Disney Pic of the Week: Parking Lot Tram

Walt Disney World’s Parking Lot Trams are a sight for sore feet after a day in one of the parks. Trams are also a wonderful sight for those anticipating the start of one — which is the case for the riders on this Epcot Parking Lot Tram heading to the park’s entrance.

Epcot Parking Lot Tram
An Epcot Parking Lot Tram transporting guests to the park’s entrance in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Nikon D750/24-120VR, 1/250s, f/8, ISO 100, EV +0.3, 31mm Focal Length.

As an added bonus, many of the Trams’ Cast Members tend to make the ride fun and informative.

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2 Replies to “Disney Pic of the Week: Parking Lot Tram”

  1. “As you exit the tram vehicle, please lower your head and watch your step. Should you not do that and instead hit your head, please lower your voice and watch your language. This is a family park!”

    Best tram line EVER! 🙂