It’s Over My Head – Part One – Magic Kingdom

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Last year, I wrote an article called “Pounding the Pavement“ in which I looked at the ground we walk on in the four WDW theme parks. Today I will be discussing the areas found above our heads: the ceilings of the many shops, restaurants, and attractions found in the parks. As I mentioned in “Pounding … Continue reading "It’s Over My Head – Part One – Magic Kingdom"

Magic Kingdom Updates – DizneyMike’s World

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Magic Kingdom Construction Update This week I went to the Magic Kingdom to enjoy a beautiful, sunny and warm Florida February day. (Sorry to those of you not in so beautiful, sunny and warm climates; I’m only being honest.) Anyway, while there I took some pictures of construction that’s underway. Most of it is in … Continue reading "Magic Kingdom Updates – DizneyMike’s World"