Wandering the World
July 2011

Water at the Parks - Water Photos from AllEars® Readers
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Cooling off in Epcot,
submitted by Christopher D'Amico

Donald's Boat, Magic Kingdom,
submitted by Jane Buie

Rainy night at Magic Kingdom,
submitted by Diane Cole

Looking for the lake, Epcot,
submitted by N. Mauer

Waterfall in Animal Kingdom,
submitted by Sue Graham

Sailing into adventure at Epcot,
submitted by Shellie Mathias

Rainforest Cafe, Animal Kingdom,
submitted by Liza McGowan

Fountainside Pose, Epcot,
submitted by Leslie Skidmore

Puddle splashing at Epcot,
submitted by Bethany Eaton

Refreshing at Animal Kingdom,
submitted by DollyAnneDisney3

Tom Sawyer's Island, Magic Kingdom,
submitted by Jon Root

Making a splash at the Studios,
submitted by Denise Darconte