 hour flight for a week in WDW and MNSSHP. 😉

    I will leave this blog open (accidently on purpose) for my darling husband to read….

    Thank you Jack for yet another fantastic blog!

  157. Jack,
    Thanks for the great report. Every year we go to a party early on then again on Halloween night. This year we are taking a visiting cousin on Sept 22 and I am so relieved the parade music is still the same – my biggest fear is they’ll tinker with this treasure. Boo To You!!

  158. These pictures bring back so many wonderful memories. We attended MNSSHP for the first time last October and had such a brilliant night – we got in to the spirit and dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow (my husband) and Princess Jasmine (me) and did our first ever Trick or Treating – we were like a couple of big kids all night and can’t wait to go back in a few years to do it all over again.

    Cara, England

  159. Thank you Thank you Thank you! My husband and I are taking our two kids 5,7 to Disney in three weeks. This is our first trip for all of us! I am so excited! Your pictures just gave me my Disney fix for another week. We are attending the MNSSHP on Oct 2nd!!!!!! You do a amazing job reporting on everything Disney! Thanks again!

  160. Thanks for posting your pictures. Just wondering if you happened to notice the t-shirt that they were selling specific for the party. If you don’t have a picture, could you describe it?

    Jack’s Answer:

    You know, there were so many costumes and shirts from years past to grab my attention, I didn’t even notice this year’s t-shirt.

    I guess you’ll just have to come to Disney World and find out for yourself. Aw, shucks.

  161. Great job, Jack! We will be attending the party on September 22 – thanks to your report, we are really getting excited about it!

  162. Jack, this is my first year at MNSSHP, and I’m SO EXCITED! Any further tips for me and my friends? I’ve heard that going to the later parade is easier, and trying some of the rides earlier is better. What do you thinks? I can’t wait to see the parade!!!

  163. Hi, thanks for the preview of the party. We go for the first time in just two weeks! We are so excited!

    I was wondering if they throw any candy during the parade? How much candy do the kids/grown-ups get?


  164. Jack,
    Thank you soooo much for all the info on MNSSH, my husband and I are bringing our 2 sons and wives and our 4yr and 7yr old grandchildren on Oct 9th. Our first time for Halloween and now we so excited. Is if worth our time to do the Firework Dessert Party or do we need to keep moving to get in as much in as possible? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Jack’s Answer:

    First, I don’t think the Firework Dessert Party is offered during MNSSHP. It’s not listed anywhere on the Halloween Party brochure. However, if I’m wrong, here would be my answer to your question.

    If you arrive at 4pm (when your ticket officially begins but before the party starts), then indulge yourself and have dessert. You’ll still have plenty of time to see all the rides. But if you arrive at 7pm, the official start time, then I would skip dessert as your time will be limited.

    And remember, you get as much free candy as you like that night. Do you really want more sugar?

  165. It was so great to finally meet you last week in the Magic Kingdom. My sister Stacy told me she had emailed you about me meeting you and having our photograph taken. I loved the video and blog on the Halloween Party. It is my favorite time at Walt Disney World. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.


    Shannon Bonadurer

  166. Jack –

    thanks for the awesome report; all the great shots, comments and the video of the parade! like you, my wife’s favorite of the party is the parade, beginning w/ the headless horseman! i think the fireworks are the best display of the year – the whole night is such a great time. and the best part – we will be down in 2 weeks … we’re dressing up as Phineas, Ezra, Gus and Emily of HM fame. see you in 2 weeks ºoº – thanks again!

  167. Does Mickey and Minnie set up at the Judge’s Tent in their costumes once the party starts? I’ve heard that some years they are there and some years they re-locate…

    Jack’s Answer:

    There are several Meet-&-Greet locations in Mickey’s Toontown Fair, however, I did not pay any attention if Mickey and Minnie were in the Judge’s tent. Sorry.

  168. I am bring my son on October 7th for his birthday. We are coming to the Halloween party on October 8th. Never been to the Halloween Party.

