Beach Club Villas

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Sample Villa Layouts - Not all villas may be in these exact layouts
-- Studio
-- One Bedroom
-- Two Bedroom

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Resort Map
With Designated Smoking Area(s)
Yacht Club Convention Center Map

Entrance Courtyard
Ariel Welcomes Guests at the Villas Entrance
Entrance to Beach Club Villas
Entrance Lobby
Studio Villa
Room View I
Bed, Pull-out Couch, Balcony
Balcony, Table and Chairs
Bed and Pull-out Couch
Pull-out Couch Opened
Bed and Couch
Telephone and IPOD Dock
Table and Chairs
Television and Storage
Kitchenette I
Kitchenette II
Kitchenette III
Kitchenette IV
Kitchenette V
Vanity I
Vanity II
One Bedroom (or Master and Living Room of 2-Bedroom Lock-off)
Central Area from Entrance
Pull Out Couch
Television and part of Balcony
Kitchen I
Kitchen II
Kitchen III
Breakfast "Bar"
Washer and Dryer
Bathroom - Shower
Bathroom - Sink
Bathroom - Sink and Door to Toilet
Bathroom Toilet
Master Bedroom I
Master Bedroom II
Television and Work Desk
Master Bedroom towards entrance
Master Bedroom towards Master Bath
Jacuzi Tub
Master Bathroom Vanity
Entrance to Shared Bathroom from Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Closet
Accessible Studio Room 428
Modified Access Closet
Sliding Door Entrance to Bathroom
Wall Safe
Roll in Shower
Shower Seat
Bathroom sink, entrance to roll in shower
Bathroom sink, Hair dryer
Kitchette, Microwave, Sink, Refrigerator
Microwave, sink, refrigerator
King Bed and pullout couch
Armoire, table and chairs
Armoire, TV
DVD Player

Pullout Couch

Bed, Couch and Artwork
Bed, Nightstand, Couch
Mickey Towel on bed
Bedspread King Triton
Bedspread Ariel
Accessible One Bedroom - Room 530
(or Master Bedroom and Kitchen of 2Bedroom Lockoff)
Closet in Foyer
Living Area Table I
Living Area Table II
Living Area Armoire and chair
Pull out Couch I
Pull out Couch II
Kitchen I
Kitchen II
Kitchen III
Kitchen IV
Master Bedroom I
Master Bedroom II
Master Bedroom III
Master Bedroom Table and Chair
Master Bedroom TV
Master Bedroom Closet I
Master Bedroom Closet II
Master Bathroom Vanity
Master Bathroom Jacuzi Tub
Bathroom Toilet and Sink
Roll in Shower I
Roll in Shower II
Roll in Shower III
Exterior Views
Exterior I
Exterior II
Exterior III
Exterior IV
Exterior V
Exterior VI
Exterior VII
Night View of the BCV I
Night View of the BCV II
Night View of the BCV III
Drawing Room Entrance
Drawing Room I
Drawing Room II
Drawing Room III
Drawing Room IV
Drawing Room V
Drawing Room VI
Breezeway Entrance
Breezeway I
Breezeway II
Breezeway III
Breezeway IV
Breezeway V
Breezeway VI
Solarium I
Solarium II
Solarium III
Solarium IV
Dunes Cove Pool I
Dunes Cove Pool II
Dunes Cove Pool III
Dunes Cove Pool IV
Dunes Cove Pool V
Dunes Cove Pool VI
Dunes Cove Pool VII
Dunes Cove Pool VIII
Dunes Cove Pool IX
Dunes Cove Pool From Above I
Dunes Cove Pool From Above II
Dunes Cove Pool From Above III
Dunes Cove Pool Picnic Area I
Dunes Cove Pool Picnic Area II
Dunes Cove Pool Picnic Area III
Breezeway Artwork I
Artwork I Hidden Mickey
Breezeway Artwork II
Artwork II Hidden Mickey 1
Artwork II Hidden Mickey 2
Artwork II Hidden Mickey 3
Artwork II Hidden Mickey 4
Breezeway Artwork III
Artwork III Hidden Mickey
Hallway Carpet
Under the breakfast bar
Door to TV
Construction Photo - August 2001
Construction Photo - August 2001
Artist Rendering - Exterior  
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