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More Magical Moments during the Year of a Million Dreams from AllEars® Readers

Magical Moments at Disney's Hollywood Studios


We were waiting for the Stars and Motor Cars Parade and my son was approached by Wendy and Kathy. They said they were sent by Yoda to find a young man to be his padawan. They really made a big deal when they found out my son's name (Luke). They gave him a certificate and a year of a million dreams pin. He held Yoda during the parade and they stood around him with light sabers . He was supposed to be the good force. He was instructed to stare at Darth Vader when he came by him in the parade. Darth Vader stopped in front of us and my son did the stare and scared him away. He was so excited. --The Smith Family

My husband and my son went to the Great Movie ride while my daughter and I went to the Playhouse Disney show. As my daughter and I were standing in line, my cell phone rang it was my VERY excited husband telling me they had just been given dream fast passes from the Dream Team. We met up with them after the Playhouse Disney show was over and I asked him to see the Dream Fast pass, I was so excited. He said "no, you can't see that, it's mine" to which of course I got angry and said "what do you mean I can't see it!?!" and he said "well, this is mine, why don't you just have YOURS!!!" Then he handed my daughter and I our own Dream Fast passes too!-- Lesley Sawhook

We were lined up at the Star Tours ride and went in to find our seats when the Dream Team came in and gave all of us on the ride our Dream Fast Passes!!!! The park was packed but we went to the front of the line for everything!!! We went back afterwards to get a picture in front of Star Tours and were loaned Light Sabers to make the scene complete! -- Ryan Delbridge

As we approached the exit turnstyle, a cast member asked if we wanted to meet her friends. We all said yes although we weren't sure what she meant. She lead us into guest services and to a closed door where she asked my 3 year old to knock. The door opened and inside was Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Pluto! They each hugged all 6 of us and signed the girls' autograph book. Pluto danced with my 3 year old and Donald told her "secrets" in her ear. Even the boys thought it was really special. It was an amazing way to end our trip and for all 4 of the kids it's the first thing they tell everyone about the trip. -- The Bonini Family

My kids are crazy about Star Wars - and so we bolted to that ride when we first got to the park. I was going to do the trade off with my youngest son Sam since he is just 3. He said in a pitiful voice "I'm a big boy! I want to ride Stah Waaaawwrs" and dug his little head down in my shoulder. Well the CM operating the ride came over and asked me if it would be ok if he could sit and watch the Star Wars movie without the motion with me in a separate capsule. We were both excited. She brought little Sam an award certificate, a sticker, and a fast pass card to skip to the front of the line when he is tall enough to ride one day. He LOVED it. --Renee Smith

My husband and son (5 yrs old) were trying to go to the Indiana Jones show. They couldn't get a close seat so my husband told him we will go to the next one. All of the sudden a cast member said, I have something special for you, how would you like to help with the next show. My son was so excited!! He was given a pass and directed to his seats and called by name the whole time! The show coordinator came and practiced his lines in our FRONT ROW SEAT!!! He was then announced as a special guest from Ft Lauderdale. When he went on stage he wasn't shy at all and they asked him his name and age. Then my son said his lines,” lights, action, camera”. The best part was the private meet and greet for photos and autographs with Indy and Michelle (the stuntwoman). Everyone was SOO nice. My son got a dream certificate and tons of pictures, video and autographs. -- Gidget Saballos

My daughter, Madeleine, wanted to have her picture made with all of the Power Rangers, since she was wearing her Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger suit. We were waiting in line to get the Blue Power Ranger's picture and autograph, when a CM approached me and asked if she could speak to me. Laura told me that the Red Ranger had been called back to the training academy and that another Power Ranger would be taking his place in the car this morning—Cheetah Ranger Madeleine! At departure time, all of the Power Rangers entered the car to leave with the guest appearance of the Cheetah Ranger. The Disney photographer was on site and a very excited Madeleine is with the other rangers. -- Regina Thomas