Adventures by Disney Day 2

Our first full day on the Adventure. We all arrived at breakfast around 8am, much more rested than the travel day.

Once again, the Amara Resort provided us with outstanding service and excellent food. (dinner the first night was as awesome). Our breakfast buffet included great coffee, delish fruit, Eggs Florentine, Smoked Bacon, sausage, oatmeal (that was really good), pastries, juice, french toast, cereal. You barely had to look up for a server to refill your coffee and they were there for you. We’ll really miss the folks who served us at the Amara. The rest of the staff were equally as wonderful. They get great marks for customer service, food, cleanliness, and view. I’d come back here in a heart beat.

Oh, and they have a spa also. LindaLou had a massage today which she deemed “marvelous”. Steam room was wonderful with eucalpytus aromas. Robes, towells, Elemis products to use in the ladies locker room. (Elemis products in the resort rooms too). All the amenities you could want. The quiet area (prior to your treatment) had quiet music, a peach tea with antioxidents, fresh fruit, nuts, cold water with fresh lemon slices. Automatic 18% gratuity, but Linda says, no push to buy products. A win, win, win.

Our first activity today was billed as the Canyons and Cowboys Jeep Tour. We went for an off-road trek into the majestic canyons of Dry Creek Basin! You certainly knew the tour was full of Disney folks as several times on the jeep, everyone’s arms went in the air and well all hooped and hollared! There were some incredible rock formations. Our driver, Taz, was great pointing them out to us.

We had a couple stops along the jeep ride where everyone piled out and got to take photos and enjoy the magnificant views. Just breath taking!

Our second stop was the old Van Deren Cabin where the cowboys told us about the Homestead Act and how this “famous” cabin came to be. A number of western movies have been made in this area as well as in this cabin.

As we left the Red Rock area, the jeeps took us to the Sedona Heritage Museum. There were interesting artifacts of a time long gone including cowboy gear, an old schoolhouse room, old kitchen and more. There was even a room celebrating some of the movies that have been filmed in the area.

It was then time for lunch. The food was tasty, but I would have like a full sandwich, not a half. The other thing about lunch is that we were in an open air “barn-type” structure with no airconditioning. It made for an uncomfortable time.

Our cowboys entertained us once again with lots of show and tell and stories of the cowboys of old. It was quite interesting.

After lunch many folks stayed to do crafts – soap sculptures and dream catchers.

I, and several others, walked back to the Amara Resort. LindaLou had stayed behind this morning since she caught a nasty cold. Plus I wanted to take a shower. The jeep ride was very dusty!

This evening a group of us dined at the Cowboy Club in town. The food was excellent. My buffalo filet was as tender as you could imagine. The pork chop special, ribs, everything was very good.

The night air was perfect, a cool breeze and just warm enough to enjoy the walk back to the hotel.

If you have any questions, send them along via the feedback form. I”ll do my best to answer them. It maybe quiet here during the next 2 days. Not sure how much internet access will be available at the Grand Canyon hotel. I understand it’s just wireless in the lobby only.

I’ll get today’s photos up when I can.

In the meantime, check out LindaMac’s Southwest Adventure Blog and Mike Scopa’s Live at WDW Blog.
Happy Trails from Sedona where it is currently 11:00pm. Our wake up call is 5:30am!

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