Monday, 15th of July 2019 Menu Changes to All Day Menu at Laguna Bar

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Monday, July 15th 2019 changes to Laguna Bar All Day Menu

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Blood Orange Margaritacostchanged from 12.50to 14.00
Frozen Margaritadescriptionchanged from made with tequila, triple sec & limeto Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Agave Nectar & Lime
Cancun Coladadescriptionchanged from pina colada, amaretto, coconut rum & margaritato Piña Colada, Amaretto, Coconut Rum & Margarita
Removed Passion Fruit Caipirinhafrom Menu Items
Removed Mojito Frambuesafrom Menu Items
Removed Cosmoritafrom Menu Items
Removed Coronado Crushfrom Menu Items
Removed Laguna Azulfrom Menu Items
Removed Mango Blueberry Basil Margaritafrom Menu Items
Removed Margarita al Classicofrom Menu Items
Removed Margarita El Girasolfrom Menu Items
Removed Margarita Fiestafrom Menu Items
Added Mayan Muleto Menu Items
Added Top Shelfto Menu Items
Added Fuego Verdeto Menu Items
Added Pina Locato Menu Items
Added Fresh & Greento Menu Items
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Mayan MuleMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Top ShelfMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Fuego VerdeMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Pina LocaMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Fresh & GreenMenu Categories