‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

‘Ohana means family in the Hawaiian language. And when you eat at the ‘Ohana restaurant located on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House at the Polynesian Resort, the cast members will do their best to make you feel like you belong to their clan as everyone is called “cousin.”

'Ohana Sign

I hadn’t eaten at ‘Ohana for at least five or six years, so when my out-of-town guest suggested this restaurant, I was more than happy to return. And for the most part, everything was as I remembered it. However, I do have some words of caution for those of you who aren’t familiar with this establishment.

Let me start by telling you who I think this restaurant is perfect for: Parents (and grandparents) with children between the ages of five and twelve. If your kids are outgoing and like to join in the fun, then you’re all going to have a fantastic time here.

Also, if you have a big appetite for grilled meats, then you’re well suited for ‘Ohana.

Who should avoid this establishment: Adult couples looking for a quiet, relaxing meal. It’s just not going to happen here. However, I do have a partial solution for you if you want to give this unique establishment a try and still enjoy a somewhat less raucous time. But I’ll get to that later.

Your evening begins when your pager buzzes and your host or hostess escorts you to your table. Along the way, you stop by the kitchen window were tonight’s dessert is pointed out and a loaf of coconut bread is secured.


Coconut Bread

The restaurant is large and a number of tables are situated next to the windows. Those lucky enough to be seated here have wonderful views of the lush landscape and some of the tables can even see the Magic Kingdom fireworks. When the nightly spectacle begins, the restaurant lights are dimmed and the music is piped into the room.

Window Table

Window Table

Window Table

Window tables are seated on a first come, first served basis. You can request a table when you check in, but you will probably be required to wait (sometimes significantly) past your reservation time before a window table opens up. If you want to make this wait a little less boring, have a drink at the adjacent Tambu Lounge.

Tambu Lounge.

Tambu Lounge.

There are a few tables situated next to the show kitchen. This is where all of the tasty meats are grilled for your pleasure.

Table next to the Grill

For those of you looking for a slightly quieter evening (as I mentioned above), request a table behind or to the side of the show kitchen. Although the entertainer’s talking and singing can still be heard through the speaker system, the children’s activities will not intrude.

Quiet Table

Quiet Table

At some point during your evening, it would be worth your while to stop by the show kitchen and watch the chefs work their magic. It’s amazing how many skewers of meat they can simultaneously prepare.

Show Kitchen

Show Kitchen

Show Kitchen

Also, take a gander around the restaurant and you’ll see the mesquite wood used on the grill.

Mesquite Wood

Mesquite Wood

Shortly after being seated, your server arrives and welcomes you to ‘Ohana. Drink orders are taken, then it is explained that this is an all-you-can-eat restaurant and your meal starts out with a mixed greens salad with honey-lime dressing.


For appetizers you receive Pork Dumplings topped with a Pineapple Sweet-and-Sour Sauce and Honey Coriander Chicken Wings.

Pork Dumplings

Chicken Wings

Also brought to your table are moist, hot towels. Although you can use these to clean your hands before you start eating, they’re really intended to be used after you consume the finger foods.

Moist Towels

For the main course, bowls of Steamed Vegetables and Stir-Fried Udon Noodles are served as side dishes.

Steamed Vegetables

Udon Noodles

All of this is nice, but the real reason you eat at ‘Ohana is for the skewered meats. Offered each night are Asian Barbequed Pork Loin, Spicy Grilled Peel-n-Eat Shrimp, Marinated Sirloin Steak, and Mesquite Grilled Turkey. Accompanying these meats are three dipping sauces, House-made Peanut, Chimichurri, and Pineapple Sweet-and-Sour.

Dipping Sauce

The meats are presented to you on long skewers from which your server skillfully slides several portions onto your plate. This is an all-you-can eat meal so don’t hold back. Seconds and thirds (and fourths) are available.

Skewered Meat

Skewered Meat

When you’ve had your fill of meat, it’s time to force down dessert. The only thing that makes this possible is that the Bread Pudding, topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana and Caramel Sauce is out of this world. Your stomach will ache, but you’ll keep shoveling it in.

Bread Pudding

All of the food tastes great and no one can leave this restaurant hungry.

