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Deb Wills' MouseFest Snapshots

Photos accompany the AllEars® article: A Picture Perfect MouseFest

Boardwalk at night
We arrived in Orlando a day before the cruise. After dinner, Linda and I sat on our balcony and watched the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom and then Epcot's IllumiNations. It was our calm before the storm of activity MouseFest would bring.
With assistance from Annette Owens (MouseFanTravel.com), we cooked up a magical surprise for two of her clients, Matt and Maggie, who were staying at one of the All Star resorts. We pulled up in a stretch limo. The driver got out with Matt and Maggie's name on the card. Once they realized the limo was for them, they screamed with delight!
Matt and Maggie head to Port C in style
Deb and Ann Freeman
This being the fourth MouseFest cruise, we looked forward to seeing old friends and were greeted at the Port with warm hugs.
What a joy to get to know first-time MouseFest cruisers Michelle and Jimmy from Maryland. These folks blended right in with the others at our dinner table and we all hit it off "fa-mousely."
Michelle and Jimmy as Pirates
Parasailing Ray
In what has become an annual tradition, 13 MouseFest sailors braved the sky at Castaway Cay. The nervous laughter quickly changed to sounds of joy and triumph once the newbies were back on board after their flight in the sky. Chants of "We did it, we did it!" filled the boat and smiles were larger than you can imagine.
MouseFanTravel, the official travel sponsor of AllEars®, donated $5 for every person who attended my onboard fundraiser walk, as well as an amount for each booking made in the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). I was anticipating a check for around $200. Imagine my shock when presented with a check for $1,000! Actually, my alter ego, "Ms Dee Vah," is shown here accepting the check for me.
Ms Dee Vah accepting Breast Cancer Donation from MouseFanTravel
Deb, Michiko and Masayo at MVMCP
Masayo and Michiko (friends from Japan) arriving out of breath at the MVMCP fireworks meet. Masayo explained how they had left Japan many, many hours ago and were delayed in a US airport. They were afraid they would miss the meet and practically ran from the MK bus depot to the Rose Garden to be on time. They were SO happy to be there!
For the Kilimanjaro Safari meet, I accompanied the participants traveling in wheelchairs. I was able to sit next to a very special MouseFest attendee, MJ (aka Marjorie). This 5-year-old has multiple disabilities, but also a smile that warms your heart and makes you realize just what a gift she really is. As the Safari jeep approached the bridge that shakes, she looked at me, arms outstretched and said "hugs." She held onto me very tightly until we were off the bridge and our driver headed into the savanna.
Deb and MJ on Kilimanjaro Safari
Fighting Breast Cancer
I want to thank everyone who came by the AllEars® table at the MegaMouse Meet and donated money to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Your incredible generosity raised $483 for the fund. Between the two MouseFest Breast Cancer fundraising events, we raised $1,543! Thank you so very much!
Mike Scopa, Steve Barrett, Beci Mahnken and the folks from MouseFanCafe and I hosted 40 guests at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian for some Tonga Toast and other breakfast delights.
Tonga Toast Hosts: Mike, Deb, Steve and Beci
Mike Scopa receiving his Dream Mouse Ears
Mike is truly an ambassador of Walt's spirit. I was honored to present him with a pair of Mickey Dream Ears on Sunday evening.

At the IllumiNations party on Sunday evening, 15 attendees had won tickets via AllEars®. They gathered in one location and out came sets of Mickey Mouse Dream Ears that twinkle in the night. The giggles of delight and the transformation of 15 adults to youngsters at heart was a sight to behold. From the couple from the UK who danced around their apartment when they received their congratulations email, to the cancer survivors, to the couple who had lost everything during Hurricane Katrina, to an incredibly talented pair of graphic artists who spread the magic each and every day in their internet community... for that moment in time, each person present had no weight on their shoulders and their feet were lighter than air.

A picture perfect ending to my MouseFest 2006 Adventure!

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