Wandering the World
August 21, 2006

When ALL EARS® Senior Editor Deb Koma Wanders the World, she wanders the WORLD. Here's a melange of photos and observations from her trip last week to Walt Disney World.

Studios View

The view as you approach the Studios on a sultry August morning...


Keystone Clothiers

Keystone Clothiers is reopen and looking great after a lengthy refurbishment.


I was happy to see that Streetmosphere is alive and well in the Studios. We caught a number of impromptu acts -- here the members of the "In the Can" film studios shoot a scene.

Imagination Fountains

The Jumping Fountains at the Imagination pavilion are still fun to watch.


Figment welcomes us to his house at the Imagination pavilion.

Soarin' Merchandise

New Soarin' merchandise available near the entrance of the attraction.

School Bread
My First School Bread in Norway -- what was I waiting for?
Rehabbed Viking Ship

Rehabbed Viking Ship is no longer a children's play area.

Food and Wine Sign

Construction walls are up already in several spots in World Showcase, even though the Food & Wine Festival doesn't start for more than a month.

Nemo Theater Construction

Theater in the Wild in Animal Kingdom is now enclosed -- seems on track for the November opening of the new Finding Nemo show

Tomorrowland Countdown
Tomorrowland Countdown
performs in front of
Space Mountain -- I'm a sucker for a marching band of any kind.
Dreams Come True Parade

The "new" Disney Dreams Come True Parade has fresh music, but is basically the previous Share a Dream Come True parade sans snowglobes... plus some pirates.

Pirate Tutorial

Speaking of Pirates... I could have sworn this was Johnny Depp at the new Pirate Tutorial -- this cast member was fabulous, Luv!

The lobbies of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels sport fresh new looks -- new furnishings, brighter decor, updated lighting... and some of the work is still in process.

Dolphin Reception

Dolphin Reception Desk

Dolphin Lobby

Dolphin Lobby

Swan Seating

Swan Seating Areas

Swan Seating

Swan Seating Areas

Swan Lobby

Swan Lobby