I would have to say, I was disappointed with the pacing of our meal. The server told us that the dinner would be served in courses. However, I wasn’t into my second bite of salad when the appetizers arrived. And I doubt that I’d taken my fifth bite of greens when the steamed vegetables and noodles were served – soon to be followed by the meat. The next time I dine here, I will definitely make it clear that I don’t want to see any portion of the following course until I’m finished with my current selections and I give the okay. I don’t mean to be difficult, but it is a pet peeve of mine when I’m “rushed” in a restaurant.

You might be wondering why I said ‘Ohana is perfect for families. Well, I’m about to tell you. Each evening, a performer entertains the diners. On Sunday and Monday, either Kahula or Lopaka are hand and the rest of the week Lipoa charms the audience. They chat with various guests as they circle the restaurant, occasionally breaking into a Hawaiian song accompanied by their ukulele. My friend Randy thinks Lipoa is the tops and only dines at ‘Ohana when she’s performing.


Randy and Lipoa

Roughly every twenty minutes, the children are invited to join Kahula, Lopaka, or Lipoa in the center of the restaurant for game time. After a song, the fun begins. The first event of the evening is the coconut race. Each child is given a small broom and coconut, still in its outer casing. Using only the broom, they must maneuver their tropical seed around the restaurant to the cheers of their friends and family.

A Song for the Children

Coconut Race

Another event is the limbo dance. Each participant, with maracas in hand, is invited to bend backwards under a bamboo pole as they travel by. The pole is positioned rather high so it’s pretty easy for the kids to pass beneath it.


I would have to say that there are more parents out of their seats taking pictures than children participating in these games.

During other portions of the entertainment, newlyweds and couples celebrating their anniversary are asked to take center stage and partake in a romantic dance. Birthdays and other celebrations are also acknowledged. All of the games and remembrances take place along an aisle-way that circles the main dining room. If you want to participate, this is the best place to be seated. If you don’t want to be bumped by a stray coconut, then request a table away from this thoroughfare.

Busy Thoroughfare

‘Ohana is also open for a character breakfast. Lilo and Stitch visit each table and happily pose for pictures. This is also an all-you-can eat meal which features scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, ham, and an assortment of breads. In addition, unlimited juice, milk, and coffee are on tap.

Breakfast:: 7:30am – 11:00am
Price: Adults $18.99 Children 3-9 $10.99

Dinner: 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Price: Adults $30.99; Children 3-9 $14.99

‘Ohana is one of the most popular restaurants at Walt Disney World. It is practically mandatory that you have reservations. While I was checking in at 4:45pm the other evening, the hostess was questioning everyone behind me in line. Anyone without a reservation was turned away as they were accepting no more walk-ups.

Reservations can be made online or by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

If you plan on eating at ‘Ohana for dinner, skip lunch and don’t forget to bring your camera. As I said at the beginning of the article, ‘Ohana means family and you’re in for some down-home fun – Hawaiian style.

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44 Replies to “‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort”

  1. We are headed to Disney in less than 2 weeks for a short stay. We’d really like to try Ohanas without spending hours away from the parks.

    If we show up at opening time, which I think is 5 pm, will they take a walk-in? I hate to take the time to go to the polynesion from mk if they will turn us away!


    Jack’s Answer:

    All restaurants take walk-ins. However, ‘Ohana is usually booked months in advance. It’s possible you’ll be seated at 5pm with no reservation. It’s also very possible you’ll be turned away. People start lining up at the ‘Ohana podium at 4:30. By 5pm, there is a long line of people waiting to check in. I have no idea how many, if any, of these people are walk-ins.

    My advice, if you want to eat here, make a reservation.

  2. Ate at O’Hana’s on may 5 and was so disappointed. We are DVC members and go to disney’s world twice a year and eat at O’Hana’s each time. Last time we had problems with the waiter. He was rude and not nice to my grandkids. This time everything was bad. Slow service, not enough help, waiter very nice but had to ask for things two or three times. The female waitress had an attitude, horrible. Not going back taking it off my favorite list..

  3. Hey Jack!

    My fiance and I are going to Disney World for our Hoenymoon and are considering O’hana for one of our dinners – we love the atmosphere.

    If we request a table behind or to the side of the show kitchen, would we still have the possibility of getting a window seat? Also, would we still be able to take part in the newlywed dance – or would we be too far away?


