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Tuesday, January 29th 2019 changes to Paddlefish Dinner Menu

Jumbo Lump Crab Friesnamechanged from Crab Friesto Jumbo Lump Crab Fries

Sunday, December 30th 2018 changes to Paddlefish Dinner Menu

Blistered Green Beansnamechanged from Blistered Green Beans with Gingerto Blistered Green Beans
Half Chickennamechanged from Chicken Breastto Half Chicken
Half Chickencostchanged from 20.00to 27.00
Removed Sweet Potato Friesfrom Menu Items
Removed Gazpachofrom Menu Items
Added Lobster Bisqueto Menu Items
Added Soup/Saladto Lobster BisqueMenu Categories

Saturday, December 15th 2018 changes to Paddlefish Dinner Menu

Towerdescriptionchanged from Dutch Harbor king crab, jumbo Gulf shrimp, market fresh oysters, lump crab ceviche, Ahi tuna poke; serves fourto Dutch Harbor king crab, jumbo shrimp, market fresh oysters, lump crab ceviche, Ahi tuna poke; serves four

Sunday, October 28th 2018 changes to Paddlefish Dinner Menu

Market Fresh Oystersdescriptionchanged from cocktail sauce; half dozento cocktail sauce
Market Fresh Oysterscostchanged from 18to 3 each
Catfishcostchanged from 25to 22
Swordfishcostchanged from 38to 30
Pork Chopnamechanged from Pork Chop & Applesauceto Pork Chop
Pork Chopdescriptionchanged from house-made applesauce, green beansto asparagus, blue cheese mash, apple cider reduction
Pork Chopcostchanged from 32to 28
Removed Musselsfrom Menu Items
Removed Wheat Berry Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Fish & Chipsfrom Menu Items
Removed Mahi Mahifrom Menu Items
Removed Jambalayafrom Menu Items
Removed Half Chickenfrom Menu Items
Removed Roots & Shootsfrom Menu Items
Removed Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Tartfrom Menu Items
Removed Charred Carrot Cakefrom Menu Items
Removed Strawberry Chortcakefrom Menu Items
Added Littleneck Clamsto Menu Items
Added Wedge Saladto Menu Items
Added Catch of the Dayto Menu Items
Added to s
Added Gazpachoto Menu Items
Added Shrimp Pastato Menu Items
Added Crispy Shrimpto Menu Items
Added Vegetarian Pastato Menu Items
Added Chicken Breastto Menu Items
Added Chocolate Creme Bruleeto Menu Items
Added New York-Style Cheesecaketo Menu Items
Added Spiced Apple Bread Puddingto Menu Items
Added Appetizers/Startersto Littleneck ClamsMenu Categorys
Added Soup/Saladto Wedge SaladMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Catch of the DayMenu Categorys
Added Soup/Saladto GazpachoMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Shrimp PastaMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Crispy ShrimpMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Vegetarian PastaMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Chicken BreastMenu Categorys
Added Dessertsto Chocolate Creme BruleeMenu Categorys
Added Dessertsto New York-Style CheesecakeMenu Categorys
Added Dessertsto Spiced Apple Bread PuddingMenu Categorys