Wandering the World

More Magical Moments during the Year of a Million Dreams from ALL EARS® Readers

Special Princess Edition!

Last July, my family and I went to Walt Disney World and had a "magical moment." The magical moment happen at Magic Kingdom's Toontown Hall of Fame - the Princess Room. It was late in the evening and we decided to go and get autographs from the princesses (just happen that it was everyone's (meaning the girls) favorite princesses. Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle each share time with us individually. A cast member pulled me aside and ask if we could wait till the rest of the crowd went through the line because he had a surprise for my youngest daughter Abigail (who was 3 at the time). After the crowd went through the line, the cast member said if it would be okay for them to take pictures of my daughter with "all three" princesses. Well, how do you say "NO" to that! My little girl was in heaven and so was I just watching her react to having all three beautiful princesses doting on her at the same time! After taking "several" pictures of just my daughter the Photo pass gentleman asked if the rest of the family would like to get their picture taken also. It was a magical experience that I and my little daughter won't forget thanks to videocameras and several, several pictures. Thank you for letting me share a magical moment with you.

-- Deanna Adams

We were preparing to leave MK after the afternoon parade, kind of sad because it was our last day at WDW. We had just bought a beautiful Belle dress that my 5 year old daughter had picked out for her souvenir. She did not want to wait to put it on at the hotel. She wanted it on right then so she could be a princess at Magic Kingdom if only for a few minutes. After changing, we found a little garden that she wanted to walk around in. While in the garden, a Disney cast member walked past then stopped and came back to my daughter, bent down and told her what a beautiful princess she was then she pulled out a double set of Tinkerbell pins, one for her and one to give away. My daughter was so excited. She took her extra pin and gave it to her friend whose family had taken the trip with us so they would both have one just alike that would remind them of their trip together. It really was the perfect ending to a perfect trip.

-- Jennifer Rice

Upon entering Magic Kingdom for my daughter's 5th birthday we were met by what I thought was a person taking a survey. She asked us why we were there and how many in our party (6 of us) then she asked Katey if she would like some special time with Cinderella! She gave us a time to report back to the front of the park. We waited just a few moments and then we were escorted into a room, slowly the woman pulled back a red velvet curtain to reveal, the princess of all princesses, Cinderella. My daughter ran and hugged her tightly, they then practiced their curtsies and talked for what seemed like forever. She gave Katey some stickers and some Mickey ear confetti, she signed everything we had that she could sign and took tons of pictures, it was wonderful! So not only did she get a Dream in the year of a million dreams, she got a great present to remember her birthday by. We have been back many times since, but she still knows right where she got to talk to Cinderella. I'm sure that is a memory she will always have.

-- Amy Puckett, Ocala, Florida

Ok, I have two "dream" moments from our February visit, that I must tell you about. The first one happened on our first full day at the parks. Of course we went to the Magic Kingdom first and while in one of the shops along Main Street, one of the Dream Squad came over and asked us about our visit and asked us if we would like to have a private meeting with a princess. With three little girls in tow, of course we said "yes". My best friend's husband was the only male with our group of six females and he REALLY got excited about the private princess meeting. Keep in mind Jeff is six foot two, bald, tattooed and was wearing a shirt with a giant skull on it. We all bought stuff to make us feel more princess like before the meeting, including Jeff (whom we later renamed Princess Jeff). When we arrived for our private princess meeting, they told us that they didn't know which princess we would meet. It was to be a surprise. Well, we went behind the curtain to find Cinderella (who got a BIG kick out of Princess Jeff). We all got some very special time with a beautiful princess that none of us will forget any time soon. She even taught us to do the princess pose properly! I have attached a picture for your entertainment.

I've got to say this "Year of a Million Dreams" thing ROCKS! I'll be sad to see it end.

-- Dawn Burk

Valentine's Day was my son's 6th birthday. We made him a bright yellow shirt with "I'm 6 today!" on the front. As soon as we walked in the park, a cast member stopped us, gave Matt a birthday button and an appointment time later that afternoon for a personal audience with Cinderella! She also gave him a sticker that named him "Honorary Prince of the Day". Later that day, while we were getting off "Small World" one of the cast members on the bridge spotted Matt, yelled for us to stop and came running down the stairs! It turns out that it was her birthday, too! She led my 2 boys up to the bridge and announced that they were honorary cruise directors! The got to stand on the bridge and wave to the boats that went below. Afterwards, she sent us all through the ride again without waiting and gave us a special certificate. Later, we went for our date with Cinderella! My son, who is naturally shy, was doing fine until she said she was going to tell him a secret but kissed him on the cheek instead! To this day (over a month later) we can't mention the word "Cinderella" without him running! We really appreciate all the extra attention the cast members gave to our guy to make not only his birthday but his first trip to the World so memorable!

-- Amy Albers