    Jack’s Answer:

    There are window tables beside and behind the show kitchen, so it is certainly possible to have your request fulfilled. However, depending on turnover, you could be forced to wait up to an hour for one to open up.

    As for the newlywed dance… I have not eaten at ‘Ohana enough times to really be familiar with this ritual. However, I’m certain if you let the host or hostess know when you check in and your server know once you’re seated, they will make sure you’re included no matter where you’re sitting.

  4. I am going to O’hana for the first time at the end of March. Coming with me will be my 4 year old daughter who can sometimes be a picky eater. Do you know what is on the “kids menu?” This would be helpful. Thanks for anyone who can answer this!

    Jack’s Answer:

    Unless otherwise requested, children are expected to eat the same “family style” offerings as adults. However, Chicken nuggets, Macaroni & cheese, Grilled cheese sandwich, PB & J sandwich, Hamburger, or Cheeseburger are available upon request.

  5. I 100% agree with your ‘pace of the meal’ paragraph. We have dined here a few times so we are prepared to tell the server not to bring any other food items until we give you the green light. Those servers will rush you out of there in 30 minutes if you are not careful, and trust me, you will wait at least 45 minutes past your reservation time and that is probably being conservative. We were also told that ‘we don’t typically do that’ when my family asked for new plates for the meat portion of the dinner. You can’t give me a new plate… What in the heck is that logic??
    One last suggestion – due to the very poor management of the reservation times, I suggest that you grab a table by the beach and have cocktails there until your table is ready. The buzzers work that far, so it’s no issue. Do not even attempt to wait with the crowds and make yourself nuts.
    One last personal comment – I am done with O’hana as it’s just exhausting with the reservation time delay, the crowds and trying to manage your server so they are not rushing your dinner at a 100mph… I found myself keeping an eye open for the server and managing them instead of enjoying my meal. I will never return to that restaurant. The food is very good, however there are a multitude of other dining choices in Disney with excellent food and much more relaxed service with a ‘take your time’ approach.

  6. Just snagged a reservation for 4 days time on April 13. I have a DD12 and a DD11…is it possible to get a somewhat quieter table that is also within view of the fireworks?

    Thanks for the great review above!


    Jack’s Answer:

    There are only a few tables that have views of the fireworks at ‘Ohana. If you really want one, I would suggest arriving up to an hour before your reservation time and request it at the podium. Even at that, there are no guarantees.

    If you want a “quite” table, request to be seated behind the show kitchen. There are a number of tables here so this shouldn’t be a problem.

  7. Hi Jack!

    We LOVE ‘Ohana – then again, we’re biased, we’ve stay at the Polynesian 4 times already :] and we have young kids – they love the breakfast. In fact, we have never done dinner there and our next visit (May 2010) will be our fist time having dinner there!

    I’ve read many comments/blogs/reviews saying ‘Ohana isn’t as good as it was and people feel rushed there – I really hope this will not be the norm from now on.


  8. Just for fun, I posted something on the disboards the other day slugged “Whatever you say, we’ll do.” In it, I asked everyone to vote on ONE restaurant and said that whichever one proved most popular, we’d go to, no questions asked (assuming I can get a reservation). So far, ‘Ohana is DEFINITELY the front runner. I won’t lie: I was kinda surprised!

    My own personal favorite? Boma. It’s a must do, at LEAST once, every trip.


  9. Hey Jack

    Going to WDW Nov/Dec ’09…..This will be our first time for this restaurant. There are 17 of us going. I am so excited about experiencing this restaurant thanks to your article because we now have a little more insight about what to expect. Can’t wait…..YUMMY!!

  10. Great report! The food there looks so good…..I think my husband and I actually saw you in the Magic Kingdom on Sunday October 18th. I notcied you and walked right past you but didn’t realize who it was until you were gone otherwise we would of said hello. Hope you had a great trip!

