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Wednesday, April 24th 2019 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

Removed Triple Chocolate Voltage Cakefrom Menu Items
Removed EASTER- a la carte Specialsfrom Menu Items
Added 'Mile High' Chocolate Caketo Menu Items
Added Dessertsto 'Mile High' Chocolate CakeMenu Categories

Tuesday, April 9th 2019 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

Added EASTER- a la carte Specialsto Menu Items
Added Easterto EASTER- a la carte SpecialsEvents

Tuesday, March 5th 2019 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

Added BURGER OF THE MONTH- Mozzarella Madnessto Menu Items

Tuesday, March 5th 2019 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

Casey's Apple Cobblernamechanged from Casey's Peach Cobblerto Casey's Apple Cobbler

Wednesday, December 19th 2018 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

Deviled Eggsdescriptionchanged from smoked prosciutto, crisp potatoesto crisp potatoes, sliced speck
DB 'Clothesline Candied Bacondescriptionchanged from maple, black pepper, sour pickleto maple, black pepper, fruit mustarda, sweet and spicy pickle
The Greekdescriptionchanged from cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, olives, red onion, peppers (add chicken $5, add shrimp $7) to cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, olives, red onion, pepperoncini (add chicken $5, add shrimp $7)
The Greekcostchanged from 16to 14.00
Tesla Shrimp Cobbdescriptionchanged from baby lettuces, bacon, hard cooked egg, tomato, avocado fried breadto baby lettuce, bacon, hard cooked egg, tomato, avocado
The Edison Burgernamechanged from The Edisonto The Edison Burger
The Impossible Burger - Vegandescriptionchanged from lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, on a potato bun to lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, on a Kaiser roll (vegan)
Black Cherry Cream Shakedescriptionchanged from vanilla gelato, sour cherries, gummi poppers topped with a pixy stix, rainbow pop, whipped cream, nerdsto vanilla gelato, black cherries, whipped cream, Pixie Dust, nerds, gummies. For two.
Lollipop Treedescriptionchanged from DB patented, cheesecake pops, bubblegum whipped creamto cheesecake pops, bubblegum whipped cream. For two.
Gelato/Sherbertsnamechanged from Ice Creams/Sherbertsto Gelato/Sherberts
Removed Hawkers Box of Ballsfrom Menu Items
Removed Dancin' Corn Dogfrom Menu Items
Removed Ahi Tuna Pokefrom Menu Items
Removed Gem Lettuce Wedgesfrom Menu Items
Removed Chopstick Chickenfrom Menu Items
Removed Grass-Fed Lamb Burgerfrom Menu Items
Removed Media Nochefrom Menu Items
Removed The Brat Burgerfrom Menu Items
Removed Kate's Chocolate Mousse Cakefrom Menu Items
Removed Key Lime Piefrom Menu Items
Removed Casey's Apple Cobblerfrom Menu Items
Added Guacamole and Tortilla Chipsto Menu Items
Added Mediterranean Dips and Pita Chipsto Menu Items
Added Lightning Shrimp Cocktailto Menu Items
Added Caesarto Menu Items
Added Fall Celebrationto Menu Items
Added Chop Saladto Menu Items
Added Chef's French Dip and Beef Au Justo Menu Items
Added Hand-Carved Turkey Clubto Menu Items
Added Buffalo Chicken Sandwichto Menu Items
Added Pulled Pork Sandwichto Menu Items
Added Fish Tacosto Menu Items
Added Unibroue Beer-battered Fish & Chipsto Menu Items
Added Great Big Rocky Road Shaketo Menu Items
Added Key Lime Bruleeto Menu Items
Added Triple Chocolate Voltage Caketo Menu Items
Added Casey's Peach Cobblerto Menu Items
Added Draught, Bottled, Canned Beerto Menu Items
Added Ciderto Menu Items
Added Appetizers/Startersto Guacamole and Tortilla ChipsMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Lightning Shrimp CocktailMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto CaesarMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Fall CelebrationMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Chop SaladMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Chef's French Dip and Beef Au JusMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Hand-Carved Turkey ClubMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Buffalo Chicken SandwichMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Pulled Pork SandwichMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Fish TacosMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Unibroue Beer-battered Fish & ChipsMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Great Big Rocky Road ShakeMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Key Lime BruleeMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Triple Chocolate Voltage CakeMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Casey's Peach CobblerMenu Categories
Added Beerto Draught, Bottled, Canned BeerMenu Categories
Added Beerto CiderMenu Categories

Tuesday, October 30th 2018 changes to The Edison Lunch Menu

DB 'Clothesline Candied Baconcostchanged from 14to 15
Organic Tomato Soup and Gooey Grilled Cheesecostchanged from 16to 18
Key Lime Piecostchanged from 10to 12
The Brat Burgercostchanged from to 18