Wandering the World

More Magical Moments during the Year of a Million Dreams from ALL EARS® Readers

We are Ohio State Buckeye fans so we all decided to wear our Buckeye colors one day Late in the day, the dream squad bestowed upon us. While 5 of us were waiting for the rest of our crew to ride Star Tours a dream squad member stopped over and commented on our red shirts. After a short, pleasant conversation he presented us with a nice 8.5 x 11 certificate with our family name . This certificate allowed us VIP seating for the Indian Jones stunt show. It was a nice treat to have a close up view of the show. Shelley from Boston Heights, Ohio
My sister, her two kids (13,15), and myself were in Tomorrowland. My dear niece Rachael was walking around all day with her fingerless gloves, her POC shackles, mouseears, and three laynards covered in pins while reading the Hidden Mickey book! In the evening, we were standing at the pin trading stand under Astro Orbiter talking to a cast member, but little did I realize it was a dream cast member. He asked if we'd like to watch the fireworks with him from a special spot! He told us to meet him back there at 9:30. We did, and us, another family of four, and a couple, crammed into the astro orbiter elevator, and stood on the deck for Wishes! It was so awesome! We saw Tink fly from the castle, and onto the roof and had no one to fight for a spot!
We were so elated as we came down from the elevator. We were given Mickey autographs, and we got our picture taken with the dreammaker. Rebekah Watson
My daughter, Madelyn and my husband and I were walking into Space Mountain when Cast Member Reggie stopped us and said, "Would you guys like to do something special?" We looked at each other and smiled and said, in unison, "Yes!" Reggie then went on to say that he was going to take us into the control room for a behind-the-scenes tour of how Space Mountain works. We followed him into a closed entrance, bypassing all of the people in the line. We went into the control tower where "Princess Madelyn" (that's what they called her) sat in a special seat in the middle of the tiny room. The two controllers turned around in their seats and directed all of their questions and comments to Madelyn. She felt like a real princess!! When the tour of the control room was done, Reggie said to follow him again. We went out the door, around the line again, and to our own private car for Space Mountain. We all got into the car, Reggie, too! As we took off, we heard a voice in the darkness say, "Have a safe flight, Princess Madelyn!" It was the guys in the control tower - speaking over the loud speaker! Throughout the ride, Reggie was cheering and laughing right along with the three of us. What a memory! Madelyn received a Magical Moment certificate, too! This was an amazing experience! Disney has truly made this a magical vacation! Debby Alter
We started the day with breakfast at Cinderella’s castle. My 4 year old was dressed as Cinderella, and after we finished the park just opened. We headed to Fantasyland and she insisted on the Tea Cups. We rode the Tea Cups 10 times in a row. On the 11th time we were approached by none other than the Mad Hatter and Alice herself – and they selected our daughter to be the official “first rider of the day.” She rode with them and was first in line for the autograph signing and they gave her a certificate. This will be a cherished memory for both of us – because this truly is her favorite ride!!! I have no doubt that this will be one of the best memories I will ever have at the Magic Kingdom . It really was magical. Leslie Ann
Christopher’s 4th birthday would happen while we were at WDW. Prior to the trip, my sister had T-shirts made for the group. Christopher’s shirt said “Birthday Boy” on the front and “I’m 4 Today” on the back. Hers said “Birthday Boy’s Mom.” Mine said “Birthday Boy’s Aunt.” Then there were Sarah’s and Chathlyn’s that said “…Cousin” and “…Friend,” respectively. All were very plain, red with white lettering.
About 9:40 a.m., a cast member came out and asked Christopher if he wanted to ride Goofy’s Barnstormer with Goofy! There was no question that he would say yes! A few minutes later, the cast member came back with Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto to lead us into Mickey’s Toontown Fair, to Goofy’s Barnstormer. Along the way, they were snapping photos of us . The sight of Christopher walking hand-in-hand with Goofy was just priceless. We were escorted to the ride. Although the two teenagers think they’re too cool for the room, they were so thrilled to be included. As Sarah got into her car on the ride, Pluto hopped in with her, and then Donald Duck hopped in the back with Chathlyn. No matter how cool they act, you could see they were almost as thrilled as Christopher! Naturally, Christopher and Goofy were in the front car for the ride. Sue Kohlert