  11. Jack,
    Another great blog! We love O’Hana’s but did have a little bit of a service problem the first time. We went on our honeymoon in 2007 and were put at a table we called ‘twilight zone’! It was across from the doorway where the servers go for beverages. I think we got lost in the ‘shuffle’. We got seated, got all our food and then we never had anyone come by to offer ‘seconds and thirds’ on the meats. We asked and one server said ‘not my area’ and when we just sat there our overworked but pleasant server noticed and finally got additional meats but everything else was cold. We chalked it up to the ‘twilight zone’ table and tried again last year for our anniversary. It was much better and we even got to see the fireworks! We do miss the potatoes but the dessert is TO DIE FOR! Neither of us really like bread pudding but make sure we save room at O’Hana’s.

    Thanks for your great reports on WDW. It’s like being there when you can’t be. We hope to make it back in 2011 to our new ‘home’ – Animal Kingdom Lodge Kindani Village DVC.

  12. I always eat here on my trip to Disney, and this year because of the Free Dinning I couldn’t get a reservation at all. So by just reading and looking at the pictures. I considered that I just ate at OHana’s and sent this blog to my husband and told him the same. LOL!!!

  13. You have done it again Jack, always make me hungry for dinner at Disney! Looking forward to our meal at ‘Ohana in Jan! Was not sure if we wanted to dine there,but after reading your blog, I’m really sure if it! I think my kids will have a blast! Thanks again for all your great reviews!
    Wondering what you think of the new “picnic in the park” at AK?

  14. Jack, thanks for another great post. Your blog is one of my favorite parts of AllEars!

    To the previous commenter, Michael, I’d love to hear about your vegetarian experience at ‘Ohana! My BF loves the meat on sticks thing, but as a vegetarian I’ve had my doubts about going there…

    Jack’s Comment:

    Michelle actually posted her experience, but it was in a link to another website so I had to edit that out of her comment. So sorry.

  15. Great overview Jack,

    Something I wanted to add is how great Chef TJ (the head chef at ‘Ohana) is and how ‘Ohana, despite being a meat centric restaurant, REALLY caters to vegans/vegetarians extremely well on days that Chef TJ is there.
    It’s hard for me to describe the experience without going on and on and on gushing like crazy. To make that long story short – my dinner at ‘Ohana was maybe the best meal I’ve had in my life.

  16. So I’ve been accepted into the Spring 2010 CareerStart Program at WDW. All of us on facebook who have been accepted into the program are planning on having a group dinner together the night before we check in, in celebration of our acceptance and to get to know each other. ‘Ohana is one of the restaurant candidates and I really hope it wins. I’ve never had the chance to eat here. So if the first time is with my new Disney Cast Member family, it would make the experience all the better.

  17. This used to be on our most do list, but sadly the past 2-3 times it has gone downhill, IMO. We started going here on our honeymoon in 2001 and we mangaged to eat there on each of our next 6-8 trips. The first 4-5 were fantastic, but the last couple have been medicore (in fact we have skipped it altogether the past 2). The service I think is where the problems have arisen. Now the food doesn’t come out at the right times(too quick or too long) or it comes out colder than it should. My guess is they have reduced the wait staff and now they are covering more areas with less. With it at capacity every night, I guess the drop in service really hasn’t been noticable yet. We will go back but our expectations are now a lot lower than they used to be.

  18. Jack, this couldn’t have come at a better time! We’ll be eating at`Ohana in three weeks and your article was a yummy appetizer! Thanks!


  19. We haven’t been to ‘Ohana for a few trips now because the last time we were there, the service what not as great as it had been and the food left something to be desired. But I am looking forward to trying it again in March. Besides our one bad experience, we have always loved going there. I am looking forward to getting a Malibu Macaw at the Tambu Lounge and a large serving of the dessert! 🙂

  20. I LOVE Ohana, that bread pudding is one of the best desserts in all of WDW. And i DONT like “bread pudding” normally. I almost think bread pudding is a bad description for this dessert, its almost like a warm delicious cake with a gooey sauce and ice cream. I could NOT get my girlfriend to try it because she said ” i dont eat bread pudding, its gross” after MUCH bribery i got her to take a bite, and she also agrees, its WAAAAAY better than any regular old bread pudding you have had before, its SOOOO much better.

    I also felt rushed, i think that is just the way ohana is, they want to push a lot of people thru the restaurant and i can understand. If they brought out each item one at a time for every table like Jack would prefer, dinner would take nearly twice as long i think, and dinner reservations really would be impossible to get! but in reality i think this concept of mulitple dishes coming out at once is not that unusual for this type of restuarant, i have been to some brazillian BBQ places and they serve in a similar style, the overload with you food. overall i think this was one of the best restaurant experiences during my last stay at the World.

