Dayton Disneyana 2018

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Dayton Disneyana is one of our favourite annual events. It has something for each of us to enjoy . . . Carol loves to browse through the collectibles offered for sale, then spend time trading Disney pins. I enjoy the seminars; there are always entertaining and knowledgeable Disney speakers with plenty of Disney ‘insider information’ … Continue reading "Dayton Disneyana 2018"

Dayton Disneyana 2017

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What is it that motivates a couple of normal, rational Canadian Disney fans to drive 656 miles to Dayton Ohio for a one-and-a-half day stay, then drive 656 miles home again? The answer is Dayton Disneyana. It’s a gathering of Disney fans from across the continent who meet in Dayton once a year to buy … Continue reading "Dayton Disneyana 2017"