Wandering the World

More Magical Moments during the Year of a Million Dreams from ALL EARS® Readers

We went to get our Fast Passes for Indiana Jones first thing in the morning. The CM standing at the kiosks started talking to our boys and asked our 9 year old if he and his brother would be willing to be part of the show. She then gave us a Magical Moments certificate and told us to be back with it at 11:10. When we returned, we were led to the front of the amphitheater, seated in a roped off section just the right size for the 4 of us. Jake and Matt got to start the show with "Lights, Camera, Action!" Their certificate was filled out and after the show they were allowed to stay and visit with Indy and Marian and take pictures! What an awesome day! Janeen Jung
My 4 year old daughter Annie decided to collect Disney character autographs this trip, so we headed over to Camp Minnie Mickey. We were there a little early so we were first in line at the first character gazebo. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy all come out and stand in that one gazebo. It was at that time that the Disney photographer came out to get us and explained that we were going to have a magical moment with all of them. We got to spend about ten minutes with my daughter's favorite friends getting all the pictures and autographs that she wanted. Her favorite part of the experience was when Donald Duck escorted her back to her stroller before moving on to his own gazebo. Thanks Disney! Christine Sabo
We had an ADR at the Rose and Crown (UK pavillion, Epcot) for 7:30p.m. in hopes of being seated outside and having an excellent view of Illuminations while we finished our dinner. We were traveling with my 3 year old and 1 year old. Unfortunatly, there were no available tables outside. I was a little disappointed but our server was really friendly and we had a lovely dinner. Part way through our meal another cast member called out my son's name. She bent down and told him that Mickey Mouse just called and said he was stuck on the monorail and wouldn't make it in time to start Illuminations and he needed my son to do the job! At first my son didn't know what to think but he said he would do it. Just prior to the show starting Laura (the cast member) took our family to the seating area outside. They had a chair for my son to stand on and they had seats for us as well. She explained that when the drums started for the show he would have to wave around this Mickey wand to get the fireworks started! She also announced his name to all the people in the restaurant and everyone clapped for him. Well, my son performed and we had an excellent view of the show. When we returned inside they handed him a Magical Moment certificate and everyone who was working that night had signed it! My son was so proud, he was even going up to strangers and telling them that he had started the fireworks. Although, he was concerned about Mickey Mouse stuck on the monorail (smile)! It was such a special evening for our family that I almost cried. And it truly was a magical moment for my son!

Sarah Barnes
We were in Epcot at the entrance to Soarin' debating if we would line up (60 minute wait) when a cast member, Jay, asked us to come with him. We followed him out the door by the FastPass ticket booths and to a small room. He explained that we had been chosen as the family of the hour to receive a 1st class upgrade to Soarin'. We would bypass the line and be put in the first/top row in the centre section. We then went outside the building and back in another door. While we were waiting they annouced us as the family of the hour and gave us the souvenir card. Karen Peddle
My boyfriend and I were on our first trip to WDW together. We were waiting at the rope drop in Epcot to go to Soarin. A cast member came up to us asking where we were from and how many of us there were. Then he asked us to come with him under the rope and informed us that we would be the family of the day! He gave us pins that said we were Honorary Citizens of WDW resort. Then we met Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pluto and Mary Poppins. We got to take a picture with them in front of the crowd waiting to cross the rope. A test track car came and picked us up and drove us off to Test Track to ride first and with no one else around. When we were getting off the ride one of the cast members asked if we wanted to ride again (of course!). We were also given FastPasses to use that day. And finally we got VIP seating in Italy for Illuminations! It was an amazing day that would we never forget! Cristina W.