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"Fun in the Sun" is the theme here! Around the boardwalk that encircles Paradise Bay are all the elements of a classic seaside amusement park: roller coasters and ferris wheels, a carousel, boardwalk games, and corny names for the stands selling corn dogs and ice cream.

There's something for everyone - big thrills for the adventurous, and other attractions which will appeal to guests of all ages.


The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure - A classic 'dark ride' takes guests under the sea to tell Ariel's story.

FastPass California Screamin' - Blast off on this thrilling roller coaster ride as it loops around Mickey's head with many steep drops and turns along the way.

Games of the Boardwalk - try your skill and win prizes at classic boardwalk games with a Disney theme, like Dumbo Bucket Brigade and Bullseye Stallion Stampede. Additional charge.

Golden Zephyr - Inspired by the rocket ships of movie serials like Buck Rogers, take a ride around and around on one of these gleaming airships.

FastPass Goofy's Sky School - Goofy is offering would-be pilots a "crash" course in flying on this wild mouse coaster ride.

Jumpin' Jellyfish - Like a billowing jellyfish, this ride rises into the air and then gently drifts up and down.

King Triton's Carousel - Ride an otter, dolphin, fish or one of the other colorful sea creatures that inhabit this fanciful carousel.

Mickey's Fun Wheel - Not your ordinary Ferris wheel! The outer Mickey cars are stationary, but the inner cars will give you a thrill - they hang on an interior track and move in/out and swing as the wheel turns.

Silly Symphony Swings - Inspired by the Silly Symphony cartoon called "The Band Concert" riders sit in swing chairs as the whirling tornado spins them around and up and down.

Toy Story Midway Mania! - In this interactive experience, players ride a fast-moving carnival tram as they play a series of virtual 3-D carnival games hosted by favorite "Toy Story" characters. Fun for everyone!

FastPass World of Color - spectacular nighttime show featuring lights, lasers, music, fountains and animation!



Goofy's Sky School is a relatively slow-loading attraction with low throughput, and use of Fastpass is highly recommended. The standby line for California Screamin' moves a lot faster, though Fastpass is also an option.

The line for the "swinging" cars on Mickey's Fun Wheel is usually a lot longer than that for the stationary cars, but this is also a slow-loading attraction and there's no Fastpass so the wait can be substantial.


Ariel's Grotto - Dine with Ariel and other Disney Princesses at this table service restaurant featuring a prix fixe three-course menu.

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta - Pizza, ravioli, salads

Corn Dog Castle - Corn dogs and specialty hot dogs.

Cove Bar - full service bar, flatbreads, sliders, and lobster nachos.

Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co. - Soft serve ice cream cones and floats

Restaurants At A Glance
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California Scream Cam - Pick up a souvenir photo after your ride on California Screamin'

Embarcadero - Little Mermaid and World of Color merchandise, pins and pin accessories.

Man Hat'n'Beach - Swimwear, hats, beach towels and other seaside accessories.

Midway Mercantile - Toy Story character plush, games, toys, and costumes.

Point Mugu Tattoo - Jewelry, watches, temporary tattoos and souvenirs.

Sideshow Shirts - T-shirts, casual beachwear, toys and souvenirs.

Seaside Souvenirs - Hats, small souvenirs.

Treasures in Paradise - Pins, t-shirts, souvenirs

Shopping at a Glance


Look around the base of California Screamin' - the ground is covered with sand and grass, just like you'd expect at a seaside amusement park.

The covered areas along the track for California Screamin' were required by the city of Anahiem for noise abatement purposes.

As part of the DCA expansion, Paradise Pier was re-themed into a Victorian-era amusement park. Several original attractions were re-imagined: the Sun Wheel became Mickey's Fun Wheel, the Orange Stinger is now Silly Symphony Swings, and Mulholland Madness became Goofy's Sky School. Toy Story Midway Mania and Ariel's Undersea Adventure are new attractions.

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