Mickey’s Transition Team

There’s been a lot on the news lately about transition of power in the U.S Government and one day while watching the latest reports on this activity I wondered what would have happened had Mickey Mouse run for president and had won.

Who would be in his transition team/cabinet if he were elected?

Well here are my choices:

Vice-President: It stands to reason that Minnie would be Mickey’s Vice-President.


I know, you were expecting her to be the first lady mouse but last I checked Mickey and Minnie were not sporting wedding bands. So Minnie would serve well as Mickey’s VP because we all know that behind every great mouse…erhhh”¦let’s move on.

Secretary of Defense: This one’s easy. It’s Donald Duck.

Donald Duck

His convincing resume would be filled with countless film evidence of his temper when dealing with those rascals Chip and Dale. Imagine a foreign country watching one of those cartoons and seeing Donald seething and doing some drastic things. Who would even dare to get Donald or the United States the least bit upset knowing Donald was Secretary of Defense?

Secretary of the Treasury : There’s been a lot on the news recently about the Treasury Secretary and so this one comes to mind right away. Also, keeping with the duck theme a bit let’s look at Scrooge McDuck as our Treasury Secretary.

Scrooge McDuck

Why? Well, he’s got a lot of money, all of which I know nothing as to where it came from”¦but he has a lot and in this day of bailouts we need a lot of money so I figure he knows how to generate the kind of capital we need to survive so Scrooge is in.

Ah yes”¦more fowl appointments”¦.I’d like to see Professor Ludwig Von Drake appointed the Secretary of Education because let’s face it, those cartoons with Prof Von Drake telling us how things worked always were informative and at the same time very enjoyable.

Ludvig Von Drake

You might say they were”¦.wait for it”¦.a journey in”¦.wait for it”¦.edutainment. Hmmm, I’m learning something and being entertained. That to me is a great makeup for a Secretary of Education.

Secretary of State: Another easy one. It’s Belle.


Why? Well she seems to be the person who has that ability to see the good in everyone and I think she knows how to bring out that good and to help everyone live in harmony. She will not pull any punches but at the same time knows exactly which buttons to push on which people to get everyone to see each other’s point.

Attorney General: This is a key post. To me it was a tossup between Chernabog and Jiminy Cricket but I decided to give it to Jiminy because he just looks the part.

jiminy cricket

Also, with his mantra “Let your conscience be your guide” I was thinking that he’s level headed and thinks things through before making any decisions. Jiminy is my man”¦erhh cricket.

Secretary of Agriculture: Another easy post to fill. Without question it would have to be Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed

Let’s face it; no other Disney Character has had more of an impact on our land than Johnny with his planting of a gazillion apple trees. So he’s my choice”¦.it would be nice to hear him singing in his office.

Department of Labor: Finally a spot for Goofy.


I don’t know of any other Disney character that has had as many different jobs as Goofy so my thought is that he understands what it takes for labor to be successful and he brings all those experiences to the position of Secretary of Labor.

Secretary of Health and Human Services: This one took a while but I finally figured it out. My candidate would be Doc from the Seven Dwarfs.


Let’s face it, you have to know what you’re doing to be able to keep six of your friends healthy (except for Sneezy”¦allergies) healthy and you also must have some idea as to what human services are essential and how to get those services to folks”¦.especially when you have eight living under one roof.

Secretary of Housing and urban Development: Boy this is a no-brainer. It would have to be the Little Pig who built the brick house“¦you know the one the wolf could not blow down. I ‘d tell you his name but when I looked it up I found three different answers”¦although I like the name Practical Pig. He plays a mean piano too.

3 little pigs

This pig had the foresight to understand what materials to use and in the meantime made could use of his time and money by buying the right materials; building a structure that was strong…and also will last. He should advise all who those who seek to build.

Transportation Secretary: Although he’s young, I have to think that Dash Incredible would be the right person for the job.

dash incredible

He’s fast; he’s always thinking; and he’s open-minded so he would always be able to key in on what the country needed, infrastructure wise and so on, so that roads and bridges and everything involves in transportation works as fast and efficiently as possible.

Department of Energy: Ned Brainard of course. What? Don’t you know who that is? I could just leave you hanging and make you Google the guy but one word will enlighten you”¦Flubber. That’s right, he’s the guy who invented Flubber”¦.no…not Robin Williams but the original Ned Brainard…Fred MacMurray. What? You would if you recall the television show “My Three Sons.”

fred mcMurray

Imagine what he could do if he were in place to lead the Department of Energy“¦.talk about independence from Middle East oil.

So there’s my cabinet ideas for Mickey.

Now if you would excuse me”¦for the next several weeks I need to focus on a little event known as Mousefest….so be sure to check here for Mousefest updates…before…during…and after Mousefest.

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