Wandering the World
August 21, 2007

AllEars® Senior Editor Deb Koma and her son Alex truly WANDERED around the World on their recent visit to Walt Disney World.

Here are some of their favorite random images...

Francis Floot
It's always nice to be greeted by a friendly face... and there's none friendlier than our favorite Streetmosphere performer in the Studios, Francis Floot!
I love visiting the Tower of Terror... nothing makes me feel more at home than seeing someone who keeps their place as clean and tidy as I do mine...
Tower of Terror Lobby
Baobob Tree
You know, we've been going to Animal Kingdom ever since it opened, all different times of the year, and we've never managed to see this baobob tree in leaf...
This is the first time the warthog has ever shown us his face when we've been on safari... we're usually treated to "Pumbaa Butt..."
School Bread
There are lots of yummy treats at Epcot, but is there anything better than School Bread right out of the oven?
Here's the new sign I'm thinking of putting on my desk...
Columbia Harbour House Sandwich
The teenage boy says: "When you get hungry in the Magic Kingdom, don't forget about the Columbia Harbour house. Look at the ham they load onto their Starboard Deck sandwich!"
These little ducklings took up residence at the Magic Kingdom bus stop -- we feared for their safety, but Mama Duck wasn't far and kept them out of harm's way...
Candy Cauldron candy
Every single M & M color in the world in an interesting pipe organ at the Candy Cauldron in Downtown Disney's West Side...
Our Epcot Seas Aqua Tour photo... before the diving began... quite an experience!