  21. hey Jack!

    Great article. We ate at ‘Ohana in 2007 when my fiance and I traveled to the world with my parents and grandparents. We had a wonderful time. I am disappointed to see that they are no longer offering those delicious potatoes?? That was my favorite part (besides the dessert of course)!
    We will be staying at the Polynesian next spring, and look forward to giving the breakfast with Stitch a try. Thanks for holding us over until then with the great pictures!

  22. We ate at Ohana last year for our anniversary. We did have an ADR, BUT, the kitchen experienced a small fire and needed to be closed down for a while. They were asking people if they wanted to make alternate reservations or just wait for the dining room to reopen. We opted to wait. We looked in the gift shops and then had a drink at the Lounge. Not too long, and our pager went off. We were seated next to the windows (a very nice surprise) and were able to see the fireworks. What a nice anniversary. I agree, would have loved not to be rushed, but all in all a very nice experience.

  23. Two years ago Ohana was my favorite place to eat, we really had a great meal there. I just recently went in September 09 and was completely supprised on how awful my experience was. The service was so bad I had to clear the table and get my own drink refills at the bar. The servers did not appear to care and when I did ask for a refill the waitress rolled her eyes and stomped off. We also had to wait 45 minutes past our ADR because of course their computer system went down again….I was really disappointed by the quality of service and not what I have come to expect at Disney. I will never again take time from my vacation to waste at this establishment.

    Jack’s Comment:

    I’m always saddened to hear that someone had a bad experience at Walt Disney World. Even though Disney strives to be “perfect,” we know that occasionally something is going to go wrong. And in your case, it sounds like many things were amiss, which added up to a horrible experience. I’m so sorry.

    I’m not going to try to talk you into giving ‘Ohana a second try. That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. But I hope that all of your future visits to Disney World are trouble free.

  24. We ate here in September ’08. We timed it so we could be there during the fireworks. We have a two-year old who can’t stand the loudness of the fireworks…so it worked out great. She could stand at the window and see them and only hear the music and not the loud “booms.” Everything in the restaurant kind of stopped during the fireworks and some people with the “window seats” were kind enough to let us watch with them. It is a great place for kids (especially for those who aren’t into characters). The noise level is a little high so take that into consideration. We loved it, and would go back in a heart beat! I totally agree with your statement about the dessert being so good you just have to stuff it in!

  25. Hi Jack

    Great article, yet again! 🙂
    I was surprised you didn’t mention breakfast at Ohana. I haven’t tried dinner, but the review you gave seems like a totally different atmosphere than the morning crowd. (Not to mention Lilo and Stitch join in on the fun)
    Also, do they “lei” you at dinner time? We got leis when we had the character breakfast.


  26. Hi Jack – thanks for this great article – you seem to write about all the things we love at Disney!!

    My husband (another Jack) & I first went to this restaurant on our Honeymoon (he liked it so much we went twice!) and ever since then it is a must-do every trip. Now our daughter loves it (not so much for the food – she orders grilled cheese!!) for all the fun! In a couple of weeks we introduce my brother & SIL to OHana. Can’t wait!!

  27. Jack, We love this place. We had been there previously without children and went there this summer with children knowing they would love the fun. I was up with one of my sons (one of the parents taking pictures)for the coconut race. When I got up, we didn’t have our salad yet. When I sat back down, we already had meat. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to shovel the food in my mouth after that. It is wonderful tasting food and is great fun. Thanks for your blog.

  28. I wanted to go here for my early bday (since my bday is on a holiday) and called 90 days in advance early in the morning and the place was completely booked!! I couldn’t believe it 🙁 So i guess we’ll just have to check it out on a random day. But thanks for this blog!! I’ve been asking everyone i know about Ohanas hehe. The food looks so amazing.

  29. This is an amazing restaurant! My fiancee and I are having our wedding rehearsal dinner here in November. Almost 30 people for an approximately 8:00pm reservation! It will be interesting to see how well they handle our large group. 🙂 I plan on popping in at 5pm (when they start serving dinner) to remind them of our large group.

