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Menu Date: June 2017

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-- Tables in Wonderland 20%

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-- Signature Dining (2 table service meals) (2017)

Sushi rolls come with choice of white or brown rice; add tempura crunch for $2


Edamame - sea salt $6

Kanikame Rangoon - krab and cream cheese spring roll, apricot sweet chili sauce; 3 pcs $10

Rock Shrimp Tempura - signature tempura rock shrimp, spicy gochujang aioli $16

Tuna Pizza - crispy tortilla, tuna sashimi, tomato, jalapeno, anchovy aioli $17

Chicken Wings - spicy garlic soy glaze $12

Hamachi Tartare - dashi soy with crispy shallots, chives and fresh wasabi $13

Toro Tartare - dashi soy with crispy shallots, chives and fresh wasabi $17

Morimoto Spare Ribs - pork ribs, cilantro, hoisin sweet chili glaze (3 ribs) $14

Today's Raw Bar Market Platter - $70 or $100

1.5 lb. steamed lobster $40

Shrimp Cocktail $30

Today's Oysters $Market Price

Stone Crab - available Oct 15- May 15 $Market Price

Alaskan King Crab $Market Price


Hot & Sour Soup - egg, tofu, with vegetables in spicy broth; cup $8; bowl $12

Miso Soup - miso broth, silken tofu; cup $6; bowl $10

House Greens - mixed lettuce, cherry tomato, red onion, Morimoto yuzu vinaigrette $9

Small Plates

Pork Dumplings - pork, Napa cabbage, scallion $11

Chicken Dumplings - chicken, Napa cabbage, scallions $10

Pork Egg Roll - pork, cabbage 2 pcs. $8

Shumai - pork, shrimp, mushrooms $12

Kakuni Pork Bao - steamed buns, braised pork belly, lettuce, spicy mayo. 2 pcs. $10

Chicken Bao - steamed buns, teriyaki chicken, lettuce, spicy mayo. 2 pcs. $10

Prix Fixe Menu

Morimoto Lunch Set - Choice of Miso Soup OR House Salad


California Roll


Choice of Orange Chicken OR Kung Pao Chicken OR Beef Mapo Tofu OR Menchi Katsu Sliders (2 pieces), any accompanied by dumplings and pickled seasoned vegetables $26

Chef's Specials

Morimoto Peking Duck Highlight Item - carved house-roasted whole duck, served with steamed flour pancakes, apricot sweet chili and hoisin miso; minimum of two guests and half duck orders are not available; priced per person $27

Jyo Sushi Combo - chef's daily selection of 9 pcs nigiri, 1 roll $45

Toku-Jyo Sushi Platter - chef's rare seasonal selections and multiple varieties from Japan; 18 pcs nigiri, 2 rolls $90

Jyo Sashimi Combo - chef's daily selection of 7 different fish, 2 pcs each $50

Toku-Jyo Sashimi Platter - chef's rare seasonal selections and multiple varieties from Japan; 10 different fish, 3 pcs each $100

Sushi and Sashimi Pagoda - chilled whole lobster, oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail; 5 pcs nigiri, 10 pcs sashimi, 1 roll; serves 2-3 people $100

Sushi and Sashimi Imperial - chilled whole lobster, Alaskan king crab, oysters, shrimp cocktail; 9 pcs nigiri, 14 pcs sashimi; serves 4-6 people $200


Spicy Tuna - tuna, spicy mayo, scallion $13

Spicy Yellowtail - Japanese yellowtail, spicy mayo, scallion $12

Spicy Salmon - salmon, spicy mayo, scallion $11

California - blue crab meat, avocado, cucumber $12

Eel & Avocado - BBQ eel, avocado $12

Shrimp Tempura - asparagus, spicy mayo $12

Vegetable - asparagus, carrot, avocado, spring mix, cucumber $8

Spider Roll - tempura soft shell crab, spicy mayo, cucumber, asparagus $14

O-Toro - fatty tuna $Market Price

Chu-Toro - medium fatty tuna $Market Price

Maguro - tuna $5

Sake - salmon $4

Smoked Salmon $4

Unagi - freshwater eel $6

Hamachi - yellowtail $5

Hirame - fluke $4

Tai - Japanese red snapper $5

Kanpachi - amberjack $6

Ebi - shrimp $4

Hotate - scallop $5

Kani - king crab $9

Tako - octopus $5

Mizudako - live octopus $6

Ika - squid $5

Ikura - salmon roe $5

Tobiko - flying fish roe $4

Uni - sea urchin $8

Tamago - omelette $3

Ebi Castella $4


Orange Chicken - tempura chicken, Chinese broccoli, wok-tossed with a sweet Florida orange sauce $24

