Rawlings Baseball Bats

Did you know that you can have a custom-made baseball bat made at Disney World? Well you can. Tucked in a corner inside the Team Mickey Store at the Marketplace section of Downtown Disney, you’ll find a Rawlings shop. Here, a craftsman will create your one-of-a-kind bat while you watch.

Opened last September, this shop is divided into two sections, a sales area and an enclosed room where the bats are actually turned on a lathe. Two large windows look into this enclosed space affording a great view of the bat-making process. The craftsman wears a microphone and he describes each step of the process as he turns a piece of dowel into a bat.

After your bat has been created, you can have your name, signature, and/or your amateur team’s logo laser-engraved or embroidered into the wood. Other items are also for sale like a bat display case, a baseball and display case, and various helmets. Some of these items can also be engraved.








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