Online Check-in for Disney Vacation Club Resorts Part 2

Previously I blogged about the DVC online check-in process.

When I got to Kidani Village, I was greeted by a Cast Member. I explained I did the online check-in and she told me anyone at the front desk would help me. They were very well staffed so there was no wait. At this point Kidani doesn’t have a separate designated area for those with On-Line check-in.

Jill checked us in quickly and efficiently and soon we were on our way.

Kidani Checkin

As we visited other resorts, some had signs and special areas and some didn’t. Clearly this is still being rolled out.

Here is a sign in the Beach Club Lobby:

Beach Club Online Checkin

And the On-line Check-in Counter:

Beach Club Online Checkin

Feel free to share your experience with Disney’s Online Check-in by leaving a comment at this blog.

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  1. I checked in online for our trip to Old Key West on 5/2-5/9 and it was very easy. There was a designated online check in counter and no wait, we will definately use this every time we go back. And of course we had a great time!

  2. I checked in online one day before my arrival at AllStar Sports Resort on May 7. There was a designated line for guests who had checked in online. My party of four arrived at 10:00am. There was no wait. The castmember gave me the welcome packet, which included all 4 Keys to the World as well as one parking pass. We were on our way in less than 30 seconds!

  3. I just tried online check-in and it didn’t work. So I called the phone number listed if you had a problem. After being on hold for 10 minutes, they told me I had to call another number. When I called that number, all they told me is that online check-in is not working and she did not know when it would be.

  4. Sigh.

    It was a mere 11 days ago that my family was checking into BCV at that same desk.

    It was a breeze. Online check in rocks! Our room was ready and we were able to bypass a long line of other people checking in. We were probably in our room before that line of people was checked in!

  5. I have been trying to check in for 5 days now at AKV with no luck. I called member services and the CM said the website was having issues and to try back later. So much for technology – looks like I’ll be waiting in the regular check in line afterall… Was really looking forward to a speedy check in too after all the success stories I’ve heard 🙁

  6. Arriving at Wilderness Lodge on May 27, 2009. I have been trying to do the online checkin since my 10 days started. No luck (Please try later)
    Its broken.

  7. I have been trying to use online check in for three days. I get a sorry try back later message every time. I called the help number and was told that it is not working and there is no one at the help desk that can trouble shoot the problem. So much for “help” desk.

  8. Our recent adventure included Pop Century for Online check in 5-7 to 5-14. I went online about 4 days prior to leaving and the entry process went smooth. My DD and I arrived at 1pm to an empty line and no one at the online check in desk. The greeter pulled someone from concierge and we were able to check in quickly. She told me that the room was not overlooking the pool and was on the third floor (my requests could not be honored). I asked if she could see if the non preferred area would accomodate our requests and it did. After some efficient communication with luggage, our bags were brought back to the luggage area and relocated to our new room. All within the same time that the other people stood in line to check in the regular way. I will know next time at this resort that the non preferred rooms are better when we have our own car. 🙂 Can’t wait to go again!

  9. I just hit a snag with online check-in. We have 2 DVC accounts because we bought resale points in 2 different months. When I booked my latest trip I had to use points from both accounts, paying for 4 days with one set of points and the last day with the other set. When I checked my reservation status at, my check-in date was listed as Nov. 1. My vacation actually begins on Oct. 28. I called member services and told them the problem and he said that’s something they’re aware of. I can’t use online check-in for this trip because my check-in date online is listed as November 1.

  10. I checked in on-line for our stay 4/17-4/19/09 at Port Orleans-French Quarter. The only request I made was for a pack-n-play for our two year old. We arrived at the resort at 8:30 am. There is a separate check-in desk for on-line check ins. There was no one in line. Our packet with all our “goodies” was immediately handed to me. Our room was not ready so we went straight to the buses and headed to Epcot. It was so nice to have our tickets with the dining plan all ready to go. They gave us a number to call later in the day to find out which room was ours. We called around 3:00 pm and found out our room number. We returned to the resort around 8:00 pm and found our room. There was no pack-n-play, but after a quick call, they brought us one up. Before on-line check in, I have requested a pack-n-play over the phone through reservations, and I still had to call the front desk and remind them to bring one. I would definitely use on-line check in again!

