Review: Goofy’s Cape May Breakfast Buffet – AllEarsNet TV Show #34


Join Deb Wills and Deb Koma as they review Goofy’s Character Breakfast at the Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club. They also do a general comparison to other Disney Resort Character Breakfasts!

“And we’ll see YOU, real soon!”

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13 Replies to “Review: Goofy’s Cape May Breakfast Buffet – AllEarsNet TV Show #34”

  1. I love this place. I think its the least crowded out of 1900, chief mickeys and crystal palace. Its buffet style so no offense, there’s not much different then the others food & taste wise. My kids love seeing the characters which at a sitting could be seeing them 2 or 3 times. Plus its great if you drive to the Y&BC because now you can walk or take a boat ride to EPCOT or Studios. This place is a great way to start your day! We try to schedule it every time we come.

  2. Ok my ? Is ..are there Micky waffles ?? It sounds like a good place to catch a few characters with a little less noisy atmosphere than chef mickeys !! I understand to you guys ( who go to EVERY dinning experience ) it’s a little hum drum …but for us poor people that only get to go to DW for 10 days every other year it’s probley a little more exciting for us . I have never eaten here for breakfast ( I have for dinner ) but of I stay at beach or yacht club ( which i prob will next time ) I am going to give it a try . I have boys and a 3 yr old so I’m sure it will be good ….I love ur reviews and thank you !!

  3. As with any dining experience, you will have your personal preferences and differences of opinion. Quite frankly, I am pleased with this particular review because if people decide to watch it and make their dining reservations based on this information, they may stay away from the Cape May Buffet and find other choices. That would just leave more reservation time available for me and my family who happen to really enjoy this experience. So thank you for the report of mediocrity; I will use it to my advantage.

  4. I was nervous hearing the beginning of this review but as it went on, I think it will work for us. We will be staying at YC later this year and figured this would be a great place for breakfast on our departure day. Thanks for the review!

    DEB: Could be we dined here on an “off” day – who knows!

  5. I have to disagree with the review of Cape May. My special needs son and I have eaten there several times. The last time was just a few months ago. I have never felt rushed. I feel the food is just as good as any of the other Disney breakfasts, not outstanding, but certainly good enough to enjoy. We are there because of the characters, not because the food is the best we have ever had. I ate at Ohana’s a few years ago for the breakfast and was so disappointed, I have never returned. Chef Mickey’s is our favorite because the Fab Five are there. If we can’t get a reservation there, we always return to Cape May. Some trips we do both. As far as 1900 Park Fare, wrong Characters for us.

  6. I’m surprised by the comments. We always do Cape May, despite the fact that it is a little tricky to get to (we do it as early as possible and sometimes the busing situation is a bit dicey.) The food selection is much more diverse than O’hana and while the characters are “typical,” I’ve found them to be among the most engaging.

  7. We love the Cape May Cafe. I did like it better when they had Chip & Dale but they traveled together so it was similar to having 3 characters.

    We are New Englanders so the food to us is very home like (not quite classic but very familiar). We usually stay right at the beach club, I wouldn’t make a special trip for it but if you are in the Beach Club area it’s worth a visit!

    P.S. Minnie has the best beach outfit and as always fab shoes!

  8. I’m sorry that you had a disappointing time at Cape May. I agree that 1900 Park Fare and ‘Ohana are better, both food wise and for the $.

    However, when we went in June, we felt no rush whatsoever. We were seated promptly at 8 (the time of our reservation) and the way the buffet bar is laid out is so much nicer than Chef Mickey’s or 1900 PF. The characters move, but not nearly as fast as Chef Mickey’s. The food was also much better than Chef Mickey’s. Our family liked it for its laid back pace and good food.

    Overall, I would rate Cape May as a solid B. 1900 PF and ‘Ohana are A+. Chef Mickey’s was at best a C+.

    Also, does ‘Ohana no longer have Pluto?

  9. Another great review of one of our go to character meals. My family really enjoys this breakfast, however we only go to it if we are either staying at the Beach Club Resort or going to Epcot for the day. We always thought the food is really good (hot and fresh), and the character interaction is one of the best. Also, the restaurant always seems to be much more quieter than some of the other resort character meals, its like a hidden gem.

    I do, however, agree with your comments on 1900 Park Fare breakfast. There are a lot more characters that visit your table then at Cape May Cafe (absolutely love visiting with the Mad Hatter and Alice) and my family loves the food selection that they have there….nothing beats the strawberry soup and the made to order omelet bar, Mmmmm. This restaurant is a must do for us, especially when we are heading to Magic Kingdom for the day.

  10. Thank you for the review!
    I appreciate that you took one for the team here.
    I could tell right away by your faces that you weren’t thrilled!
    I’ve been tempted to try this one but I’d definitely try O’hana instead based on your comments. We only go to Disney for about 9 days a year so each dining choice is kind of critical when you consider the money and value. I try to limit the buffets/all you care to eats to 2-3 per trip. These reviews are so helpful in weighing the choices.
    Keep ’em coming!

  11. I would recommend the Captain’s Grill at Yacht Club as a good alternative to Cape May. You are seated right away, the menu has more variety, the service is excellent. Also, the restaurant is quieter and there is a slower pace. The prices are also cheaper. Just around the corner from Cape May.

  12. Thanks for this review! I’ve been wanting to try the Cape May Character Breakfast for some time and you have saved me from what I suspect would have been a disappointing experience. I’ve done and enjoyed the character meals at Chef Mickey’s, ‘Ohana, the Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast and many years ago Crystal Palace, so with only 3 characters, average food and a rushed experience Cape May wouldn’t have stood up by comparison.

    BTW, the best character dining experience I have ever had was Minnie and Friends inside Disneyland, the food was very good, we weren’t rushed and I later counted in my photos TEN different characters. I recommend it to anyone character dining on the West Coast.

    Next time I want to try a character breakfast I will try out 1900 Park Faire which wasn’t really on my Radar before this review.

  13. So Chip & Dale doesn’t come out anymore? Love the review it’s a family must do each trip. We’re never been at opening so we never felt rushed even had two character returns.

    DEB: No more Chip and Dale. I double checked with the manager while we were there.