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More Magical Moments during the Year of a Million Dreams from AllEars® Readers

Magical Moments in the Magic Kingdom


Our magical moment occurred at the Dumbo ride on the first day of our trip! My two boys wanted to ride Dumbo but I told them as we went in line that it was a 30 minute wait. A friendly dream squad member came over to us, took us to the front of the line, announced our names over the microphone and allowed us to be "Dumbo pilots". My two sons, 7 and 4 received a Dumbo pilot license (and I did too!). -- Shari Kessler

My 3 year old son got to the front of the line at Dumbo and wouldn't go on it. So I waited with him and the attending cast member issued me a fast pass for our party of 5 for any ride that my son wanted to go on. We walked toward Peter Pan's Flight and were deciding whether to wait in line, use the Fast Pass or not go on it at all. A cast member approached us and I asked her if she thought that the Peter Pan ride would be a good one to use our Fast Pass on. She really didn't answer but bent down to talk to my son in his stroller. She started talking about the story of Peter Pan and the lost boys, etc. She said they needed another lost boy to help get Captain Hook. She read and presented an Honorary Lost Boy certificate to him. Then, she gave us a Fast Pass for the entire family to ride Peter Pan's Flight! This time my 4 year old daughter wouldn't ride, so I waited with her while my husband, son and step daughter rode. As it turned out my son didn't like the ride, but we were still excited about our Magic Moment! -- Michelle Glaudal

We received a magical meeting with Cinderella, although we didn't know which princess it was going to be until we arrived. It was extra special as we had gone to Disney World to celebrate both my children birthdays. The dream was given to us by Melanie, who had personalized the certificates with a big Happy Birthday. Thank you Melanie, you really made our stay extra special! -- Jane Pownall
We were in line for Splash Mountain when Cast Member, Eric, came up to my twin boys (4 at the time) and asked if they wanted to go fishing. He took us to a barrel and let them drop a line in. They pulled out a fish with a Mickey head drawn on it. He took us to the front of the line of Splash and gave us a Fastpass to use for our entire group at Splash or Big Thunder Mountain anytime that day! -- Jill Wright

We headed off the Pooh ride with me bringing up the rear and my 9 year old in front of me. Well guess what? WE WON A DREAM! There was a really chipper CM handing out FastPass lanyards and screaming, "You won! You have all won a dream!" Once we got outside of Pooh we admired our winnings and quickly realized that we were handed one for our 1 year old also. I told my husband we had to give it away, so I started scanning for someone. I immediately caught the eye of a woman standing outside Pooh looking so sad. I walked up to her and said, "We were given one by mistake for the baby and I am not sure you could even use it but it's yours if you would like it." She was very thankful and kept saying she just missed it, she had just gotten off the ride. I was so happy to help spread some magic! -- Terre Pohlar

We stopped to have lunch at the Columbia Harbour House when the staff approached us and asked us permission to take our picture on one condition that we gave them our names and email address. My husband groaned as he thought of my email address and thought these people wouldn't believe it. I said of course right away and they explained we were the Family of the Hour and we were given a Head of the line Fastpass for 4 on any ride in the Magic Kingdom within the next hour. I insisted on everyone getting in the picture and made everyone say "Mickey Mouse" for the camera! The young man gave us our Magical Moment certificate, Fastpass and I gave my email address 'Mickeymoe@....." We then finished our meal, discussed which ride to use our pass and it was an unanimous vote, Space Mountain! -- Maureen Calhoun