  11. I used on-line check-in for our March stay at Saratoga. I wanted to request a specific location at Saratoga but the form did not let you request one. When we arrived we were given a room at the complete opposite end of the resort that we would have liked and had to request in-person the area we wanted. A cast member said that she had a guest earlier in the day that had the same situation as me. So, hopefully this request can be added to the on-line check-in form.

  12. Ok, please excuse this dumb question…..but is online check-in just for DVC members? I thought that was the case, but I see comments above about Pop Century and All Star Sports and these aren’t DVC resorts.

    We are staying at Treehouse Villas Sept 26-Oct 3 of this year. We’re not staying as DVC, but just a regular reservation and I’d love to use the online check-in service. We do this for our airline tickets (Southwest) and it always goes so smoothly.

    Thanks for your help.

    DEB: Online check-in is for ALL Disney resort guests. I have only done check-in through the DVC membership website so that is the focus of my blog.

  13. Thanks again! I just love your blog. You and the other AllEars bloggers have inspired me to perhaps start my own!

  14. Had difficulty with online checkin at AKV on May 9. Waited in line while staff assisted an ever-growing line of guests in the regular line. Finally moved to regular line after it was clear that no one was going to assist me (even though several had walked past me numerous times). After a 20-minute wait there, I was told that that there was no special line for online check-in (although there was a sign at the end of the desk and a rope to indicate where to stand). Clearly, not a “Disney” experience and not an impressive way to start a trip. Probably won’t use it again. (And probably won’t stay at AKV again because of it.) Disappointing!

  15. I just did the on-line check in for our arrival on June 14th in two separate rooms. It went smoothly except the room request portion. I couldn’t add anything at all. There is a note saying only two room requests can be submitted. I called the DVC folks and found that I may have used up my two requests. I had requested a Savannah view when I made the reservation and then, over the phone prior to learning about the on-line check in, I had requested that the two rooms be near each other. The on-line check in site didn’t show these earlier requests so I am not certain if that is the cause of my being unable to do an on-line request. Oh well, whatever, I can’t wait to get there.

  16. I finally convinced a friend of mine to take her first Disney vacation. She arrived at ASM on 5/12. She had completed the check-in process 10 days earler. She paid for a preferred room when booking her package so I assured her she would be close to main pool, cafeteria, buses, etc… They gave her the check-in package and she walked all the way to one of the last rooms in the Mighty Ducks section (not preferred). The KTTW cards would not open the door. After walking all the way back to the lobby, she was told by the person helping her that she did not pay for a preferred room. Very upsetting. After speaking to a manager, they figured out that she had been given the wrong keys originally. Her actual room was in Toy Story, and everything worked out… They are probably working all the kinks out and hopefully all is well by the time my trip to BWV arrives August 24.
    By the way, I assured her that how she was treated was not the “Disney” way and she agreed since the rest of her trip was awesome!

  17. I used on-line check-in for our June 16th arrival, staying at All-Star Sports. As far as room requests, the only options I had were refrig or pack-n-play. I called to see if I was missing something and was told those were the only room requests that can be made when using on-line check-in. She said she could add my requests to my reservation. I called back the next day just to double check, and only 1 of my requests was on the reservation. I told them again what I would like. Will be interesting to see if my requests really were added and if we get any of them.

  18. Getting ready to go to the World for our 3rd family trip. Staying at Sports and looking forward to it BIG time. Completed our online check in today. We’ll let you know how it went when we return on June 29!


  19. Just curious. This is our first trip with Online available. I am seeing that two room requests are available. We have two rooms and want them to connect. Can this be done online (other than specifying in reservation which we did)? Also would like king in one and 2 x queens in 2nd (Grand Floridian)

    DEB: I am honestly not sure what to advise on this as the online service is still relatively new. I would call Disney Reservations and make sure your requests are on the reservation.

  20. Hi, we’re off to the Beach Club next week and I would love to check-in on line but we’re booked as part of a package (Virgin) so do not have a booking reference…. so I am assuming I can’t do the check-in??

    AllEars: Try it and see. Let us know if it worked.

  21. We are DVC members checking into BWV. Since we have to pay for MYW and DDP at check-in, I assume that online check-in probably won’t work for us. Can anyone tell me if my assumprtion is correct? Thanks in advance.