Kung Pao Chicken - carrots, shimeji, mushrooms, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, cashew nuts, stir-fried with spicy Szechuan sauce $22

Mongolian Filet Mignon - wok sauteed scallions, enoki mushrooms, sweet szechuan pepper sauce poured tableside $46

L.A. BBQ Kalbi - marinated and grilled boneless short ribs, house kimchi, gochujang sauce $28

Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef - 3 ounce minimum suggested portion, additional ounces available upon request; prepared tableside over ishiyaki grilling stone with sansho peppercorn sauce; add fresh wasabi and smoked soy $9; add Morimoto ishiyaki bop $12; $23 per ounce

Morimoto Spare Ribs - pork ribs, cilantro, hoisin sweet chili glaze; half-rack (6 ribs) $27

Braised Black Cod - signature sweet ginger soy glaze $32

Sweet and Sour Crispy Branzino - boneless Mediterranean sea bass, signature sweet & sour sauce $34

Angry Lobster Chow Fun - whole lobster wok fry, sauteed flat rice noodles, Chinese vegetables $45

Beef Lo Mein Noodles - stir-fried noodles, Napa cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, mushroom, scallions $22

Singapore Laksa Noodle - creamy coconut and spicy curry, rice noodle, chicken meatballs, soy marinated egg $17

Morimoto Shrimp Pad Thai - sweet tamarind sauce, stir-fried flat rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, scallions, fried tofu, pickled turnip $24

Spicy Chashu Pork Ramen - soy flavored broth, egg noodles, roasted pork, scallions $16

Duck Ramen - egg noodle, duck meat, scallion, boiled egg $16

Tonkotsu Ramen - rich pork broth, egg noodles, roasted pork, woodear mushroom, pickled ginger $17

Morimoto Chicken Fried Rice - egg, bell peppers, bean sprouts, scallion, spicy house sambal sauce $17

Morimoto Gomoku Fried Rice - duck, chicken, pork, shrimp, vegetables, spicy house sambal sauce $25

Morimoto "Buri-Bop" - Korean-style yellowtail rice bowl, served in a hot clay pot, finished with an egg yolk, prepared tableside $30

Side Dishes

Wok Sauteed Chinese Vegetables - seasonal greens, garlic $12

Portobello Mushroom Fries - mentaiko mayo $12

Steamed Vegetables - assorted seasonal vegetables, tofu, ponzu sauce $8

Steamed White or Brown Rice $2


Churro Fondue - for two. Housemade churros, Nutella, vanilla cream $13

MM Parfait - for two. chocolate cream puff, vanilla gelato, hazelnut chocolate crunchies, sesame mochi $20

Chocolate Cream and Crunch - for two. Oreo tempura, mandarin orange jelly, dark chocolate gelato, hazelnut chocolate crunchies $16

Mochi-Mochi - for two. Annin tofu, coconut mango soup, fruit boba, frozen mango, lemon-yogurt powder $16

Cream Caramel - for two. Yuzu caramel sauce, black sesame whipped cream, black sesame air cake $16

Sesame Balls - red bean paste, white sesame $8

Today's Chef's Choice Gelato Trio $8

Today's Chef's Choice Sorbetto Trio $8

Specialty Cocktails

Manhattan East - hiro sake, bourbon, canton liqueur, orange bitter $14

Morimotini - Grey Goose vodka and Junmai Morimoto sake $14

Shirayuri (White Lily) - Sudachi Shochu, Calpico and Yuzu served with a twist $14

Mango Matcha Punch - green tea vodka, mango and lychee soda $14


Morimoto Soba Ale - draft $8

Kolsch - winter garden, Fl $8

Angry Boy Brown Ale - Japan $10

Morimoto Hazelnut Brown Ale - USA $20


Morimoto Junmai Sake - glass $12; carafe $36; bottle $65

Morimoto Junmai Ginjo Sake - glass $15; carafe $45; bottle $75

Morimoto Junmai Daiginjo - glass $18; carafe $54; bottle $125

Morimoto 'Koshu' 5 Yr Sake - bottle only $150

Sake Sangria - asian pears, apple plum, tangerine juice, sake, light white wine, plum wine; serves 3-4 people; carafe $32; glass $10


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