Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

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It lurks in the well-lit shadows of the Tomorrowland Arcade, awaiting players brave enough to tempt fate with a few schillings and fast-action thumbs. Don’t be chicken. Commandeer the pinball machine and beat the high score. However, if gold isn’t what you’re after but rather some “Tada!” worthy photographs, look no further. Here she sits. … Continue reading "Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball"
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Disney Pic of the Week – Mexico

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Saludos, amigos. Bienvenido a Mexico, a country filled with gorgeous desert colors, homemade tortillas, handmade home decor, history and tradition. It’s all packed neat and tidy into one of Epcot’s pavilions, complete with aire acondicionado central. Aqui puedes comprar jewelry, art, tequila, sombreros, snacks, and clothing. Enjoy dinner or lunch by the river as tourists … Continue reading "Disney Pic of the Week – Mexico"
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