Disney Cruise Line Introduces Brand-New Family-Friendly Innovation Aboard the Disney Dream

CELEBRATION, Fla. – The Disney Dream will introduce a number of cruise industry-first features and family entertainment innovations designed to make Disney Cruise Line guest experiences even more magical. Among the highlights:


Disney Cruise Line debuts the first-ever shipboard water coaster, AquaDuck, an exhilarating high-speed flume ride featuring twists, turns, drops, acceleration and river rapids.

AquaDuck combines the thrill of a coaster with the splashing fun of a water slide. It begins with a rush as riders slide through a “swing out” loop over the side of the ship. In the loop cantilevered from the side of the ship, guests are surrounded only by a crystal clear acrylic flume that provides a thrilling, unobstructed view of the ocean surface 150 feet below.

Utilizing some of today’s latest water coaster technology, the excitement amplifies as riders experience the up-and-down sensations of a coaster. High-powered water jets accelerate guests upward and forward at a surging speed of about 20 feet per second.

Guests whoosh through the forward funnel, then glide along a stretch of river rapids, providing a stunning panorama of the ocean and the ship’s upper decks before a splashdown on Deck 12.

Enchanted Art

Around the atrium lobby and throughout the Disney Dream, Enchanted Art immerses guests in Disney storytelling in a completely new way. A special surprise that only Disney could deliver, Enchanted Art magically comes alive as guests pause to admire individual pieces. A work of art that appears to be an animation cell from the Disney classic film “Bambi” springs to life as Bambi’s friends Thumper and Flower scamper and a butterfly flies through the scene. Another piece, featuring a vintage photo of Walt Disney at his drawing board, creates a magical moments for guests as the character Walt is creating becomes animated.

Enchanted Art looks like other hanging art pieces around the ship but is actually a framed LCD screen with technology that recognizes a guest is present. As a guest stops to view a piece of Enchanted Art, several seconds of animation in the picture are activated. Guests may see new and different animation as they come back and visit the Enchanted Art another time.

Virtual Porthole

The Disney Dream carries on the spirit of innovation with a cruise industry first for all inside staterooms. Virtual Portholes offer a “window” to the world with a real-time view outside the ship. High-definition cameras placed on the exterior of the ship feed live video to each Virtual Porthole. The live video feed corresponds to the stateroom location – either port or starboard and position on the ship, from bow to stern.

As guests are observing the outside views, they may glimpse a magical surprise: animated characters may pop by the Virtual Porthole. Characters may include Peach the starfish from the Disney-Pixar film “Finding Nemo,” a haunted pirate ghost ship or even Mickey Mouse.

Living Characters

In Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Disney’s Oceaneer Lab youth areas, Disney characters come to life and interact with children in one-of-a-kind experiences. On a 103-inch plasma screen, Crush, the animated sea turtle from the Disney-Pixar motion picture “Finding Nemo,” or the mischievous animated alien Stitch make scheduled appearances to chat, play and joke with kids in live, unrehearsed conversations.

Sometimes using silly props from their digital environments, Crush and Stitch amaze and entertain children during real-time, personalized appearances. These magical experiences with Crush and Stitch continue Disney’s legacy of bringing characters to life in new and incredible ways.

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