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Universe of Energy

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Do you know why the Universe of Energy Pavilion is located where it is in Future World? During the planning stages of Epcot, the Imagineers had a different concept for the Energy Pavilion. Early ideas called for a “solar energy exhibit” that would feature a large building sporting a solar dish and a parabolic shaped … Continue reading "Universe of Energy"

The Significance of Steam Trains

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by Jack Spence AllEars® Feature Writer Feature Article This article appeared in the October 21, 2008 Issue #474 of AllEars® (ISSN: 1533-0753) AUTHOR'S NOTE: The vast majority of the information presented here uses as its source the book "Walt Disney's Railroad Story" by Michael Broggie. This is an excellent book, not just for railroad buffs, … Continue reading "The Significance of Steam Trains"
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Disney Steam Trains – Part Two – Disneyland

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In this blog I’ll finish the story of how Walt’s love for steam trains played an important part in the creation of Disneyland. As Walt’s dreams grew, so did the size of his Disneyland railroad. Scaled down replicas simply wouldn’t do in his new park. He searched several locations for existing locomotives, but ultimately decided … Continue reading "Disney Steam Trains – Part Two – Disneyland"
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