Entering & Exiting the Parks

A good friend of AllEars.Net® just happens to work as a theme park greeter and she has pulled together a group of tips about Entering and Exiting the Parks!

A tip for entering or exiting the park: look down at about mid leg level, you will see a square box that either has a red "X" or a green "arrow" sign. This is how you will know if you can enter, or exit through that turnstile. If there is anything other than a green arrow, don't try to enter there - you will hurt yourself. This goes for either side. Also, if you look to either side of you (to the right or left) chances are the further down you go, the faster you will get into the park, as the lines
are shorter.

To make entering the park faster for you, your party, and everyone behind you, it is helpful if you have your tickets out and ready, and that each person in your party has their own ticket. If there is a stroller with an older child in it, give the person pushing the stroller the two tickets, and the Cast Member will usually come right over to you, to help get the tickets inserted correctly, and to help the stroller person get in quickly. Pay attention to the sign on the machine. It will show you where to put your ticket at. The tickets can be read any of 4 different ways, so place them in however you are holding them (well, other then sideways..lol). Also, pay attention to the LCD display located on machine. It will tell you what you need to know or do. Wait for the green arrow to pop up, before you try to enter, or you will hurt yourself trying to push through.

If you bring a child over the age of 3, they will need their own ticket. If they are under the age of 3, let the Park Greeter know when you come up that they are UNDER the age of 3. If they are 3 and you say they are 3, they need to have a ticket to enter.

The biometrics readings are only done for annual, seasonal, cast member, or 10-day World Hoppers, so that we can match you with your ticket. If your ticket and biometrics readings are not matching up, be prepared to show some ID so that they may be reset. This is to stop the illegal selling of unused tickets. This also helps you if your tickets are stolen. (For more info on this, see our page on Fingerscans.)

It is suggested that you not store your tickets near or with your credit cards, or near your cell phone, as both have been known to demagnetize the strips on the back of the tickets. If this happens, the Cast Member will try a few things. If there still continues to be a problem, they will either send you to Guest Relations, or take your ticket to get a new one made. Doing this does not change the amount of days you have on a ticket or anything else. All this is doing is reprinting you another ticket.

Avoid getting your tickets wet, as this will also cause problems with the machine's ability to read the ticket. If it does get wet, take it to Guest Services outside any of the parks, and have them reissue the ticket for you.

Keep your receipt from when you bought the tickets, as this will quickly speed up your ability to get tickets reissued if you lose them or they are stolen.


When I was exiting one of the parks during my recent vacation, the only thing I was told not to do was use sunscreen over the stamp. My best guess is the chemicals in the stamp. Terry Heist