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OCTOBER 10, 2003 --

The October WDW Press Event continues!

AllEarsNet™ founder Deb Wills (who is attending the event as a guest of Beci [and husband Chris] Mahnken and Len Testa, a member of Bob Sehlinger's Unofficial Guide to WDW team, are reporting on events as they unfold.

October 10, 2003, 9:30 a.m. EDT -- Our friends from WDW PassPorter, Jennifer Watson and Dave Marx, just phoned in this report from the press conference held this morning at the Pop Century Resort:

"The morning started out outside of Pop Century with dancers performing various dances of the '60s and '70s. To tease us, occasionally a stunt car would jump across the stage. Eventually Al Weiss and Jay Rasulo came onstage in a stunt car, amidst a cloud of smoke.

"After breakfast, inside the conference area of Pop Century, Weiss and Rasulo talked about the Disney parks' worldwide expansion over the last five years and then finally they made some of the announcements we've been waiting for.

"They announced new attractions for all for WDW parks, as follows:

"-- In Animal Kingom, the previously announced Expedition Everest. There was no real new news except that development is progressing. It was stressed that this will certainly be 'an attraction like no other at any Disney theme park.'

"--In Epcot, the long-rumored Soarin' over California attraction will be lifted from Disney's California Adventure park. They said it will be located in the Land pavilion, since its general theme will be the environment and nature.

"--In the Magic Kingdom, Stitch's Great Escape will replace the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. The emphasis here is that this new attraction will be "family friendly." The basic concept is that this is Stitch *before* he came to Earth, when he was still a menace and a pariah. The audience members will be assigned to 'guard' him, but he will eventually escape and then "fun mayhem" (with NO scares) will ensue. This attraction is projected to open mid 2004.

"--In the Disney-MGM Studios, the rumored Stunt Show Spectacular from Disneyland Paris is coming. Jay Rasulo, who formerly headed DLP, talked enthusiastically about this attraction. A 5000 seat amphitheater will be built for this attraction, which is part of "the overall redevelopment of the backlot area," including the addition of new cityscapes in the New York Street area." Cities to be added include San Francisco and Chicago.

For official Disney photos of the new attractions, click HERE!

Dave and Jennifer will be talking to other Disney spokespeople this morning and will phone in additional reports, along with sending photos, later.

In addition, be sure to read their PassPorter newsletter for more details on these stories -- the new issue is coming out tonight, Thursday. You can subscribe to the newsletter at their website: