Old Key West

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Sample Villa Layouts - Not all villas may be in these exact layouts

Studio -- One Bedroom -- Two Bedroom -- Grand Villa



Entrance Sign
Porte Cochere
Check-in Counter

Lobby - Papa's Den I

Lobby - Papa's Den II
Resort Airline Check-In Desk (Porte Cochere)
Bell Services Desk (Porte Cochere)

All studios also serve as the 2nd bedroom in the "lock-off" two-bedroom villa. The 2nd bedroom in a "dedicated" two-bedroom villa has a slightly different configuration.

Old Ke y West

Entrance Foyer
Laminate floors in living room
Table and Chairs
Serving area and storage
Granite Kitchen Counter Top
Living room Sofa and Love Seat I
Living Room Sofa and Loveseat II
Coffee Table Crackle Top Finish
Living Room Chair (becomes single bed)
Living room TV Cabinet with Flat Panel TV
Living Room Valances
Master Bedroom King Bed
Master Bedroom Night Stand and Lamp
Master Bedroom Night Stand and Chair
Master Bedroom Armoire and Flat Screen TV
Master Bedroom Carpet
Master Bedroom Curtains and Shades
2nd Bedroom I
2nd Bedroom II
2nd Bedroom III
2nd Bedroom Bureau and Flat Screen TV
2nd Bedroom Carpeting
Accessible Studio 4810 (Old Decor)
Beds I
Beds II
Beds III
Night Stand
Table and Chairs
Television and Storage
Closet I
Closet II and Safe
Bathroom I
Bathroom II
Bathroom III
One- or Two-Bedroom Villas
Entrance I
Hall Closet
Master Bedroom I
Master Bedroom II
Master Bedroom III
Master Bedroom IV
Master Bedroom V
Master Bedroom VI
Master Bedroom iHome alarm clock I
Master Bedroom iHome alarm clock II
Master Bedroom Armoire I
Master Bedroom Armoire II
Master Bedroom Closet
Room Safe (1 & 2 Bedroom) - will NOT fit a laptop
Master Bathroom I
Master Bathroom II
Master Bathroom III
Master Bathroom IV
Master Bedroom Jacuzi Tub I
Master Bedroom Jacuzi Tub II
Master Bedroom Jacuzi Tub III
Living Room I
Living Room II
Living Room III
Living Room IV
Living Room sofa opened I
Living Room sofa opened II
Living Room Television Cabinet (closed)
Living Room Television Cabinet (open)
Dining Table I
Dining Table II
Dining Table -- Kitchen
Kitchen I
Kitchen II
Kitchen III
Kitchen IV
Laundry Room I
Laundry Room II
Laundry Room III
Laundry Room looking in from hall to bathroom
Laundry Room looking from bathroom to hall
2nd Bedroom I
2nd Bedroom II
2nd Bedroom III
2nd Bedroom IV
2nd Bedroom V
2nd Bedroom VI
2nd Bedroom Bathroom I
2nd Bedroom Bathroom II
2nd Bedroom Bathroom III
2nd Bedroom Bathroom IV
2nd Bedroom Bathroom V
2nd Bedroom Bathroom VI
2nd Bedroom Closet
GRAND VILLA #4815 Renovated 2010
Grand Villa - Front Door I
Grand Villa - Front Door II
Grand Villa - Entrance I
Grand Villa - Entrance II
Grand Villa - Living Room I
Grand Villa - Living Room II
Grand Villa - Living Room III
Grand Villa - Living Room IV
Grand Villa - Living Room V
Grand Villa - Living Room VI
Grand Villa - Living Room VII
Grand Villa - Dining Room I
Grand Villa - Dining Room II
Grand Villa - Dining Room III
Grand Villa - Dining Room IV
Grand Villa - Kitchen I
Grand Villa - Kitchen II
Grand Villa - Guest Bathroom
Grand Villa - Master Bedroom I
Grand Villa - Master Bedroom II
Grand Villa - Master Bedroom III
Grand Villa - Master Bedroom IV
Grand Villa - Master Bathroom I
Grand Villa - Master Bathroom II
Grand Villa - Master Bathroom III
Grand Villa - Stairs I
Grand Villa - Stairs II
Grand Villa - Stairs III
Grand Villa - Upstairs Landing I
Grand Villa - Upstairs Landing II
Grand Villa - From Balcony Looking Down I
Grand Villa - From Balcony Looking Down II
Grand Villa - From Balcony Looking Down III
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Queen Beds Room I
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Queen Beds Room II
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Queen Beds Room III
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Queen Beds Room IV
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Queen Beds Room V
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Queen Beds Room - Bathroom
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Double Beds
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Double Beds
Grand Villa - 2nd Floor - Double Beds
Grand Villa - Balcony I
Grand Villa - Balcony II
Grand Villa - View from Balcony
Typical OKW unit -- the picket fences are a nice detail
Exterior Building 32
Exterior Building 33
Exterior Building 37
Exterior Building 39
Exterior Building 39
Landscape, near Building 39
Exterior Building 42
Exterior Building 45, from Trumbo Canal
Exterior Building 45, from Conch Flats
Exterior Building 48
Trash and Recycling
Landscape, near Building 48
Landscape, near Building 48
Buildings Opposite Hospitality House
View from the Water
View from South Point Pool Area
Menus Photos Reviews
Olivia's Cafe
Goods To Go
Main Pool I
Main Pool II
Stairs Entering Main Pool
Pool Slide 1
Pool Slide II
Pool Slide III
Slide Entry
First Turn in Slide
Slide Exit Closeup
Slide Exit from the Side
Back of Slide Structure
Dolphin Fountain
Slide Rules
Hot Tub at Main Pool
Sauna at Main Pool
Original Main Swimming Pool (Landscape 95k)
Kids' Wading Pool I
Kids' Wading Pool II
Kids' Playground
Kids' Playground II
Community Hall I
Community Hall II
Community Hall III
Hank's Rent 'N Return
Bicycles For Rent
Surrey Pedal Bikes
Fitness Center I
Fitness Center II
Shower/Locker Rooms I
Shower/Locker Rooms II
Tennis Courts
Shuffleboard Court
Beach Volleyball Court
Ping Pong Table
Boat Rentals I
Boat Rentals II
Boat Rentals III
Boat Dock, Olivia's
Conch Flats General Store
South Point Quiet Pool I
South Point Quiet Pool II
South Point Quiet Pool III
South Point Hot Tub
South Point Playground I
South Point Playground II
South Point Picnic Area
South Point Laundry Room - Washers
South Point Laundry Room - Dryers
South Point Laundry Room Soda and Ice Machine
South Point Laundry Supplies Vending Machine
Turtle Pond Quiet Pool I
Turtle Pond Quiet Pool II
Turtle Pond Quiet Pool III
Turtle Pond Hot Tub
Turtle Pond Playground I
Turtle Pond Playground II
Turtle Pond Shuffleboard Court
Turtle Shack Snack Bar
Turtle Pond Covered Picnic Tables
Turtle Pond Flying Fish Game Room
Turtle Pond Laundry Room Washers and Dryers
Turtle Pond Laundry Room Vending Machines & Ice Machine
South Point Bus Stop

Turtle Pond Bus Stop

From OKW Balcony at Dusk
The Lighthouse