  30. Good review. The food sounds great, though the miscellaneous activities could be a bit distracting if you want to converse with the people you’re dining with. Maybe people are tired of talking to one another by the time they get there and need a distraction. Anyhow, the food looks yummy. And yes, it should be brought out at an even and comfortable pace.

  31. Hey Suzie, we LOVE Kona and I could probably eat my weight in Tonga toast if I was allowed to. But I don’t consider it “upscale” compared to California Grill etc.
    What I would like to see is an Emeril’s Tchoup Chop (at Universal Great food!) but in a Narcoossee’s like location.

  32. My family Love,Love,Love this restaurant.It is a must do on every vacation and we tell everyone who will listen that they need to try it. On one visit, the family we were vacationing with,and new to Disney had a child with a milk allergy. The Chef came out to talk to them and made their daughter a special dessert just for her. Needless to say they were very impressed with the service. I do miss the scallop potatoes though! Thanks Jack for another great blog. I will be eating here on Nov. 10th My mouth is watering already!!

  33. Just got back from the “World” and we found this restaurant very difficult to get reservations for,especially during the free dining offering. My sister did get in with her party of four. We ate at many excellant eateries, but she pronounced this one she would be willing to pay for. They really enjoyed their dinner.

  34. We’ve eaten breakfast there to see Lilo and Stitch but never done dinner. We tend to be fond of “meat on a stick” places as we call them. We’ll have to check it out. I agree with jrriddle though. I’d love to see an upscale restaurant overlooking the lagoon. We love the tonga toast at Kona Cafe but haven’t done dinner there either. Would you consider Kona Cafe to be upscale?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I would not consider Kona Café upscale. It really should be thought of as a very nice coffee shop. Some of the “upscale” restaurants at Disney are the California Grill, Flying Fish, and Citricos.

  35. Not a fan of Ohana. A little too noisy for me. I would really like to see the Poly get an upscale restaurant like the other deluxe resorts. They really need thier own California Grill/Citricos type of restaurant. Something on the beach overlooking the lagoon would be fantastic.

  36. We have never eaten there, and are actually thinking about possibly staying at the Polynesian on our next visit (we like the fact that they have a Dole Whip machine there. 🙂 ).

    This will be added to our notes, as an additional reason to stay there.

    Thanks again Jack!

  37. Thank You for this wonderful article! I’ve always heard about this restaurant, but have never experienced it or even seen any photos or real descriptions of it. I have a feeling this will be on my family’s must-do list the next time we visit The World!

  38. Our Family LOVED ‘Ohana! Disney Daughter age 4 ate so much dinner, didn’t have room for the dessert. She even out ate her father of the grilled shrimp! Disney son, age 9 had 3, yes 3 servings of the salad. We had never been there before & will not miss it for next time. We were there at Christmas time & the gingerbread houses were great. Made a whole scrapbook page
    just for them. Definately a not to miss.

  39. Another great article Jack! On our second trip to The World, we had the pleasure of dinning at Ohana. We were traveling with another family making us a party of 10. You were exactly right that this is the perfect place for families to dine. We had a great time and it was one of the highlights of our trip.

  40. I’ve eaten here for breakfast, but not dinner. It looks brilliant and delicious! I’ll have to put this on my list for next time. Thanks Jack! I can’t wait to try those skewered meats.

  41. Thank you so much for this article. We have been visiting Ohana on the first night of our Disney vacations for many years.

    My children are now in their late teens (16 & 19), and still enjoy going here as much as they did when they were 4 & 7 (although I just can’t talk them into doing the activities any more).

    We are already looking forward to coming back next October !!!

  42. Thanks for another awesome blog entry Jack!

    We’ll be dining here for the first time in December and my mouth is already watering!

    I wonder if my three year old niece will be too small to participate in the children’s activities. Maybe not the limbo though.

    Thanks again!

  43. Hi Jack!

    This was one of my favorite dining experiences while we were on vacation in June. My 8 year old loved the activities and we all loved the food..especially the yummy dessert and coconut bread! I totally agree with you that they brought everything out way too quick. We felt rushed and the waiter seemed annoyed when we asked for more meat since they were already moving on to the next thing. I loved the view of the castle as well. I think next time I will ask for them to slow down too!

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