Disney Pic of the Week: 1990s

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Lobby of the Tower of Terror in the Disney/MGM Studios, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Black and White photo of the Tower of Terror’s lobby in the Disney/MGM Studios.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/15s, f/3.5, ISO 1600, EV -0.6, 18mm Focal Length.

The old Disney/MGM Studios arrived on May 1st, 1989. My favorite attraction/ride in this park did not arrive until 1994. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was an instant hit with me being a fan of the Rod Serling serial television show from the 1950’s and 1960’s. I often would convert my color photos for the Tower of Terror to Black and White as most of the shows were filmed in.

Deb will be here tomorrow with a photo from the 1990’s at the Studios.

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  1. I LOVE the Tower of Terror at Disney World. I remember the first time I rode it, I was terrified but then LOVED it. To celebrate my first time on the ride I bought the DVD movie that had Steven Guttenberg in it (along with Kirsten Dunst). I remember seeing the movie on TV when I was a kid.

    I just hope Disney doesn’t make TOT in Hollywood Studios Galaxy of The Guardians…

    Scott replies: Currently there are no plans to change WDW’s Tower of Terror. Like you, I hope it never happens as it is my favorite themed ride in all of Disney. My daughter loves the movie, too.

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