Disney’s Best-Kept Secret For Saving Money

The cost of Disney vacations can add up quickly. Coupons, happy hours, and specials aren’t all that regular at all. But, there is one way to save some money if you’re a Disney regular that you might not know about!

Save some money the next time you pay!

This savings method might even be Disney’s best-kept secret!

The Tables in Wonderland program offers a 20 percent discount on your entire food and beverage (including alcohol) bill at more than 100 locations in Disney Parks, Resorts, and Disney Springs.

Save BIG with Tables in Wonderland

There has to be a catch right? Well, not really.

To join Tables in Wonderland you pay either $150 or $175 a year — but that gives you the 20 percent discount for the entire year at participating locations.

The Tables in Wonderland discount can be applied to the bill for up to 10 people seated at the same table (and the Tables in Wonderland member must pay), so the savings can add up quickly.

On top of the 20 percent discount, you can also take advantage of free valet parking at the resorts and Disney Springs (some time restrictions do apply, and you need to supply your dining receipt for the free parking). You can also park at the parks for free with some restrictions.

Scallops at Flying Fish

So — what’s the catch? Remember, we said there wasn’t really a catch — but there are details! You must be either a Florida Resident (click here to read Disney’s definition of a Florida Resident), Disney World Passholder, or DVC Member to be eligible to join Tables in Wonderland.  Florida Residents pay $175 to join; Passholders and DVC members paying $150 to join Tables in Wonderland.

There are some blockout dates and meal periods. For example, all Tables in Wonderland discounts are blocked out for Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. You may also find some locations only offer the Tables in Wonderland discount for certain meals such as lunch — be sure to check the details out on the Disney website to make sure important dates or must-try meal times for you are not blocked out.

Lastly, an 18 percent gratuity is automatically added to your bill when you use Tables in Wonderland.

Use Tables in Wonderland at locations including Yachtsman Steakhouse

As a Tables in Wonderland member you will also be invited to special events including cooking lessons, cooking demonstrations, and Chef’s Table events. Learn about the current events being offered to Tables in Wonderland members here.

Tables in Wonderland Cooking Demonstration and Class ©Disney

We admit, we were skeptical at first. However, those of us that are members have all discussed how we have more than recovered our membership fees during the course of the year. Of course, for this to happen you need to be sure you can make the most of it. If you are eligible to join, think about how often you visit Disney, where you eat, and your average bills over a year. Then do the math and estimate if Tables in Wonderland will work for you and your family as a source of savings. It will work for some, and might not work for others.

Are you a Tables in Wonderland Member? How do you save money when you’re in Disney? Let us know in the comments below!

To Learn more about Tables in Wonderland:

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4 Replies to “Disney’s Best-Kept Secret For Saving Money”

  1. Let’s see, disney is betting that they will make more than you will save on this up-charge program. And Disney always wins. ALWAYS

    First of all, one would have to spend $850 during the year to break even assuming they paid the $175 fee. Anything less and Disney wins. And if you do spend more than $850 on food in a year, they still win. Also, since the average tip is 15%, your discount just dropped from 20% to 17% with the mandatory 18% gratuity. And even though the discount covers up to 10 people, the entire bill must be paid by the program member and then hope everyone pays him back. The bill could easily run $300 or $400. Most people will not do this. They mention that some places (how many) have blackout days and will only honor for lunch or at certain times. And there are even more catches that will ensure you don’t get your money back.

    Trust me, this is like going to Vegas and putting all your money on snake eyes. The house (Disney) is going to take your money every time.

    1. Normally, I would agree with you, Ken, but not in this case. Our family of 4 adults went to WDW for 8 days in Sept,’17. One daughter was an annual passholde r & bought TIW. We had a credit card attached to our bands. During this trip, we ate at a NICE TS restaurant almost every day. Our meals were not inexpensive! Yet, bc of TIW, we were able to save quite a bit of $$. Bc the meals were charged to daughter’s band,it was very easy to figure out what each person owed. BUT before going, we had researched the restaurants & figured out which ones gave the best bang for our buck! So with advanced planning & ingenuity, you CAN beat the Mouse on this one!

    2. We ALWAYS get the TIW card (DVC members) and save a bunch each year. We go to WDW at least twice a year, either as a couple or with family members. As we are the ones picking up the tab for all meals, it really is a money saver. TIW can also be used at most bars in WDW, so if you drink alcoholic beverages, don’t forget to use it there also. And lastly we usually tip 20%, so if the service is great, we add to the tip. Of course one has to look at their own situation and figure out if it saves you cash. As for the “house is going to take your money every time”, you’re going to WDW. That in itself cost money.