We wander a little further afield this month with Ashley Livingston's shots from Star Wars Celebration V

Panel Discussion "The Creative Forces at Disney: From Star Tours to Indiana Jones Adventure"

Anthony Daniels, Jason Surrell (imagineer), and Pablo Hidalgo (content manager for starwars.com)

The plural "adventures" was repeatedly stressed

Coruscant scene

Pod race scene

Disney Booth

Panel Discussion "Disney Collectibles: What's Cool and What's Coming"

Panelists Quynh Kimball, Cody Hampton, Brad Schoeneberg

R2-MK stopped by to say hello

Upcoming toys/collectibles - Huey, Dewey and Louie as Jawas (these got a great audience response!)

Upcoming toys/collectibles - Stich as General Grievous

Upcoming toys/collectibles: Starspeeder 3000

Upcoming toys/collectibles: Muppets action figures