  22. I just checked in for our arrival 9/24. It was very easy, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t enter any special room requests (first floor room. I booked our trip online and it doesn’t let you do it then either. I guess I will calling. The website should let you avoid that though.

  23. I am traveling with extended family in October and staying at BWV. I (DVC member) have two 2 bd reserved for DB, DN1, DN2, DH and myself. In order to conserve parts, we will all be staying in one 2 bd the first night (Saturday) and DB & DN1 will be moving on Sunday morning to the second 2 bd.

    1. With on-line check in, is there any way to specify who has charging privileges? I would like only DH & myself to be able to charge back to the room.

    2. Can I do on-line check in for my brother? I made all the reservations and both rooms are on my points although I am only listed on one reservation. The only page that I saw that would be a problem was the credit card page. Can my DB just add his CC when he goes down to get his packet on Sunday morning?

    3. Does on-line check in increase your ability to have room requests honored – I would like both of our rooms to be close together.


  24. Question about online check-in…what if you do the online check-in, but your requests are not accommodated? Is there any way to know this in advance? And if there is, is there any way to get changes made before arrival? If not, upon arrival, is there any way to get the changes then? We don’t mind standing in the regular check-in line at that point, but just want to know if it makes sense to do so?



    DEB: You will still see a Cast Member at check in so just inquire there. I do not believe you are told if your requests were in met advance, just like without online checkin.

  25. Just a quick update…we tried to use the online check-in prior to our arrival at our resort…it worked for most of the process, but would not accept our credit card, telling us that we would have to present it at check-in. When we arrived, there was no line anywhere, so they told us we could go to any castmember to check in, which we did. The only thing that seemed to have happened through the online check-in was that they had the standard check-in pack ready with our name on it…so, the online check-in really accomplished nothing for us.

    One additional note, though, there were VERY LIMITED options for room preferences in the online check-in…you could select first floor, or near transportation. Those were the only two preferences–no room choices. In fact, because our room was pre-assigned through the online check-in, we actually found that NONE of our preferences had been met! And we were checking in a Sunday, a day when usually all of our preferences have been accommodated in the past!

    Online check-in for the future? We certainly hope they dump it or make it much more user-friendly and accommodating…

    Hope this is helpful…! 🙂


  26. One other interesting note…when you check in, the castmember will ask for a mobile phone number so that you can receive a text message when your room is ready. We checked in at about 11 a.m. and within minutes of walking away from the check-in desk, we received the text message telling us that our room was, indeed, ready!

    Rather than go to the bell desk to get our luggage sent up to our room, we decided to go up the room and call from there…good thing. Our room key worked, but the room had NOT been cleaned yet! So, clearly the bugs need to be worked out of this system as well…

    Hope this is helpful as well! 🙂

  27. We will be arriving at the Saratoga and using DVC points the end of January. I would like to use the on-line check-in, but my question is – when I give them my credit card, is that credit card then available to every member of our party to use their key to charge purchases to the villa and MY credit card? Thanks – your info is really very helpful!

    AllEars – You will see a front desk cast member who can assist you with this at checkin.

  28. Deb:

    Have you ever heard of DVC memebers getting an up grade to a room…ie…used points for a standard room and got a MK view?

    thx….Love your web site

    Deb: news to me …. But Perhaps it sometimes does happen.

  29. Was wondering if anyone feels it would be better to bypass the online checkin and just check in when we get there to get the room preference we were hoping to get? Think our odds are better?

  30. Just checked in online. Had a few difficulties. All highlighted sections were filled out, but it kept telling me I missed the name and address form. That form had been already been automatically filled out with my info. So I had to delete it and re-enter the info. It worked fine after that. I also checked in for my father-in-law. I booked the reservation with my points, but under his name. When I clicked the check in button my last name was automatically put into the last name box, so when I clicked the submit button, it couldn’t find the reservation. Once I realized and changed to his last name, all went well. Had the same problem with the address as above, but re-entered and worked fine.

  31. we used the online check in at the Port Orleans Riverside in Nov. 2010 and it worked great. We were in our room for 10am. We have recently tried for the last 7 days to check in online for our June trip and cannot. When we contact Disney they tell us they don’t know why!! Seems like Disney needs to work some magic on this check in computer system.

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