My Disney Story

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Usually when I write a blog or newsletter article, I try to stay clear of my personal experiences. I like to focus on the facts and leave my encounters out of the mix. But today I’m going to depart from my usual formula and present you with a brief look at my life and how … Continue reading "My Disney Story"

Space Mountain Reopens

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On Sunday, November 22, Space Mountain reopened after a seven-month rehab — just in time for the holidays. One of the first things you might notice is the old, adjacent Tomorrowland Skyway Terminal has been razed, save the restrooms. In its place, the Imagineers added a nice plaza. This is a welcome change and adds … Continue reading "Space Mountain Reopens"

Jungle Cruise

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Jungle Cruise The Jungle Cruise has been a perennial favorite ever since it opened at Disneyland in 1955. Even though many of us have ridden this attraction so many times that we could probably skipper the boat ourselves, we still laugh at the corny jokes we’ve heard dozens of times. Why? Because sometimes it’s fun … Continue reading "Jungle Cruise"

One Man’s Dream

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On October 1, 2001, the Disney Company kicked off a year-long celebration called 100 Years of Magic to honor Walt’s birth a century earlier. The Disney/MGM Studio was selected to be the “official” park for this tribute and a Sorcerer’s Hat was erected at the end of Hollywood Blvd in honor of the event. At … Continue reading "One Man’s Dream"

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – 2009

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I know you’re saying to yourself, “It’s too early to be celebrating Christmas.” And in most cases, I would agree with you. But partaking in this festive season at Disney World is something special. The parks and resorts take on a magical charm when decorated in anticipation of Ol’ Saint Nick. Enchantment is everywhere. So … Continue reading "Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – 2009"

Cinderella Wishing Well – Magic Kingdom

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Like so many other articles I write, I can’t talk about Disney World without first mentioning Disneyland. The first Disney wishing well appeared on March 27, 1961. As the story goes, Walt received an anonymous gift postmark from Italy. In the package were figurines of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, meticulously carved of Carrera … Continue reading "Cinderella Wishing Well – Magic Kingdom"

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