  169. We have a son with special needs. Where would be the best place to watch the fireworks, yet not have to endure the noise of the fireworks?
    Thank you, Melane

    Jack’s Answer:

    I live nine mines away from the Magic Kingdom, yet I can still hear (and see) the fireworks each night. Mind you, at that distance, the noise wouldn’t frighten anyone, but my point is, the fireworks are loud.

    My first suggestion was going to be, watch them from the beach of the Polynesian. But I’m not really sure this would be much of an improvement over the Magic Kingdom.

    You can also watch them from the shores of Fort Wilderness. This would be an improvement, but the view wouldn’t be quite as good.

    You could also make reservations at the California Grill and watch them from the top of the Contemporary. Being indoors, the sound is muffled somewhat.

    Readers, any suggestions?

  170. Thanks Jack for such wonderful information on the party. My daughter (23) and I are huge Disney fans and will be down there in a week’s time. We can hardly wait to enjoy all the magic in person at the MNSSHP.

  171. Hey, Thanks soo much for sharing your Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party experiance. It made me really want to go to the party for the photo ops itself. The parade and fireworks look soo awesome.

    Love the Blog…as always.

  172. Where is the best place to view the fireworks and the parade for photo ops? Thanks, Kim

    Jack’s Answer:

    I prefer to be on Main Street, just south of The Hub to watch the fireworks. For the parade, I like to be in Liberty Square, looking south toward Frontierland.

  173. Jack:
    We have never been to this before but we have been to Disney World around 8 times. If we have a 6-day hopper pass do we still need to purchase a separate ticket to be able to get into Mickey’s Halloween Party?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party requires a separate ticket. Without this ticket you cannot get a wristband and without a wristband, you will be asked to leave the Magic Kingdom at 7pm when the party starts.

  174. If you go through the Alice in Wonderland treat party, are Alice & her cohorts waiting at the end for pics? Or did you have to find her somewhere else?

    Jack’s Answer:

    When I walked through this area, Alice was at the beginning of the trail posing for pictures. I did not see any of the rest of the gang in this area. However, I saw Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee in Fantasyland earlier in the evening.

  175. Jack,

    A dazzling report in every way.

    (I humbly head bow to your powerful Disney knowledge and seamless integration of video).

    Is the parade your favorite part of the Halloween party?

    Which part of the parade do you like the best?

    And do they still offer discounts on photopass pictures taken that night?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Yes. The Mickey’s Boo-To-You Halloween Parade is my favorite part of the party. I think it’s unique and I like the music. And the grave diggers with their shovels making sparks on the pavement is my favorite section. It’s simple, but effective.

    Also, Disney is offering a 40% discount on PhotoPass pictures taken on that night only.

  176. My husband and I made a last minute decision to attend MNSSHP on our honeymoon and it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

    Last year they there were PhotoPass Photographers at the horseless carriage in front of the Haunted Mansion doing a great “magic shot.” It was one of our favorite pictures. My friend was wondering if they were doing that shot again this year?

    Jack’s Answer:

    You’re in luck. There is a PhotoPass photographer at the horseless carriage again this year. There was also a reasonably long line — as there was for most of the photo ops.

  177. Thank you so much for the awesome post! We attended MNSSHP last year and are returning for the party on Oct.1. Did you happen to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? They are on my daughter’s must-see list this year!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I did not see Snow White or the dwarfs. They definitely were not in the parade. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t somewhere lucking about that evening, but I didn’t see them.

  178. Thank you so much Jack!!!! I have been checking all day for you to post this. My family and I are attending our first MNSSHP on September 22 so we are so excitied! We are all dressing as pirates including a visit to the Pirates League (another wonderful blog!) for my nephews! Your attention to details and pictures are always greatly appericated! Thanks again!

  179. I am soooooo excited now!!!! We are heading down in just over a week. These pictures and video have just brought it all back for me. We went to the halloween party last year and it was definately the highlight of our trip.

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