Early Press Day for “Incredibles 2” Part Jack-Jack



Earlier this year, Disney-Pixar invited AllEars down to Pixar Studios to take an early look at their upcoming “Incredibles 2” and its accompanying short “Bao.”

[Unattributed photos and video provided by Disney]
I recounted some of the presentations and press conferences held there in Part 1, Part 2, and Part “Bao.” The last segment was one on the MVP and newest team member of “Incredibles 2,” Jack-Jack, in “You…Have…POWERS!!” presented by Tony Fucile (Supervising Animator), Bill Watral (Effects Supervisor), and Jason Johnston (Effects Artist)



–As the original “The Incredibles” was set in mid-twentieth century, the decision was made to design the characters contrary to the then-current hyper-realistic trend, and more like animators and caricature artists of that time period such as Al Hirschfeld would draw.


–For “Incredibles 2,” they decided to redesign Jack-Jack’s fire effect look because it was going to play a bigger part and get more screen time.

Jack-Jack from “The Incredibles”

–Art director Ralph Eggleston was very specific that Jack-Jack is not on fire, but is the source of the fire, and should not be shown smoking or in embers, as opposed to things he sets on fire.


–Ultimately, the approved new fire effect for Jack-Jack has a base fire simulation on a blurred render of Jack-Jack without his eyes. A body fire simulation is combined with a mask of his body without his head to create a fire effect only on his body and not his head, making it easier to read his expressions. His eyes are remade with an orange glow, and the various fire simulations layered to create the fire fringe around him and the darkening flames that occasionally pass over his body.


–Jack-Jack also has a “sticky goo” effect as well as powers of invisibility, laser vision, levitation, the ability to hang out on the ceiling and walls, multiplication, phasing/moving through closed doors, projecting bolts of electricity, telekinesis, teleportation, transforming into heavy metal, and turning into a demon baby.


“Incredibles 2” with “Bao” opened in US theaters on June 15, 2018.

Jeanine resides in Southern California, pursuing the sort of lifestyle that makes her the envy of every 11-year-old she meets. She has been to every Disney theme park in the world and while she finds Tokyo DisneySea the Fairest Of Them All, Disneyland is her Home Park... and there is no place like home.

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One Reply to “Early Press Day for “Incredibles 2” Part Jack-Jack”

  1. Hi Jeanine,


    Great info. I love Jack-Jack. Pixar should do a series of shorts just on him and the people he encounters or babysit him.

    Anyhoo, you didn’t mention duplication in his list of powers as he was turning in to Edna at her lair.

    Thanks for the info again!


    Jeanine: Yeah, Jack-Jack is adorable and his scenes with Edna Mode are my favorites in the movie. Just watching them walk down the hallway together, her with a cigarette lighter and him with a lollipop, is such a hoot. Thanks for reading!