Beverly Strikes Again at Epcot’s Club Cool

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I had to do it, it’s the kind of friendship Yoli and I have. Plus, how many people are initiated on their first trip to Walt Disney World? She should have thanked me. If you’re unfamiliar with what just transpired, Coca-Cola offers free samples of some of their sodas from around the world. It’s an … Continue reading "Beverly Strikes Again at Epcot’s Club Cool"

Newbie and the Geek Take Epcot, Again

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Where does the king keep his armies? In his sleevies. Badumbump. Did you miss one of my 3 thousand trip report blogs? Do not fret, they are posted as such; Disney’s Animal Kingdom posted Feb. 13th Magic Kingdom posted Feb. 20th Disney’s Hollywood Studios posted Feb. 23rd Downtown Disney and More posted Feb. 27th Epcot … Continue reading "Newbie and the Geek Take Epcot, Again"